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New old phone or take her to see snow for the first time

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Headhurtsthinkingofausername · 01/02/2024 20:43

I’ve managed to save back a tiny bit of extra money (difficult to do at the moment as there’s rarely any left over, like so many people.
I’m desperate for a new phone, my one at the moment is years old, the speaker doesn’t work (I can’t answer calls) and to properly charge it I have to tilt my charger wire a certain way 🙈 I want a newer model, but still a second hand phone (don’t want on contract etc, just to buy a phone outright)
With the small amount I’ve saved I could also take my Dd away for a few days to see snow for the first time, a few hours drive away (live abroad) in a mid range hotel.

I can’t do both. Which would you do?

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Oakbeam · 02/02/2024 08:48

Some people seem to have very short memories. I’m in my 60s but I can remember trips I went on when I was 3 and foreign holidays when I was 4.

Having said that, I would go with the phone option.

MargaretThursday · 02/02/2024 09:09

How much are you paying for a phone?

I mean I have the most expensive phone I've ever had. It does everything I need, and probably more that I don't need. But It cost just over £100 second hand.

I'd go for the snow option, perhaps see if there's a bit cheaper hotel and get a cheap second hand phone. In fact if you try asking on FB free stuff you may even get one from there.

She will remember seeing snow. I remember when it snowed at our first house. We moved from there when I was 3yo, so far younger. I can remember one particular trip (seeing Sooty and Sweep) when I was 2yo because it was so exciting.
I can remember lots of things from 6yo, and even dh, who has a poor memory for that sort of thing remembers some things.
6yo is the perfect age to enjoy snow.

Just make sure you have her well wrapped up, with snow boots, and if you can borrow one, a ski suit. It makes a huge difference to warmth.

WhistPie · 02/02/2024 12:58

HalloumiGeller · 01/02/2024 20:49

I'd get the phone definitely.

Is there a reason you don't want a contact? As it is often SO much cheaper than PAYG.

A phone that you buy outright isn't necessarily PAYG. I bought my phone outright, not on a contract. I pay £8 per month for unlimited calls, messages and 7gB of data. I was quids in over buying it on a contract in 8 months - the contract would still have had 10 months to run

MrsTerryPratchett · 03/02/2024 02:11

Headhurtsthinkingofausername · 01/02/2024 21:26

Around €250 saved. I’d prefer to have a version of the phone I have now (iPhone) so I can (hopefully) have it for a few more years. I use my phone for everything-work, notes, emails, messages, lots of photos, music etc. I’d rather not have a V basic one, so I’d rather wait and try to get one in a few months if I chose the snow. I always prefer experiences and just have it in my head that she should have seen snow by now 😅

I prefer experiences too. But not a tick box, formula experience. No one has to see snow. I know a lovely man who works in the global north, from the global south (being vague). The first time he saw snow was this year when he had to learn how to clear it as part of his new job in a new country. Fortunately my work friend realised and went and did it with him.

The first time I saw steppe was in my 50s.

The first time my mum saw a bodhi tree was in her 70s.

The first time my lovely friend in Central Asia saw the sea is still in the future.

Experiences are weird and fleeting. Children remember the oddest things. I drove DD miles to see a glacier in Iceland. She took one look and said, "not worth it". But she still talks about the swims near us for no money at all. And when I ask about favourite memories, they are often when things went wrong and we worked together. Experiences are more about time and family than about something new.

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