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Thoughts on names Amorae and Monroe?

120 replies

HonoursMummy · 25/11/2022 20:09

what do people think of these names? will have an older sister called Honour.
Amorae ( a more A )

please help

OP posts:
InTheFutilityRoomEatingBiscuits · 25/11/2022 20:13

Pizza Pie and Marilyn

Yesthatismychildsigh · 25/11/2022 20:14

Pizza pie 😂

Skinnermarink · 25/11/2022 20:15


Yesthatismychildsigh · 25/11/2022 20:15

I wasn’t laughing at your comment, futilityroom, it just shows that’ll be peoples first thoughts.

whatausername · 25/11/2022 20:17

Is association or sound more important to you? Wondering if Monroe would be on your list if it weren't for the Hollywood connection or if it were spelt Munro?

I ask because if association and meaning matter more then that will shape people's recommendations

MissBattleaxe · 25/11/2022 20:18

Amorae is awful and in Italian it's Amore. Monroe is awful too.

MarmiteCoriander · 25/11/2022 20:19

Are you using them for a boy or girl?

Amorae- How is it pronounced? Are you trying for the Italian word for love, but spelling it wrong?

Monroe- I think of Marilyn and assume its a male name?

Any others you like? I personally don't like either, but that's irrelevant.

ISeeTheLight · 25/11/2022 20:19

Please don't do that to your child.

NCFT0922 · 25/11/2022 20:20

That’s Amore

Sorry but I’m with the first 2 posters; it’s bloody awful and spelt incorrectly.

Murasakispillowbook · 25/11/2022 20:20

Sorry, I'm pizza pie too.

Skinnermarink · 25/11/2022 20:21

OP started a new thread so hopefully will take on board done more sensible name suggestions…

caitlinrose · 25/11/2022 20:21

No, to both of them.

Monroe is 100% Marilyn and she didn't have a happy life.

Amorae sounds like a trendy spelling of the Italian word "amore".

What about Felicity, Verity, Hope? Amira, Amara, Amaia?

BruceWaynettaSlob · 25/11/2022 20:22

Amorae will autocorrect to amoral.

Skelligsfeathers · 25/11/2022 20:23

When thr moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!

AntiqueCestChic · 25/11/2022 20:23

Dislike both I'm afraid.

Honour is a beautiful name, you need something equally fabulous for your next DD.

Murasakispillowbook · 25/11/2022 20:24

My husband used to sing some silly football song to that tune too. When the ball hits your head and you're sat in row z, that's Zamora?

Going to be humming all night now.

SisterGeorgeMichael · 25/11/2022 20:25

Amorae is just daft. It's a good idea to have a name that people can pronounce.

MarigoldPetals · 25/11/2022 20:25

That’s amorae

NellietheNumpty · 25/11/2022 20:28

How about Cecilia to go with Honor.

Koifish · 25/11/2022 20:48

I love Monroe but not Amourae, it’s too much of a mouthful.

Some quick suggestions:

Koifish · 25/11/2022 20:49

Just saw you already had an Honour sorry!

Dotcheck · 25/11/2022 20:49

2 threads on this?

Orangesatsuma · 25/11/2022 20:50

Monroe is the best but really I personally don’t like either….

Alysskea · 25/11/2022 20:51

Absolutely not.

Blowyourowntrumpet · 25/11/2022 20:52

Definite no to both. I'm sorry, but you did ask. They're almost comically dreadful

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