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To not know whether 'Maisy' is a male or a female mouse...?

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DabblingInDisaster · 20/06/2008 20:55

You know, from the books... its not really gender specific......

I call 'her' a 'she' because of the name.... but 'she' is usually wearing 'boys' clothes... at least the duck wears a tutu occassionally....

OP posts:
PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:25

DS gets very upset every time Pippin does a runner

maidamess · 20/06/2008 21:27

Best Pippin ever was when Auntie MAbel flushed one his dog turds down the loo and using the plane they followed it along the pipes to the sewage works.

My boys loved that episode.

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:27

LOrd knows- they were my childhood pets...I chose very non-gender specific names after those two Perhaps I gave them too many of those vitamin drops

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:29

maidamess that one was will go down in history.'where were you/what were you doing when auntie mabel flushed the poo?'

maidamess · 20/06/2008 21:29

I watch too much kids telly.

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:32

My friends 4 yo DS used it as the perfect excuse to flush his sisters nice soaps down the loo - 'for the man at the sewage farm' Now what sex was he if he would like nice heart shaped smelly soaps - or was he too planning a sexchange?

Bronze · 20/06/2008 21:34

1965 Miffy at the zoon says she
Can we pin down a date. Anyone got earlier?

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:36

lol. whilst we're on the toilet so to speak, does anyone else's lo lift the lid off the cistern to watch the flush mechanism? I think aunty mabel my be to blame for that one, too.

Bronze · 20/06/2008 21:36

Zoon? Zoo

pointydog · 20/06/2008 21:40

Maisy is a girl name

pointydog · 20/06/2008 21:42

Bod is a boy

Hartley Hare from Pipkins was a rather odd boy

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:46

Hartley hare was a bit camp, from what I remember

Is no-one admitting to having a Miffy book that pre-dates bronze's then? thats a shame.

Botbot · 20/06/2008 21:46

Pippin is a girl.

see here

Bod, however, is definitely a boy.

BroccoliSpears · 20/06/2008 21:49

I've only ever seen one episode of that aunty mabel programme and it was the poo one. Are they not all that inspired?

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:51

on the Dick Bruna site,it says that Miffy was originally intended as non gender specific, but Bruna decided to put a dress on her in the first book, so she became a girl, so form a published point of view, she's always been a girl

pointydog · 20/06/2008 21:52

Hartley Hare was reminiscent of Larry grayson, you're right

TheHedgeWitch · 20/06/2008 21:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:59

Oh those memories of childhood, Larry grayson, Hartley hare, miffy
Girl, girl, boy in that order -

Sobernow · 20/06/2008 21:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flobberghasted · 20/06/2008 22:00

this once made dh and i ROW

Name MAISYs freinds

you will get confused wiht peppa pig

its the law

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 22:00

that was before the prolferation of sexchanges in the 1980's - don't you remmeber Margaret Thatcher started it all

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 22:00

LOl bulls don't have udders! but do they have man nipples?

pofaced · 20/06/2008 22:01

Of course Maisy and Miffy are both girls. I think Maisy is a girl because she has a girl's name and wears girls' clothes (albeit dungarees and striped shirt)

Miffy's also a girl because her name sounds like a girl's name and she wears girl-type clothes when compared to the male rabbits in the stories.

Julian and Dick in the Famous Five are boys while Anne and George are girls while Timmy's the dog

I despair

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 22:02

Rosie in Rosie's Walk looks suspiciously like a cockerel

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 22:02

man nipples on bulls!!! PMSL - I've seen the thingy but never really got close enough for the man nipples!!!1

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