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Views on these 3 girls names, please!

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cushioncover · 17/02/2008 20:40

Ok, a while to go yet but here they are;


One mine, one is DH's and one we both like but not either of our favourites IYKWIM.

Opinions please,ta very much!

OP posts:
hellish · 21/02/2008 02:05

Love Frances (nobody puts Baby in the corner)

violetskies · 21/02/2008 02:26

I know a Martha, she is also called MATTY.
I have a relative called Frances who is 11 she hates being called Franny, apparently it sounds to much like Fanny and (I quote) 'I am not a front bottom.'

cushioncover · 21/02/2008 15:42

Thanks for all opinions.
I still really like Martha. I'm surprised that so many people have commented how common it is these days. But then in my many years of teaching I've never taught a Jack so who am I to judge?

Frances is growing on me though. This last week I've also heard the names Joscelyn and Rosalind. Both of which I quite like too.

OP posts:
3andnomore · 21/02/2008 21:46

go on hatricks thread about what people would call their Kids if they were pg right now, andwhat struck me was how many people liked Martha and Matilda...

Dorasmum · 23/02/2008 23:47

All three for me - Martha 1st, then Ruth and then Frances )

Dorasmum · 23/02/2008 23:47

All three for me - Martha 1st, then Ruth and then Frances )

Dorasmum · 23/02/2008 23:50

I went on to call my little girl (who was supposed to be Martha) Constance .....Now I really love that name )

hunkermunker · 23/02/2008 23:58

Ruth was ruined for me by Jasper Carrot.

I am not an avoider of common names (indeed, I started a thread about it), but I'm not sure how much I like Martha. Would she be Marty? I did once know a Marta, but it sounded like martyr and she changed it to Martha, actually, in the end.

Frances, I like, but not madly. Franny, I like more.

Do like Rosalind.

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