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Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 08:51

Baby girl is due any day, and I still have no name for her. Thinking of Ayla, Kaylee, or Ella. Any insight would be appreciated!😘

OP posts:
AnotherSpare · 07/02/2023 09:52

I do like Ella, it's pretty and classic.
Not keen on Ayla, for no reason just not my taste.
Kaylee I think is ok. Prefer the Kayleigh or Kayley spellings.

What about Keeley? I prefer that to Kaylee.
Or Eloise? With Ella as a nickname.

DuchessOfSausage · 07/02/2023 11:46

Ella is nice enough but it's been popular for decades as has Ellie.
Kaylee is awful, but Kayleigh isn't too bad but it's a bit 1980s
Ayla makes me think of Ailing, Eilidh is nice

DuchessOfSausage · 07/02/2023 11:48

Kayla is nicer than Kaylee and Ayla

goingoinggonee · 07/02/2023 11:50

Ella is my fave out of those 3

LaLaLouella · 07/02/2023 11:52

How about...


LaLaLouella · 07/02/2023 11:53


Rosio · 07/02/2023 12:07

Eloise. Elyse, Elsa, Ellen, Kayla, Isabella, Bella, Isobel, Grace, Gracie, Junie,

BellatrixLestrangesHeatedCurlers · 07/02/2023 12:16

Kayleigh (please spell it properly!)

gettingalifttothestation · 07/02/2023 12:18

Ella beautiful name

HamFrancisco · 07/02/2023 12:22

Ella's very beautiful, would it bother you that it's popular? I don't really like the other two.

Erin? Kitty? Connie? Nina?

Paturday · 07/02/2023 12:29

Love Kayla! Also I know an Ayla pronounced like Kayla without the K so I don’t know why people are having trouble with that.

Like Kaylee too tbh, seems cute. But probably dated. However the only Kayla I know is the same age as the Kayleighs I know.

I love Ella but it is v popular - although there are no El- names across all 4 of my kids’ classes so I think people stay away as they THINK it’s so popular.


Paturday · 07/02/2023 12:31

Since when is Kaleigh the ‘correct’ spelling? I’ve seen Kaley even. Hayley is more common that Hayleigh surely. People are so uptight 😄

MajorCarolDanvers · 07/02/2023 12:35

Ayla and Ella are fine - prefer Ella

Kaylee is awful sorry

JamSandle · 07/02/2023 12:37

Kaylee I prefer spelled Kayleigh. I think it's beautiful and Irish sounding and I tend to like Irish names.

Beamur · 07/02/2023 12:54

Ella is a beautiful and classic name.
Ayla could be a grower. Prettier sounding than Anya.
I don't like the spelling of Kaylee but I think it's a name making a comeback. Keeley/Kirstie/Kirsty have a similar feel. Prefer Kayleigh/Kayley or even as suggested Kaley. I think it's the EE on the end that doesn't appeal for some reason!

AmeliaEarhart · 07/02/2023 13:07

I’m going to have Kayleigh by Marillion stuck in my head all day now. To be fair, as 80s ballads go it’s a proper banger, so not a bad name association.

I think as this thread shows, Ayla will cause confusion over the pronunciation as many people will assume it’s pronounced Isla, which you’ve said you want to avoid.

Ella is nice and classy.

BlueWhiteHat · 07/02/2023 13:09

Friends kid called Ayla and I find it really hard to get my pronunciation right/feels uncomfortable for my mouth to say (and I have a miso rounded name so understand!)
Kaylee nope. Ella the best out of your list

Theoldwoman · 07/02/2023 13:11


Classical, elegant and beautiful. Timeless.

Popular for a very good reason.

Theoldwoman · 07/02/2023 13:16

You might like:

Cleo, Freya, Lola, Bree, Zara, Mia, Norah, Eliza, Saskia, Xanthe, Briar, Sylvie, Pearl, Maya, Elsie, Alice, Laura or Erina.

DuchessOfSausage · 07/02/2023 13:17

@Paturday , Kayleigh was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s, so that's the spelling that people will expect. Other spellings will look a bit made up

Whydoitry · 07/02/2023 14:06

Jessbow · 07/02/2023 08:53

Ella's are everyhere-very populat at the moment

Not keen on Ayla

Prefer spelling Kayleigh ....but each to their own

I agree with this.

Catnary · 07/02/2023 15:04

TiredMum86 · 07/02/2023 09:29

Have you looked at any other Scottish place names if you like Isla but can't use it because of your friend, Brae, Iona, Ailsa for example

Brae? That's in common use to mean "hill" all over Scotland - in conversation as well as in place names - my Mum would definitely say "I struggled walking up the brae with my shopping".

It's not a name!

Rockmehardplace · 07/02/2023 18:02

Ayla or Ella would be my choice. Or what about Eilidh (pronounced Ailie - beautiful name imo)

SilentNightDancer · 07/02/2023 20:12

I like Ayla - reminds me of the Clan of the Cave Bear books.

Ella is pretty.

Dislike Kaylee.

Iola or Iona might be options.

LlynTegid · 07/02/2023 20:13

I'd choose Ella.

Other names you suggest would give a lifetime of correcting or having to spell out the child's name.

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