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May 2022!

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MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 24/08/2021 16:41

Thought I’d start a thread for those who have recently had a bfp and due in May 2022.

I’m 3w6d and due on 4th May. This will be my third baby I have a 4 and a 2 year old.

How is everyone feeling? I’m happy as I’ve been trying for a few months but still a little stunned and know it’s very early so trying not to get too excited yet!

No real symptoms yet apart from a bit of cramping. Felt a bit sick yesterday but ok today. I had really bad morning sickness from 6 weeks in my last 2 pregnancies so hoping it won’t be as bad this time.

OP posts:
TwiceLemonDifficult · 19/09/2021 17:16

[quote GEM711]@aNewYorkerInLondon hello!

I'm absolutely terrified of something going wrong, especially as we're planning on telling family after our early scan. Ideally we would wait longer but we have so many family events coming up over the next few weeks it will be impossible to hide me not drinking from them. Even before I was pregnant I was getting questions when I didn't drink 🤣

How is everybody getting on with not telling people? I don't want to tell work anytime soon, but already had a bottomless brunch booked for tomorrow. I've had to fake a water infection and being on antibiotics which has taken me two days to lay the groundwork for just to have an excuse not to drink tomorrow![/quote]
We've already told both sets of immediate family as we'd already told them about the IVF and didn't want them worrying it hadn't worked. It's actually nice to not have to hide it from them as I know they'll be my support whatever happens. Work people on the other hand I'm not planning on telling til 12 week scan.

Etonmess20 · 19/09/2021 18:24

@TwiceLemonDifficult congratulations! Nice to hear another IVF story as our BFP is from an IVF cycle too! Anxiously waiting for our scan next Monday now, hopefully goes nice & quick for you!
Don't know about you but I have NO IDEA whatsoever that it had worked & on OTD (my birthday too) I didn't even want to look at the test 😂

aNewYorkerInLondon · 19/09/2021 20:16

Hi ladies! Anyone else feel like very little on the to-do list was accomplished this weekend?

My flat is a disaster and I just can't find the energy to do anything about it. DH isn't feeling well either (allergies) and so we're just two lumps laughing at each other this evening. Oh well. Not excited for another week of work, but hey, that's every Sunday.

Highlight of the weekend, of my life, really, was the early scan we had this weekend. To see that tiny heart fluttering away and hear the sonogram tech say that everything looks how we want it to was the best moment of my life, so far.

May 2022!
Charliibee13 · 20/09/2021 00:53

Hey would like to join. Baby number 5 due may 2022. Super shocked. Head all over the place so here for support (as we all are) hope you’re all doing well

aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 07:42

Welcome @Charliibee13! You're in the right place. Congratulations!

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 20/09/2021 09:34

Thanks @GEM711 I’m 7+5 now. I was pretty certain of my dates as I was using opks and the scan said I was one day ahead. Hope your scan goes well on Thursday let us know how you get on. Im sure they will rescan you if it’s too early to see everything but know how nerve wracking it can be!

@TwiceLemonDifficult, congratulations! How exciting. Will this be your first baby?

Welcome and congratulations @s86h sounds like a good sign your line is getting darker.

OP posts:
MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 20/09/2021 09:39

@aNewYorkerInLondon lovely scan photo! Great to hear it went well. I am so with you on not getting anything done this weekend. My energy has been completely zapped and I’ve spent pretty much my whole weekend curled up on the sofa trying not to be sick! Feeling really bad for my husband who has been working all week and had to take care of our sons pretty much by himself. Really hope I don’t feel like this for too long. First trimester is so hard!

I’m moving house (finally!) next Monday and I really need to do so many things, packing and cleaning but I just don’t have the energy. My inlaws are coming to ‘help’ this weekend and how I’m going to hide the morning sickness is beyond me.

OP posts:
MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 20/09/2021 09:39

Welcome and congratulations @Charliibee13. Wow baby number 5 amazing! How old are your other children?

OP posts:
aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 10:28

@MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat, good luck with your move! Its so stressful. If it were me, I would tell the in-laws and swear them to secrecy, and then let them really help. Maybe you could hire someone to do the move-out cleaning once your things are removed?

For me, it was a victory last night just to get the dry laundry folded and put away.

GEM711 · 20/09/2021 10:35

Thank you, I've actually moved the scan to 04/10 as I'm not 100% sure on my dates and I think if it's too early to see a heartbeat etc then, I'll be worrying.

aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 14:28

Hey ladies! Just a reminder that we are all eligible now for our flu shots. I've just gotten my appointment set with my GP. They're saying this flu season is going to be a nasty one!

Etonmess20 · 20/09/2021 14:52

@aNewYorkerInLondon thank you for the reminder! Do you need any "proof" of pregnancy or did you just tell your GP?

aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 14:56

My GP does a consult with their patience when we are pregnant, when they refer us (or help us self-refer) to a hospital for midwife/consultant care, so they had that consult in my notes already. Usually at that consult, they do confirm the urine test and check BP, weight etc, but that wasn't done for me because the consult was on the phone because the GP's son had tested positive for covid so the whole family was isolating. Anyway, short answer is no, i didn't prove anything but I am already in the system for referral to ob unit, etc.

aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 15:16

*patients!! stupid phone autocorrect

Cherryblossom21 · 20/09/2021 15:45

@MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat & @aNewYorkerInLondon I’m so pleased your scans went well! Great pics 😊
I’m thinking of booking an early scan, it terrifies me though that’s the reason I haven’t booked it yet! I’m 7 weeks tomorrow so thinking of booking it for next week, I’m scared as the only scan I’ve ever had was to tell me I had a mc in June. I’m sure everyone worries before their scans though. How far on were you both at the scan? Sorry if you have already said this!
Hope everyone else is doing well! Xx

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 20/09/2021 15:51

@Cherryblossom21 I was 7+3 for my scan. I was really nervous too, I was so worried they were going to say there was nothing there but I did think beforehand that I would rather know sooner than later if something wasn’t right so that made me go get the scan really. Obviously still early days and nothing is guaranteed but I do feel much better now I’ve seen a heartbeat.

Thanks for the reminder about the flu vaccine @aNewYorkerInLondon I’ll give my gp a call. I’ve just booked one for my 2 year old and I’d forgotten about myself!

OP posts:
aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 15:54

@Cherryblossom21 - I was so nervous too! My husband just kept reminding me that the scan only tells us what is already real, and it is better to know no matter what, to either ease the mind or let us know sooner if something were to be wrong.

BabyNo11989 · 20/09/2021 16:02

Hi Ladies

Hoping I can join?

Have found mumsnet so useful whilst rabbit holing every single topic known to man. Seems to be such lovely people on here

I’m 4+5, expected due date May 25th with baby no.1

So far ranging between cautious excitement and terror!

BFN on 10DPO followed by BFP at 12DPO on the 15th!
Have done a few tests since, last one was CB digital 3 days ago which put me at 2-3 which is accurate based on ovulation.

Trying to stop now and just try to relax and not do any more!

DP and my parents know so far, we are telling only the grandparents to be at the moment as they will also support us should anything happen, but remaining positive and doing our gratitude every day!

Be calling GP this week as I have no clue what to do from here on in. Any tips are gratefully received!

Been using an app recommended called pregnancy+ anyone use that? Seems to be quite useful! Lovely little articles and tips every day

Hope you are all feeling well ladies xx

aNewYorkerInLondon · 20/09/2021 17:22

Welcome @BabyNo11989! Congratulations!

Imyfurnival · 20/09/2021 17:47

Hi everyone,

I had my first positive on Thursday 16th, and i'm due 26th May! Worried as the lines are still faint, but the digital one said pregnant 1-2 weeks. The first response tests were very dark.

I'm so excited, this is my first so I have absolutely no idea what to do next or what to expect! x

BabyNo11989 · 20/09/2021 19:26

Me either inmyfurnival and also due about same time with a first!

Thank you New Yorker! Xx

Leavesaregood · 22/09/2021 13:14

Anyone else feeling incredibly nauseous from the moment you wake (it actually wakes me up really early with stomach pains) until the moment you go to bed sucking on a corn cake?! I feel like I'm going insane!!! I'm at 6+6 and felt some sickness since before week 4, but the last week it's just gotten crazy and perpetual. Almost never sick (unless I get up too quickly) but a constant deep stomach ache and desire to vom. Grazing all through the day is the only thing that makes minimal difference, have tried ginger, sweets, crackers, dry toast, carbs, protein snacks... I don't know if I can do this for another 6-10 weeks! Massive respect for those who have HG. Any recommendations at all very welcome x

Loubell19 · 22/09/2021 13:31

Yes @Leavesaregood I'm feeling so unwell, I've had to call in sick to work. I had bad sickness in my last pregnancy last year and lost 2 stone! Only 6+1 and scared about what the next couple of months have to bring x

BabyNo11989 · 22/09/2021 13:46

Hi ladies so sorry you are suffering! Hugs to all…

I’m 5 wks atm myself and have off days and ok ones with nausea and strangely an upset tummy every day. So far seems to escape my body that way instead of vom. Think I’d rather that, I have a terrible sick phobia from issues in my past.

I stick to boring foods like pasta and I also have ginger biscuits and a list of other things to try from the lovely people here on Mumsnet.

Sea bands on the wrists as well as my friend swore by those. Have you tried those?

If you can sleep through it that is supposed to help as well.

Also terrified what else could be coming as I currently work in the public as a surveyor in many strangers homes a day and I dread anything happening!
Work don’t yet know as it’s such early days.

Today I also got what I can only assume is lightning crotch, these weird stabby pains in the foof region.

I googled it as I was scared but apparently some do get it.

Good lord this is all so elegant isn’t it 😂 xx

StrawberrySun · 22/09/2021 21:30

Sickness tips
Eat little and often, big meals are a no no. I've personally never found ginger biscuits or those sweets you can buy helpful.
Do not get too tired, although that'll be pretty impossible if you have babes already. Tiredness really can make it worse.
I find looking at my phone/tv can make it worse when a big wave hits.
Reduce trigger smells, I've banned the husband from any perfumes etc.

I'm 6 weeks and my sickness is ramping up daily. Thinking of everyone going through this x

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