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If it was only your decision, what would your babies names be?

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heyytheredelilah · 25/10/2022 20:09

Inspired by another post about mums should have more say in naming their baby… if it was down to you alone to make that choice what would their names be?
my partner vetoed all the names I wanted for my 4 children. He said I was naming future adults not pets….
I wanted Rocco, Rio, Meadow and Dolly.
I Really had to compromise… we have Theodore, Joseph, Charlotte and Vivienne.
I have always called them Teddy, Joey, Lottie and Vivi.
The boys are now teens and like to be known as Theo and Joe.
Lottie never uses her full name. Vivi is only 3 so time will tell.

I named my cats meadow and dolly 😐😬

OP posts:
Redpenofdoom · 25/10/2022 20:14

Gabriel, Beatrix, Imogen, Jago, Linnet and Sebastian.

So far I have been winning on the names.

I did want Clover but that was too twee apparently.

Wintermoonandstars · 25/10/2022 20:16

I wanted Nicholas for DS but DH didn’t like it. I prefer the name we chose together now, it’s funny how things work out. Smile

ReformedWaywardTeen · 25/10/2022 20:16

One would be Holly, the other I was between Jack and Alfie. DH hated all of them.

Angelicapickles1 · 25/10/2022 20:17

I wanted Clementine for DD and Fitzwilliam for DS. Both were vetoed straight off.

OhBeAFineGuyKissMe · 25/10/2022 20:22

Elinor Gray for a girl
Kip Stirling for a boy

Not going to have any more kids but these are the names I would have if I did and my DH didn’t get a say.

pastypirate · 25/10/2022 20:27

Redpenofdoom · 25/10/2022 20:14

Gabriel, Beatrix, Imogen, Jago, Linnet and Sebastian.

So far I have been winning on the names.

I did want Clover but that was too twee apparently.

Is it linnet as in from green knowe?

pastypirate · 25/10/2022 20:29

I named my dds on my own anyway. I have no regrets.

I shan't have another but if I did I really like Bronwyn shortened to Ronnie. And yes I am Welsh.

MrsTerryPratchett · 25/10/2022 20:30

If DD was a boy she'd have been Joe. ExBF's name so not an option! Grin

FredGarland · 25/10/2022 20:30

Eden and Alexander.
Eden was a straight no, Alexander is a cousin he never sees.

It worked both ways though - he really wanted Edmund. I could only see Blackadder and the annoying Narnia kid for that!

MrsTerryPratchett · 25/10/2022 20:31

Meant to say DH had no say in DD's actual name.

MajorCarolDanvers · 25/10/2022 20:32

I wanted Kirsten and Michael.

Didn't get either but happy with our compromises.

Simonjt · 25/10/2022 20:33

Ishmael for a boy, I was able to choose our daughters name, so I won’t be revealing that.

SkylightSkylight · 25/10/2022 20:37

Katie, Daisy, Nate & Broady.

I'm going to need to have more dogs!

KirstenBlest · 25/10/2022 20:38

@pastypirate , please spell it Bronwen. The -wyn ending is masculine.

ElizaSkye · 25/10/2022 20:40

Vetoed names included-


tunthebloodyalarmoff · 25/10/2022 20:42

Twin girls sammy joe and Bobby joe
Hubby would let me !

KitchenSupper · 25/10/2022 20:44

Valerie and Francis
Or maybe Vivian and Christopher

TheGriffle · 25/10/2022 20:46

I’d have a Veda if I had my own way.

Notepadfrog · 25/10/2022 20:46

Aiden, Alexander, Caleb, Taylor.

MoominPants · 25/10/2022 20:50


I like short names!

lochmaree · 25/10/2022 20:50

My vetoed names were:



Xtraincome · 25/10/2022 20:51

Fav names for my 2 DDs: Lavender, Kizzy,

If I had boys: Memphis, Theolonious, Tennessee, Forest

Taxiparent · 25/10/2022 20:53

Roman for my DD and Jed for my DS. Vetoed due to connections with Mr Bean for Rowan, Jed was just no….

Hermione101 · 25/10/2022 20:58

Mark or Bruce, Dagmar, Betty or Olga, all vetoed.

bluechameleon · 25/10/2022 20:59

DS1 would have been James. DS2 might have been Reuben, but I wasn't 100% on that one so wasn't that bothered when DH vetoed. Both of them ended up with names which had been very high on my lists so I don't feel like I missed out. If either had been a girl it would have been harder, our lists for girls were very different in style.

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