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Birth clubs

May 2022!

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MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 24/08/2021 16:41

Thought I’d start a thread for those who have recently had a bfp and due in May 2022.

I’m 3w6d and due on 4th May. This will be my third baby I have a 4 and a 2 year old.

How is everyone feeling? I’m happy as I’ve been trying for a few months but still a little stunned and know it’s very early so trying not to get too excited yet!

No real symptoms yet apart from a bit of cramping. Felt a bit sick yesterday but ok today. I had really bad morning sickness from 6 weeks in my last 2 pregnancies so hoping it won’t be as bad this time.

OP posts:
BlueMediterranean · 31/08/2021 15:47

I would love a Whatsapp group as I think it is easier to be in touch.

I have just created one but I'm not sure if I can add a link here

BelliniButterfly · 31/08/2021 17:25

@BlueMediterranean good idea. Why don't we do both? I could start the fb group and if people feel comfortable going into a WhatsApp group as well then there's 2 options? I'll set up the fb tonight

BelliniButterfly · 31/08/2021 17:30

So I've created the fb group. It's private but you can search for it. It's called MN May 2022. Once we have all joined if people would rather it was a hidden group I can change the settings.

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 31/08/2021 17:36

Thank you @BlueMediterranean and @BelliniButterfly! Will join both Smile

OP posts:
BlueMediterranean · 31/08/2021 17:41

Will the contacts know if we join the FB group? I bit nervous about that!

aNewYorkerInLondon · 31/08/2021 17:45

I don't have FB on my phone. I'll have to join when I get home from holiday. Smile

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 31/08/2021 18:10

@BlueMediterranean no they shouldn’t be able to see it. I’ve just joined and I can see the group settings are set to private so no-one (other than members of the group) will be able to see that you have joined or anything you post

OP posts:
LJAKS · 31/08/2021 18:22

Can you link the FB? I can't find it 🥴🤷‍♀️

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 31/08/2021 19:20

Here you go @LJAKS

Just copied the link and literally nearly had a heart attack that id shared it to my news feed 😂

OP posts:
CupCalamity · 31/08/2021 20:16

Good suggestion, I've just requested to join. Hoping very much too that other FB friends can't see I'm in it!

May I ask when did you book NCT the first time around? I can't decide if it's silly to book this early in case something goes wrong but I'd hate to miss out as I really want to make friends!

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 31/08/2021 21:16

@CupCalamity I booked it pretty early on I think around 10/11 weeks as I’d heard it filled up very quickly in my area. I didn’t find the course massively helpful but meeting the other mums was invaluable.

OP posts:
CupCalamity · 31/08/2021 21:26

Thanks so much. Yes I've heard that a lot, I'm fairly new to living in this area and none of my friends have babies yet either so I'd like to meet other mums to be.

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 31/08/2021 21:30

I was the same @CupCalamity. I’d only moved to my area the year before and didn’t know a single person there. Through nct, pregnancy yoga and baby groups I’ve met loads of other mums, several who I consider really good friends now.

OP posts:
GingerbreadHead · 31/08/2021 23:18

I'll join too! I'm in fb groups for 15, 17 and 20 and a few offshoot WhatsApp groups too. Great to have people on hand to chat to when needed!

BelliniButterfly · 01/09/2021 08:30

Hey everyone @MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat is right. The group is private so only members of the group can see that you are in it and what is posted. I felt the same when I joined my 2016 group!

Anythingbutbored · 01/09/2021 10:24

Hi everyone!
I’m due 2nd May (give or take) I only just tested last night as my period was late last month and it wasn’t overly regular atm. I also think I was living a little in denial...
Baby will be number 5. Our others are 1 (on the 14th), 5, 7 and 13.
4 was always our plan but during and after pregnancy with our youngest we just didn’t feel done. We haven’t actively been trying but haven’t been preventing either.
No physical symptoms just yet, however I’ve found myself so snappy recently. Everything seems to annoy me...

BelliniButterfly · 01/09/2021 11:08

Wow 🤩 @Anythingbutbored! Huge congratulations

GingerbreadHead · 01/09/2021 11:11

@Anythingbutbored I was the same after number 4!
Always thought I'd stop at 4 but I just wasn't ready to give up the baby days. Not sure whether I'll be done after 5 either 😂 but not sure I'll convince DH for number 6, number 5 is even pushing it!!

MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 01/09/2021 12:08

Wow hats off to you @GingerbreadHead my 2 have been driving me crazy the last few days I’ve been thinking how on earth will I handle 3!

Congratulations @Anythingbutbored!

I am 5 weeks today and was going to do my last clearblue digital to hopefully see the weeks go up to 3+. I forgot this morning first thing so was going to wait to use fmu tomorrow but my impatience got the better of me and I just did it now and was very relieved to see 3+ so hopefully a good sign hcg is increasing as it should!

OP posts:
Toffeesquares · 01/09/2021 12:31

@Anythingbutbored @GingerbreadHead this makes me happy! Number 5 for me too 😊

Anythingbutbored · 01/09/2021 14:21

@GingerbreadHead i have the opposite DH say we’ll have to have number 6 because 5 is an odd number 😂

@Toffeesquares Congratulations for number 5 too!

@MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat number 3 just slots in, it’s amazing how quickly we adapt 😊

Bec0mum · 01/09/2021 17:08

Hello, I think I might be joining you in the due in May 2022 group. Don't want to get my hopes up too high just yet as these are very faint...what do you reckon?

May 2022!
May 2022!
May 2022!
MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 01/09/2021 17:23

Ooh @Bec0mum. Do you know how many dpo you are? I first tested with a cheapie at 10dpo and my lines were fainter than that.

OP posts:
MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat · 01/09/2021 17:28

Thanks @Anythingbutbored that’s reassuring! I found going from 0-1 so much harder than 1-2 so hopefully 3rd will slot in without too much difficulty!

OP posts:
Bec0mum · 01/09/2021 17:32

@MarmaladeToastAndAMarmaladeCat oooh really? I had ewcm on 17-19th of august and felt ovulation pain on the 20th August so I guess I'm 12dpo if I count from that ovulation pain?

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