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Pregnancy after loss - Autumn babies 2021 - Thread 2

999 replies

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 09:20

Hi All,

I thought I'd start a new thread before we fill the other one.


Hopefully I've tagged everyone!

OP posts:
Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 09:33


OP posts:
marplemead · 09/03/2021 09:35

Thanks @Pancakes7 Smile

How is everyone today?

I'm suffering with all-day nausea and indigestion Sad I'm worried it's just side effects from the progesterone/folic rather than pregnancy symptoms. But this pregnancy feels a lot like my successful one with DD, so I'm holding onto that. Not long now until my scan on Thursday. Hopefully we have lots of good news that day!

I had my telephone booking appointment with the midwife yesterday, so should get the letter through about my 12wk dating scan soon.

Smurf123 · 09/03/2021 09:37

Thanks @Pancakes7

Firevie · 09/03/2021 09:44

@Pancakes7 many thanks for the new thread and tagging. Can’t believe we filled the other one so swiftly. Happy sunny Tuesday! Hope you’re all feeling positive and grateful for our strong bodies that are carrying healthy babies! I’m kicking off my day with yummy cinnamon porridge with honey and decaf tea xxx

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 09:55

@marplemead I'm still feeling sick too and so tired. Sometimes faint, especially in the morning when I first get up. I am also taking the 5mg folic acid but it didn't effect me. My nausea started about 2 weeks later. But it could affect people differently. I think it is most likely hormones though. I struggle as I had symptoms with both my mmc's and with my son. So I have no way of knowing.

So many scans on Thursday! Who has their scan that day? I can't remember everyone I don't think. I know it's you @marplemead and @Firevie but I think there's 2/3 more now. I think I'm on my own Friday 🤞🏻🌈

OP posts:
Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 09:58

Also I'm having an in person appointment first with my midwife. My email reads that I'll then have a phone call appointment which will then result in my scan being booked. So kind of think my scan will be late. I pushed my midwife appointment back a week too. Oh well!

OP posts:
PumpkinEverything · 09/03/2021 10:12

Thanks for setting this up @Pancakes7 😊 we actually flew through that last one!
I have a busy day at work ahead which is a bit annoying but I’m not letting myself be stressed today 😂 sitting drinking a decaf coffee and I’ve had a peanut butter chocolate graze protein bite for first breakfast as I was absolutely starving this morning. May have a bowl of cereal soon too if I don’t feel like I can make it through to lunch time 🙈
I tried one of my hello fresh meals for dinner last night that I’ve been putting off (it was chickpeas, bulgar wheat, with spice and tomatoes, and then halloumi on top). Ended up only eating the halloumi and a third of the rest and leaving it because I just couldn’t eat it. I feel like a child 😂😂

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 10:18

@PumpkinEverything I'm the same! I don't fancy any meals atm. Find it hard to decide what to eat. Very fussy which isn't like me.

OP posts:
Firevie · 09/03/2021 10:27

Haha I’m the complete opposite to you ladies and feel like I’m hungry all the time. I used to be v good with just having three meals a day but now I feel like I’m always hungry waiting for my next meal and snacking all the time lol
This better be a chubby baby hehe xxx

PumpkinEverything · 09/03/2021 10:37

@Pancakes7 @Firevie oh I am definitely hungry, I just don’t want grown up meals 😂 I ate half an Easter egg afterwards 😳 I’m eating way way more bread than usual! Not helping with my bloat 😂🙈

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 10:39

@PumpkinEverything @Firevie Yes I'm definitely eating like a kid too! lol. I couldn't eat anything then I got McDonald's delivered yesterday 🙈 I've been eating cheese sandwiches and cheese strings lol

OP posts:
smarty4 · 09/03/2021 10:39

Thank you for the new thread @Pancakes7

I had my booking in appt yesterday so should get my 12 week scan soon (I'm 9 weeks). My nausea is rife. Has anyone taken vitamin B6 to help? Wonder if I need to speak with someone before or can just get some over the counter. I stupidly forgot to ask at my booking in appt yesterday. Thankfully the system pulled through details of my mc in November so I didn't need to go through that.
I have awful veins and the midwife couldn't get my bloods yesterday so need to go the hospital tomorrow. I have arthritis so I'm used to bloods being taken frequently for monitoring of my medication but I still hate needles.
Booked my private scan on Sunday (Mother's Day of all days) but only day we could both do.
Everything crossed for those with scans on Thursday

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 10:49

@smarty4 Is that your first scan? Good you've had your midwife appointment. In my experience they are never great at taking bloods. I had to go to a phlebotomist instead one of my times. So don't worry. I would say drink lots of water as that's supposed to help.

OP posts:
smarty4 · 09/03/2021 11:10

It will be my first scan. I'll be 9 weeks+6.

That is true about taking blood, least she accepted not to try 3 times and only the once on my wrist before accepting defeat Wink

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 11:21

@smarty4 Wow you've done well go wait so long till your scan. Good will power 👍🏻 mine is Friday at 7 weeks +4 I couldn't even make myself wait till the Monday when I'd be 8 weeks lol.

OP posts:
marplemead · 09/03/2021 11:30

Glad I'm not the only one eating like a child. I asked DH to pick me some Haribo Tangfastics on his way home, and DD thought they were for her Blush

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 11:35

@marplemead Haha!! That's brilliant! I fancy some now. I'm out later with a friend. Might pop into B&M lol

OP posts:
smarty4 · 09/03/2021 11:35

@marplemead haribo tangfastics are a good choice!

@Pancakes7 it's more (in my rationale) I found out I mc at 10 weeks last time and the baby had stopped growing around 8 weeks, so I thought 9 weeks would reassure me more. It's mad isn't it, the thoughts we have and logic!

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 11:37

@smarty4 I completely understand I found out at nine weeks last time and found out it had stopped for six weeks. I found out in 11 weeks the first time and it also stopped at six weeks. So that's why I wanted to wait till seven weeks +4 so hopefully I'll know either way

OP posts:
HereWeGoooo · 09/03/2021 11:38

Hey just joining the new thread. Thanks Pancakes! I'm reading everyone's posts, but still trying to get by quietly on my own in attempt not to freak out.
I'm feeling pretty peaky all morning every morning. I'm still off food and find myself breathing deeply and burping lots! I also hate the smell of my house just now - like if there's any kitchen smells from previous night's dinner. Boke!
This is a longgggg period of time. Can't wait to feel a bit more normal. Confused

smarty4 · 09/03/2021 11:42

@Pancakes7 thank you, I'll be thinking of you on Friday

Greenrubber · 09/03/2021 11:43

I'm 12 weeks and still struggling to decide what to eat! Although my nausea has 100% gone now I just dont have the same appetite!
Good luck to everyone who has there scan this week!
So worried about mine on Thursday! But not long to go now

Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 11:54

@Greenrubber Is that your first scan? Sorry I can't remember. Is it an nhs dating scan or a private scan?

OP posts:
Pancakes7 · 09/03/2021 11:56

My apps gone a bit crazy. I keep getting notifications for old messages on here. Loads of them. Anyone else's doing this?

OP posts:
PumpkinEverything · 09/03/2021 12:45

My email has went crazy @Pancakes7 ! Getting loads and loads to tell me I’ve been mentioned in a post. I wasn’t actually getting any for days and had to keep coming on to the post myself to check if someone replied to me. I thought it was just me though so glad it’s not 😊

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