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To think the words gone mad or am I just boring?

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IceWhites · 27/01/2024 10:00

There’s a man who owns a jacket potato van in Tamworth town centre called Spudman. Recently gone viral on TikTok- and his jacket potatoes are now selling over a 1000/2000 a day! Obvs pleased for him making money while business lasts- but people have been queuing up for a jacket potato cheese and beans for hours every day.

Anyway, friend messaged this morning and she’s taken her nephew to his van. They left at 5am, the jacket potato van doesn’t open til 9/10- and when they got there there was already 30 people in the queue. She’s just messaged to say there’s now over 500 people in the queue? For a jacket potato?

The world I think has just gone mad. I know it’s a TikTok trend but it’s beyond belief. She said the queue is over 4 hours long now that’s longer than a ride at Alton Towers!

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AliceA2021 · 28/01/2024 11:02

People are strange. Lots of people seem to be sheep like with tic toc trends. Posting themselves pretending to seem in snorkel gear, paying over the odds for Prime, queing for hours for a jacket pocket. Some feel it makes them 'in' with the latest whatever. It's harmless, they may look a bit stupid to some, many have to post something on social media, it's their lifeblood

Paw2024 · 28/01/2024 11:22

There's been so many comments on my local baked potato van about them copying spudman, not as good (they make everything from scratch) etc

They've been in the town centre since 1955 so I'm pretty sure they're not copying him Hmm

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