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Roman - yea or nay?

95 replies

KevinMcAllistereatsyellowsnow · 29/01/2024 22:31

Need an R name for baby boy.
What's your opinion on Roman? Ronan? Reuben?

OP posts:
KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 22:36

Roman? Ronan? Reuben? Of the three, Ronan, but he'll get Roman a lot.

Robert or Richard

KevinMcAllistereatsyellowsnow · 29/01/2024 22:48

Robert is already "taken"

OP posts:
KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 22:51


Honeyroar · 29/01/2024 22:51

Sorry, I really don’t like the name Roman. Ronan is a bit better.

Kwam31 · 29/01/2024 22:55


KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 23:06

I really don’t like the name Roman. Me neither, makes me think of roman remains and roman ruins.
Reuben is popular and gets misspelt as Rueben a lot.

Rhodri doesn't start with R @Kwam31

DaisyCat33 · 29/01/2024 23:17

I like Roman but it's used a lot these days. I think Reuben is lovely.

Onelife2024 · 29/01/2024 23:19

I like Reuben best from your choices. Ronan is ok. Roman isn’t to my taste - I think of Romans.

How about -


Kwam31 · 29/01/2024 23:21

That's odd, I know quite a few with that spelling 🤷🏼‍♀️

KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 23:23

@Kwam31 , Rhodri starts with the letter Rh. It's Welsh. The same is true for Rhys.

PlasticSurgeonWithASidelineAsAStuntWoman · 29/01/2024 23:23

Roderick -Roddy

Kwam31 · 29/01/2024 23:25

You do know not very name
is pronounced in its original form?
I have Gaelic named DC and often hear varied pronunciations.
The Rhodri I know say rod-ri

KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 23:29

@Kwam31 , not one Rhodri I know says Rodri, and not one Rhys says Rees. The letter Rh doesn't sound like R.

Dovewings · 29/01/2024 23:31

I like Roman.

Kwam31 · 29/01/2024 23:32

Are Welsh? living in Wales?
Stop being so pedantic, not everything fits into your experience/knowledge.
Lots and lots of names have been anglicised/ adapted.

KirstenBlest · 29/01/2024 23:34

@Kwam31 , It's the equivalent of saying Cillian as Sillian.

LadyGAgain · 29/01/2024 23:35

Love Roman. Strong, pan European!

caringcarer · 29/01/2024 23:36

I've got a Roman Reggie.

Musntapplecrumble · 29/01/2024 23:40

Roman 💯

DesertSnow · 29/01/2024 23:59


MrsSkylerWhite · 30/01/2024 00:06


Cavewomansue · 30/01/2024 00:20

Lovely strong name.

User6761 · 30/01/2024 00:21

Ronan and Reuben are two of my favourite names, but I don't like Roman at all.

ODFOx · 30/01/2024 00:29

DD's BF is called Rowan. Could that be an option? The only Roman I've heard of was on celebrity gogglebox talking about never washing his legs or feet. Grubby bugger! I think he's the son of whichever Kemp brother was in Eastenders.

I have to say I joined the thread so suggest Roman names like Hadrian or Julius, so it all seems a bit plain by comparison.
Caecilius in horto est. (If you know, you know)

MaggieFS · 30/01/2024 00:36

Nay. Faddy.

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