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To not know whether 'Maisy' is a male or a female mouse...?

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DabblingInDisaster · 20/06/2008 20:55

You know, from the books... its not really gender specific......

I call 'her' a 'she' because of the name.... but 'she' is usually wearing 'boys' clothes... at least the duck wears a tutu occassionally....

OP posts:
dilbertina · 20/06/2008 21:11

ok I stand corrected, according to wikipedia Miffy is indeed a girl rabbit. Her name means "little rabbit" and she was invented in 1955.

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:12

xposted with you cheesesarnie - sexchanges were all the rage in the 80's, perhaps that's where miffy went to before coming out again in the 21st century. It explains his/her absence.

Anna8888 · 20/06/2008 21:13

Maisy is very definitely a girl, but she has a very ungender specific lifestyle and set of hobbies (so PC ).

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:13

What about Blue Cow?

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:13

So the sex change happened early on then ?
How does a rabbit go through a sex change ?

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:14

mollymawk -thats where ds is getting it from.

nappyaddict · 20/06/2008 21:14

cow's are girls duuuuuuuuuh

nappyaddict · 20/06/2008 21:14

ignore that apostrophe.

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:15

oooh blue cow.thats a hard say a girl

Bronze · 20/06/2008 21:15

Even if you're talking about cows as int he animal then shes still a girl- because she has udders.

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:15

nappyaddict pmsl!i spat wine everywhere!

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:15

Blue cow actually i believe to be a cross dressing homosexual male cow - otherwise 'she'd ' be pink right?blue is a boys colour, although cows are generically female I'm to fill my glass [grn]

clutteredup · 20/06/2008 21:16

Sorry that was not gurn

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:16

Oh fuck off smartarse................

PeaGreene · 20/06/2008 21:17

Blue cow wondered. Wondered about the great world beyond HER field.

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:17

That was to nappy addict


lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:17

Yes, I thought tranny as well

nappyaddict · 20/06/2008 21:18
PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:20

"with ears so long and fur so white and Miffy was her name" from my 1970's copy of 'Miffy'.

The thing I love about Maisy is Maisy's farm where she milks the cow to fed her pet cat- truly inspired!

sheepgomeep · 20/06/2008 21:21

I'm a seventies child and I'd never heard of miffy until recently.

always thought maisy was a girl

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:22

Was Bod agirl or a boy? I think boy

maidamess · 20/06/2008 21:22

I always thought Pippin on that thing with Auntie Mabel and the aeroplane was a girl dog. But he's a boy dog. What are the chances eh?

PInkyminkyohnooo · 20/06/2008 21:22

re sex change rabbits- my pet rabbit was absolutley a boy called harry until she had kittens and became harriet..actually same thing happened to my hamster called fred..

lazarou · 20/06/2008 21:23

Poor Pippin, she's always shouting at him. No wonder he tries to run away

cheesesarnie · 20/06/2008 21:24

PInkyminkyohnooo your running the pet sex change rehab?

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