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To not know whether 'Maisy' is a male or a female mouse...?

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DabblingInDisaster · 20/06/2008 20:55

You know, from the books... its not really gender specific......

I call 'her' a 'she' because of the name.... but 'she' is usually wearing 'boys' clothes... at least the duck wears a tutu occassionally....

OP posts:
trefusis · 20/06/2008 20:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Sobernow · 20/06/2008 20:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Botbot · 20/06/2008 21:01

We've got a Maisy book in which she's wearing a dress - it's called Maisy Loves You.

I like her androgynousness too. Can't bear pinkness and glitteriness, so I approve.

dilbertina · 20/06/2008 21:03

Maisy's a girl
Miffy's a boy
end of.

Marina · 20/06/2008 21:03

I've always loved Maisy for this reason. She is a balm in the face of all the High School Musical/Bratz etc twaddle which we are facing down now dd is nearly five
Lucy Cousins is fab. We love Zaza's Baby Brother too

mollymawk · 20/06/2008 21:03

Nooo surely Miffy is a girl?

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:04

What about peppa pig?

MissKubelik · 20/06/2008 21:04

err Maisy is a girls' name so she is female.

Just because she doesn't wear pink frilly dresses doesn't mean she can't be a girl mouse.... my 3 year old is definitely female and hardly ever wears skirts and very little pink. Long may it continue!

paolosgirl · 20/06/2008 21:05

Miffy deffo a girl - no question

DabblingInDisaster · 20/06/2008 21:05

peppa pig is very gender specific though.. but they only have ONE set of clothes... pooor piggies!!

OP posts:
MissKubelik · 20/06/2008 21:05

agree Marina, Lucy Cousins is great. Hooray For Fish! is our favourite

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:06

Maisy's a girl
Miffy's a boy
peppa pig's a girl

i like the no frills etc of it all.

DabblingInDisaster · 20/06/2008 21:06

They want you to think cos 'she' is called Maisy 'she' is a girl.... but its NOT THAT CLEAR! lol

OP posts:
littlepinkpixie · 20/06/2008 21:06

Maisy is a girl
But I thought Miffy was a girl too?

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:08

We have a book called maisy likes driving her car - girl.
Peppa pig the same, the proliferation of pink suggests it although her brother george might prfer it
miffy - boy, always was when we were children many years ago.
I think i agree therefore with other posters - SORTED

Bronze · 20/06/2008 21:09

Miffys a girl thats why in the books it says she.

missblythe · 20/06/2008 21:09

Miffy is a girl! She wears dresses! And is a girl!

From Miffy Goes To Stay:

"Miffy was thinking as she sat
when will the journey end?
she looked outside and at the stop
she saw her little friend."


Botbot · 20/06/2008 21:10

Yep, Miffy a girl (have just consulted a book).

Snuffy, however, is a boy. And a dog.

Mercy · 20/06/2008 21:10

Maisy wears girl clothing from time to time.

I love some of the Dick Bruna books. We have one called 'My Vest is White' and a few others.

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:10

miffy used to be a boy.maybe miffy had a sex change?

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:10

But miffy used to be a BOY in the 1970s - WHAT HAPPENED

trefusis · 20/06/2008 21:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict · 20/06/2008 21:11

actually miffy started life as a boy but then became a girl. Miffy became a girl after the author decided that he wanted to draw a dress and not trousers on his rabbit.

mollymawk · 20/06/2008 21:11

Anyway the weird one in the Maisy books is that bird (forgotten the name) who does this:
Rings doorbell, Maisy comes to door and says, no I can't come to play, I'm in the bath. Bird goes away. Comes back, rings doorbell again, Maisy says again no I'm still in the bath. Bird ignores this, goes upstairs, takes off clothes, gets in Maisy's bath.
Our children are being taught to have no social skills. Tsk.

Bronze · 20/06/2008 21:11

I have my original Miffy books so I just went to look at them. Theyre over 30 years old. They say she

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