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Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 08:51

Baby girl is due any day, and I still have no name for her. Thinking of Ayla, Kaylee, or Ella. Any insight would be appreciated!😘

OP posts:
everythingsapickle · 07/02/2023 23:03

Ella is my favourite. Ayla is OK but I wouldn’t be certain how to pronounce. I dislike Kaylee.

NotABeliever · 07/02/2023 23:05

Ella 200%

Blahburst · 07/02/2023 23:07

I really like Ayla. Not as common as the others but strong and pretty. I also like the suggestion of Eilidh - great name.

TheFireflies · 07/02/2023 23:09

I’m going to have Kayleigh by Marillion stuck in my head all day now. To be fair, as 80s ballads go it’s a proper banger, so not a bad name association.

The Kayleighs I know are all SICK of this song!

Of your choices OP, I like Ella the best, though it’s popular at the moment if that bothers you.

RideMeStallion · 07/02/2023 23:16

Really like Ella.

But how about Iona?

stormsurfer · 07/02/2023 23:20


AmeliaEarhart · 07/02/2023 23:21

@TheFireflies I can imagine they are. But it wouldn’t have been such a popular name without the song, if this graph from the BBC is to be believed.

AmeliaEarhart · 07/02/2023 23:23

… and your name has reminded me of Kaylee from the TV series Firefly, who’s a great character. I’ve now decided I actually really like the name, however it’s spelled.

rickandmorts · 07/02/2023 23:28

We've just named our daughter Iona and have had so many compliments on her name. So I'm biased and think you should go for that 🤣

Catnary · 07/02/2023 23:47

NotABeliever · 07/02/2023 23:05

Ella 200%

Ella Ella - like Rihanna you mean?

Spidey66 · 07/02/2023 23:49

I know a little Ayla (only cos she plays with my dog in the park!) Her name is pronounced like Isla, in fact I assumed her name was Isla until I noticed Ayla on her school back and I started chatting to her mum about my misunderstanding. Although I like it pronounced both ways, if I'd seen it before hearing it I would've thought it was pronounced Ay-la. Which way would you pronounce it?

I like Ella as well, but don't like Kaylee. I think it looks like a misspelling of Kayleigh and I expect people with that name to be mid to late 30s after the song was popular.

Spidey66 · 07/02/2023 23:50

Back =bag

Spidey66 · 07/02/2023 23:55

Actually I always thought Marillion made up the name Kayleigh for the song!

Spidey66 · 08/02/2023 00:03
mathanxiety · 08/02/2023 01:33

@JamSandle - Kaylee/ Kayleigh is not an Irish name.

A céilí (pronounced kay-lee) - Scottish 'cèilidh' - is a country dance.

mathanxiety · 08/02/2023 01:37

Of the names, I would choose Ella.

However, you are going to get dirty looks from the friend whose daughter is Isla. The names are very close in sound.

Would you like -
Elena (Elayna)
Alina (Al-ee-na)

HeadlessGummyBears · 08/02/2023 03:01

LaLaLouella · 07/02/2023 09:00

Ella - beautiful name and suits a baby, teenager adult and old lady!

Another vote for Ella for the same reasons. I also like the nicknames for Ella.

Dartmoorcheffy · 08/02/2023 03:06


RebeccaCloud9 · 08/02/2023 03:12

I think Ella is beautiful.
Ayla I think is lovely if pronounced ay (rhymes with hay) la. I would never have thought to pronounce it Isla until reading pp. So so many Islas, literally 3 per class round my way.
Kaylee is awful, like a southern US trashy name.

octoberfarm · 08/02/2023 03:25

Love Ayla!

Elfbeth · 08/02/2023 08:22

Mom3334 · 07/02/2023 09:15

@HasItStoppedWayneing No on Isla as it is a friend's baby's name.

are they not pronounced the same so don’t know how u can say no to Isla but want to use Ayla?

Ella is my favourite from your list but agree it’s very popular. I like the suggestion of Callie

Mom3334 · 08/02/2023 08:34

Oops, I meant to spell it Kaylie, not Kaylee.

OP posts:
GelPens1 · 08/02/2023 08:38

I dislike names ending in ‘ee’ and ‘igh.’ I prefer the spelling Kayley, but it’s not my favourite name. I pronounce ‘Ayla’ like ‘ay-la’, not ‘eye-la’ (Isla). I feel like Ayla is an incomplete name. Ella is okay but not my favourite either.

RebeccaCloud9 · 08/02/2023 08:41

Kaylied means drunk, so Kaylie is even worse thank Kaylee!

Mom3334 · 08/02/2023 08:50

@GelPens1 Any other suggestions?

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