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Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 08:51

Baby girl is due any day, and I still have no name for her. Thinking of Ayla, Kaylee, or Ella. Any insight would be appreciated!😘

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Jessbow · 07/02/2023 08:53

Ella's are everyhere-very populat at the moment

Not keen on Ayla

Prefer spelling Kayleigh ....but each to their own

NannyR · 07/02/2023 08:57

Ayla might cause problems with spelling and pronunciation - ay- la or eye-la. I love Kaylee.

LaLaLouella · 07/02/2023 09:00

Ella - beautiful name and suits a baby, teenager adult and old lady!

Julen7 · 07/02/2023 09:01


Consufed · 07/02/2023 09:02


Beachhutnut · 07/02/2023 09:03

Ella is my fave out of the three

ladyforallseasons · 07/02/2023 09:04

Kaylee is a bit naff

HasItStoppedWayneing · 07/02/2023 09:07

I think I prefer Ella. Would Isla suit?

Rauha · 07/02/2023 09:07


ItsTrueLou · 07/02/2023 09:08

how about something else altogether? Out of Isla, Kayleigh and Ella, I'd choose Ella, but it's very overused atm. Apologies for being picky but Ayla and Kaylee are awful spellings too

TallulahBetty · 07/02/2023 09:10

Isla and Kayleigh are spelled like that. Both nice, as is Ella.

Zola1 · 07/02/2023 09:13

Kaylee makes me think of women my age (early 30s) who I went to school with. It feels old fashioned

Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 09:14

@ItsTrueLou Any other suggestions?

OP posts:
Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 09:15

@HasItStoppedWayneing No on Isla as it is a friend's baby's name.

OP posts:
watchfulwishes · 07/02/2023 09:16

Ella or Isla both nice.

Ayla/Kayley both a no from me.

TheYearOfSmallThings · 07/02/2023 09:17


sashh · 07/02/2023 09:21

How about a longer name that can be shortened to Ella? That gives you and her a choice.


Sandysandwich · 07/02/2023 09:23

I like Ella the most its a great name.

Kayla, Hailey, Hallie, Callie/Callista

dustydewdrop · 07/02/2023 09:25

I’m never sure if it’s Ay-la or Eye-la and I’ve seen the name a lot recently.

Catnary · 07/02/2023 09:28

What is it about Kaylee that you like? It seems a bit made up and out of place compared to the other two.

Catnary · 07/02/2023 09:29

Calli or Callie is nice. I have a colleague with that name.

TiredMum86 · 07/02/2023 09:29

Have you looked at any other Scottish place names if you like Isla but can't use it because of your friend, Brae, Iona, Ailsa for example

Laurdo · 07/02/2023 09:36

I like Ella the moat out of those choices.

What about Anya, Emmy, Esme, Callie, Cara, Cora, Halle?

KrasiTime · 07/02/2023 09:40

watchfulwishes · 07/02/2023 09:16

Ella or Isla both nice.

Ayla/Kayley both a no from me.

Agree. Kaylee & Ayla no. Naff.

Isla yes. Kayleigh yes.

Ella is great. Eloise? NN Ella?

Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 09:40

@Laurdolove Esme but taken by another friend unfortunately.

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