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Views on these 3 girls names, please!

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cushioncover · 17/02/2008 20:40

Ok, a while to go yet but here they are;


One mine, one is DH's and one we both like but not either of our favourites IYKWIM.

Opinions please,ta very much!

OP posts:
WelliesAndPyjamas · 17/02/2008 20:52

Frances - no
Ruth - yes
Martha - lovely

janeite · 17/02/2008 20:52

Sorry but I don't like Fran at all, whereas Frances is really pretty.

cushioncover · 17/02/2008 20:54

Janeite, no need to be sorry, I asked for opinions. Am not touchy!

OP posts:
Bubbaloo · 17/02/2008 20:55

I like Ruth and...I have never been called Ruthie.

janeite · 17/02/2008 20:56

Lol - but it's really none of my business!!!! Fran just seems a bit "harder" sounding than Frances I think - more a woman's names than a baby's, if that makes sense?

cushioncover · 17/02/2008 20:59

No,no! All opinions welcome. That was the point of the thread.

Both DS and DD have traditional names because that's what I like, but they're not to everyone's taste. I think I like what I consider to be strong names. But it's so subjective, isn't it?

OP posts:
dontwanttogetoutofbed · 17/02/2008 21:00


bundle · 17/02/2008 21:00

Frances is the best, imo - least common and most individual

Janni · 17/02/2008 21:02

I like Frances and Martha but am sure that Frances will become Fran or Franny.

FrannyandZooey · 17/02/2008 21:04

and what's wrong with that?

I like Frances (and Franny, but not Fran so much)

Martha very nice

cushioncover · 17/02/2008 21:04

Hmm, have just seen a woman on TV called Joscelyn (Jocelyn? Josceline?) Quite like that too. DH says it sounds chavvy.

OP posts:
Janni · 17/02/2008 21:09

Sorry Franny - it just aint as pretty as Frances, you must admit.

PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 17/02/2008 21:10

i know a two franceses (!)

one 17 one 14 sadly both get frankie

cushioncover · 17/02/2008 21:13

I'm not so keen on Frankie, which is why we'd call her Fran or Franny.

OP posts:
cushioncover · 17/02/2008 21:14

DH just said no way to Joscelyn (or however the pretty lady spells it) so back to original list.

OP posts:
PerkinWarbeck · 17/02/2008 21:15

really like them all!

DD's middle name is Ruth - strong family name on DH's side, and IMO works really well as a middle name. Frances Ruth and Martha Ruth could work!

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 17/02/2008 21:18

Not keen on Ruth
Quite like Frances
but love Martha,in fact if ds would have been a girl thats what he would have been called.

twospecialgirls · 17/02/2008 21:20

absolutly loving martha it was my nanas muns name and i love it would def use it for one of my own

hate ruth
dont like frances only because i know someone called it and shes horrid so it put me off

Quattrocento · 17/02/2008 21:20

I like Ruth

I like Martha

I am a bit unsettled by the androgyny of Frances. I mean you have to see it spelled before you are sure whether or not it is a girl or a boy.

chelsygirl · 17/02/2008 21:22

like Ruth

moljam · 17/02/2008 21:22

Frances -not keen

Ruth -unsure but ok

Martha-love very much

Aero · 17/02/2008 21:23

I like all of them. Frances I really like and not so many around nowadays. I also like Fran, but prefer the full name.

Martha is lovely, and although more commonly used than it was several years ago, is still a gorgeous name.

Ruth I also like, but not quite so much as the other two.

cushioncover · 17/02/2008 21:24

Seems like my fav is popular

OP posts:
Quattrocento · 17/02/2008 21:25

The other thing I would say is that you might change your mind on the day ...

DS was going to be Marcus. All the way through. Right up until the minute he was born. When it was painfully obvious that whoever he was, he wasn't a Marcus.

catkin08 · 17/02/2008 21:28

Our DS would've been a Martha if he'd been a girl. It's a fabulous name!
We'd probably have used Mattie as a derivative.

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