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New old phone or take her to see snow for the first time

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Headhurtsthinkingofausername · 01/02/2024 20:43

I’ve managed to save back a tiny bit of extra money (difficult to do at the moment as there’s rarely any left over, like so many people.
I’m desperate for a new phone, my one at the moment is years old, the speaker doesn’t work (I can’t answer calls) and to properly charge it I have to tilt my charger wire a certain way 🙈 I want a newer model, but still a second hand phone (don’t want on contract etc, just to buy a phone outright)
With the small amount I’ve saved I could also take my Dd away for a few days to see snow for the first time, a few hours drive away (live abroad) in a mid range hotel.

I can’t do both. Which would you do?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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oldestmumaintheworld · 01/02/2024 20:45

Buy the phone. Snow can wait.

Sonora25 · 01/02/2024 20:46


maximist · 01/02/2024 20:46

Phone definitely.

Ellmau · 01/02/2024 20:47

How old is DD?

Although TBH I'd probably get the phone anyway as it sounds like the current one might completely break down soon and then how will you replace it if you've spent the budget?

Thegreatestoftheseislove · 01/02/2024 20:47

I would go with experiences and memories over materialism.

Octavia64 · 01/02/2024 20:48


She won't remember the snow. I spent so much on making memories for my kids and they don't remember half of it!

(I did enjoy most of it at the time, but I'd never prioritise it over a working phone)

Allfur · 01/02/2024 20:48


MustDust · 01/02/2024 20:49

Do you have somewhere you can trade in things for a new phone where you are? I'm a big fan on CEX here, you can get some fab used phones from trading in games/random computing/AV stuff.

HalloumiGeller · 01/02/2024 20:49

I'd get the phone definitely.

Is there a reason you don't want a contact? As it is often SO much cheaper than PAYG.

Flamango · 01/02/2024 20:49


VanilleA · 01/02/2024 20:50

How old is dd?

Boomarang · 01/02/2024 20:51

Phone vote here too.

Yours sounds like it’s about to completely die. Which, I imagine, would be a mega ball ache in the time it would take arrange a replacement.

Have you asked friends and family if they have an old but functional phone knocking around you could rehome? Or a local FB community group? So many reasonably decent phones lying around in drawers when people upgrade…

If yes then Snow. But only when you have a functioning phone.

MinervatheGreat · 01/02/2024 20:52


StSwithinsDay · 01/02/2024 20:52

The phone.

Headhurtsthinkingofausername · 01/02/2024 20:53

She’s nearly 6. Would she really not remember a trip away to see snow?

OP posts:
afkonholidaynearleek · 01/02/2024 20:53

Google offer Pixels on 0% finance. It's £20 or so per month. Totally affordable (and the Pixel is a great phone)

StSwithinsDay · 01/02/2024 20:53

How much money have you saved?

RhiWrites · 01/02/2024 20:54

A functional phone is a necessity. You need to be contactable in an emergency. Get a new phone. Snow’s just frozen water and the next day it turns to slush.

Octavia64 · 01/02/2024 20:54

I took mine to China when they were 5.

They have exactly one memory of it and that is the blue cereal they ate at breakfast.

Needmorelego · 01/02/2024 20:55

They are a fairly standard piece of household equipment that people do need to have to function in modern life.
You wouldn't choose snow over a cooker, washing machine or fridge would you?
You need a new phone. Get a phone.

AgathaMystery · 01/02/2024 20:55

If an old iPhone will do I’ll post you one tomorrow. Do the snow!!!

MassiveOvaryaction · 01/02/2024 20:55

What happens when you or she fall over in the snow and hurt yourselves, and you can't call for help because your phone has died?

MeMySonAnd1 · 01/02/2024 20:55

The phone obviously, how are you going to be contacted when there is an emergency or ring a doctor if your child needs help? Off to receive a call if you are looking for a job, order groceries when you are ill or arrange play dates for your DD.

I’m all for experiences instead of materialism but you cannot live without the minimum basics (like bring able to answer a call) to provide your child "memories" she is not going to remember anyway.

My child had been in 10 countries before he was 3. He has not a single memory of any of them from that time and we did some amazing stuff.

MassiveOvaryaction · 01/02/2024 20:56

Octavia64 · 01/02/2024 20:54

I took mine to China when they were 5.

They have exactly one memory of it and that is the blue cereal they ate at breakfast.

Love it Grin

Sugarfish · 01/02/2024 20:56

Phone, I went to Disney Land when I was about 8 and I can barely remember any of it. Snow can wait.

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