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To think the words gone mad or am I just boring?

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IceWhites · 27/01/2024 10:00

There’s a man who owns a jacket potato van in Tamworth town centre called Spudman. Recently gone viral on TikTok- and his jacket potatoes are now selling over a 1000/2000 a day! Obvs pleased for him making money while business lasts- but people have been queuing up for a jacket potato cheese and beans for hours every day.

Anyway, friend messaged this morning and she’s taken her nephew to his van. They left at 5am, the jacket potato van doesn’t open til 9/10- and when they got there there was already 30 people in the queue. She’s just messaged to say there’s now over 500 people in the queue? For a jacket potato?

The world I think has just gone mad. I know it’s a TikTok trend but it’s beyond belief. She said the queue is over 4 hours long now that’s longer than a ride at Alton Towers!

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InAnotherLifetimeMaybe · 27/01/2024 11:22

Gets people out though....spending money in the town rather than online

Healthier than a takeaway or McDonald's

purpleme12 · 27/01/2024 11:22

Is this actually true that people are waiting that long?!

There was a jacket potato van in our town which did the best jacket potatoes ever honestly. Loved them.
The difference was well of course was that they weren't stingy with the toppings and weren't stingy with how much mayonnaise they put in the tuna mayonnaise or the butter. And obviously the jacket potatoes were amazing.

But then they closed down, sold the business 🙁🙁🙁
I don't think it was because the business wasn't doing well to be fair I think the ladies needed to do other things.

They were the best though

alfagirl73 · 27/01/2024 11:25

I agree that I don't get people going to those lengths for a jacket potato - unless the toppings were truly spectacular (ie I would struggle to replicate them at home) and/or they were being served by Hugh Jackman!

But with at least one of those elements being highly unlikely, and assuming all the toppings are the usual bog standard ones, I can't say I'd go so far out of my way or make such an effort to visit a jacket potato van.

That all being said, if it's what people want to do then it's up to them and as for the guy running the business, fair play to him. Regardless of what we think, if there is a demand for his jacket potatoes then I don't blame him.

On the issue of cheese/beans - I used to put the cheese on top of the beans but then someone pointed out that if you put the cheese first then the hot beans on top it helps the cheese melt more. I've since done cheese first and it's really nice.

RabbitsRock · 27/01/2024 11:25

Are the spud u like shops still in existence?

LookItsMeAgain · 27/01/2024 11:27

There was a trend back in either the late 1980's or '90s in Dublin where selling baked potatoes was HUGE! I mean REALLY REALLY big.

There were brands like "Spud-U-Like" and "Hot Potatoes" and there were loads of others. It was like what you'd see Subway or Pret a Manger now, almost on every corner. Then they died away just as quickly. Then there was another food trend that came in to take their space and for a while I thought donuts was going to go the same way - big launch and disappear just as quickly. They however have managed to find a niche and they're doing really well.

Anyway - good on this entrepreneur for finding a gap in the market, making tasty food (that people will travel for and enjoy) and more power to their elbow!

alfagirl73 · 27/01/2024 11:29

Haven't seen a Spud u Like in years! I did go to them a few times as I recall - and I liked them - but the thing with those was that they tended to be in shopping centres and the like so you would grab a quick jacket potato for lunch mid shopping trip. I doubt many people went to them just because they were desperate to go to spud u like with no other shopping planned.

Willmafrockfit · 27/01/2024 11:29

i made myself jacket potato with cheese and beans <<and tuna and sweetcorn>> last night
am i on Trend?

InAnotherLifetimeMaybe · 27/01/2024 11:29

Willmafrockfit · 27/01/2024 11:29

i made myself jacket potato with cheese and beans <<and tuna and sweetcorn>> last night
am i on Trend?

With red onion, perfect!👌

Willmafrockfit · 27/01/2024 11:30

i wouldnt want a jacket potato in a cafe/burger van though, not enough butter!

Todaysproblem · 27/01/2024 11:30

Here’s a list of all the foods I would queue up for:

Davros · 27/01/2024 11:30

I remember Spud-U-Like fondly. Haven't seen one for ages.
Now I've had to google Stanley Cup and I was disappointed. I was expecting a rare trophy!
Not far from us there's a crêpe van that always has a queue. Sometimes you can see 20 or so people queuing! I don't bother, especially as Nutella is king, revolting stuff

DuchessOfSausage · 27/01/2024 11:30

RabbitsRock · 27/01/2024 11:25

Are the spud u like shops still in existence?

No, but there's Home - SpudULike (

Willmafrockfit · 27/01/2024 11:30

InAnotherLifetimeMaybe · 27/01/2024 11:29

With red onion, perfect!👌

spring onion, is that ok?

InAnotherLifetimeMaybe · 27/01/2024 11:31

Any old onion!

User373433 · 27/01/2024 11:32

There has been similar trends with a traveling ice cream van that did trays of Mr whippy with toppings, that toured the country and had locations posted, and also that chippy in Wigan. I knew of people that drove for miles to a bog standard chippy they said because their kids were pleading to go, some spent a whole day travel to get there. Personally I would never agree to queue or waste what could be a decent day out on a trend like this, instead of travelling for a day trip to somewhere more interesting but I suppose it's better than Costa or McDonald's trends, at least these ones support small businesses.

piscofrisco · 27/01/2024 11:33

I also follow this spud van. And I also just don't get it. It seems a common or garden jacket potato to me. I'm sure it's nice and that but really?

JMSA · 27/01/2024 11:33

I don't like cheese <grabs coat>

Willmafrockfit · 27/01/2024 11:34

i think it is a covid effect,
travelling food vans still fashionable

the80sweregreat · 27/01/2024 11:35

I'm sure I've seen a spud u like somewhere , but it's not close to where I live
They have spud places in shopping malls cafeteria areas , but it's usually disappointing

MasterBeth · 27/01/2024 11:36

Workwhat · 27/01/2024 10:15

I wouldn't do it but whatever, it's not harming people. I think people act like trends and crazes are a social media age thing, but there has always things like this.

I can't really hate in people looking for a bit of fun and joy tbh. I don't think it's a sign of the world going mad.

Ok, I'll bite...

Where is the fun and joy in queuing for four hours for a bog standard baked potato?

MasterBeth · 27/01/2024 11:42

MrsSkylerWhite · 27/01/2024 10:37

Nothing beats a proper baked spud, microwave just doesn’t cut it. Lots of people can’t afford to run their oven for up to 1 1/2 hours now, so maybe that explains some of it?
Not my cup of tea, queuing for hours, but each to their own.

How much do you think it costs to run your oven for an hour?! Not a fiver!

ZeroFucksGivenToday · 27/01/2024 11:42

Meh. Each to their own. My DD(10) doesn't have TikTok but sees plenty on YT shorts.

I had a miserable upbringing with miserable parents, and I missed out on everything.

If my DD wants to do something and it won't be mega stupid or cost ridiculous money, then why not. She has a busy active life with sport, does everything she should homework wise etc, so wasting a day doing something now and again is fine.

There was a petrol station in Sheffield that had so many American sweets. Multiple flavoured popcorn, slushies etc. Was all over the internet. She wanted to go. It was an hours drive, so she took some pocket money and a grabbed a few of her mates and we went. Cost me petrol and she loved it.

same with the Stanley cup. She's asked for one for her birthday. She knows what her budget is and if she wants that as part of it then that's fine.

I think this guy has taken off for now, he's doing something great with it, and in a few months he will look back and laugh at how mad it was for a bit. He's not hurting anyone and trying to do something good with it.


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saltnvini · 27/01/2024 11:45

IceWhites · 27/01/2024 10:22

Why is it clickbaity? It’s a site where you can post what you want. It was mainly a discussion about certain trends and how bizarre they are.

"The world's gone mad" and then you open it and it's just you "being confused" about a potato stand

Jovacknockowitch · 27/01/2024 11:46

Ikeawarrior · 27/01/2024 10:19

Is it like that chippy in Wigan or wherever it was? I think it's just the novelty, isn't it?

There was an ice cream in our local area that was like this. It was all over social media and people would queue for hours for what was basically a Mr Whippy with some sauce in a takeaway tray with some haribo plonked on the top. Oh and pay £5 for the privilege. Meanwhile you could get a much nicer tub of Ben and Jerry's cheaper and easier.

Dunno about Wigan - there was Binley Mega Chippy - that's near Coventry. My cousin took her two boys there on an outing to prove her sheep like credentials :)

Davros · 27/01/2024 11:47

It doesn't say "world's" it says "word's". I thought it was going to be about use of certain terms. I still enjoyed the thread once I realised it was a mistake in the title

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