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The obsession with children being loud in public and disturbing others...

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floweplantpot · 16/01/2024 18:47

On here, is incredible.

I'm nearly 40 years old and I don't think any child has ever disturbed me while I was out in public. I just don't understand how easily irritated people on here get ?

Do we go to different places or something ?

Does anyone else relate to me or do others also often encounter children that bother them in public ?

Think, being on their iPads / phones watching ' very loud ' videos that have ruined your trip out to lunch, or kids running around places etc.

I've never really seen this or even noticed it.

Same on planes.. I've been sat near babies and they sometimes cried, but nothing unbearable.

On here it's like people absolutely despise kids out and about being loud/ existing and being kids...

The only people that have ever bothered me in public have been drunk adults who were threatening people in a tube carriage / a random man in the supermarket calling me a slut / another random man shouting at me for no reasons once when I was sitting in a parked car.. never kids..

OP posts:
WonderfulCheese · 16/01/2024 18:48

Good point, well made.

ncforthisthreadonly24 · 16/01/2024 18:50

No I don't encounter it often either if I'm honest.

I'm 38 and I eat out frequently. I can recall one occasion only when I've been irked by the volume of a child's tablet at a table near me. Other than that, no.

egowise · 16/01/2024 18:52

More likely to encounter a rude adult with the volume high on a phone with no headphones on public transport.

pjani · 16/01/2024 18:52

I feel like you need to take more very long haul flights with a child kicking the back of your seat over and over and over again, without a word spoken by the parent.

And you need to get on the bus with a headache and have a child playing a game on their parents’ phone with the sound on extra loud PING! PING! PING!

Of course it is the parents not the kids.

And I have of course been ‘that parent’ myself at times.

BassoContinuo · 16/01/2024 18:53

I’ve certainly been disturbed by children watching / listening to things on phones and tablets without headphones. Generally in cafes and on the train.

Most of the kids have been 13-15, but there have been a couple of younger ones.

Glenthebattleostrich · 16/01/2024 18:54

You are real lucky then. I love kids, I work with them and have for the last 13 years.

But, after a long day, I don't want to listen to a screechy you tube video, if your child does, give them some headphones. Or just turn it down a bit so I'm not able to hear every word 3 rows away on a busy bus. I don't inflict my terrible music taste, or sweary TV on them.

In a cafe, don't let little johny run around screaming, it's dangerous and irritating. The worst one I had was a couple of years ago a kid pushed mine off her chair so he could eat her lunch. The Dad really didn't know why I wasn't teaching my child to share cos boys will be boys (I so wish I was kidding, the arse was lucky to leave with his testicles).

So in short, normal kid noise, great. I love to hear kids play and laugh. I've even been known to lead a round of wheels on the bus complete with actions when we got stuck in traffic for a bit when there were faulty traffic lights. Terrible parenting and inconsiderate arseholery (and it is absolutely the parents at fault) it's a hard no.

August85 · 16/01/2024 18:58

With the exception of the little fucker who screamed the whole way through my wedding vows, YANBU.

Sux2buthen · 16/01/2024 18:58

I agree op. There's a strong anti kid vibe from a lot of posters on this parenting forum Grin
I think many forget they were one once (although back in their day they wouldn't DREAM of making a sound of course)

BananaSquiggle · 16/01/2024 19:01

Really? Yes, I often find kids very annoying. Mostly in pubs and restaurants, which are places I go to to relax. It’s difficult to relax when anyone is running around or screaming.

RandomButtons · 16/01/2024 19:02

Try being on a 5 hour flight with two kids behind you with iPads on full volume and the mother videoing herself talking about how manifesting got them all there and how every needs to make sure how to manifest tonight because the moon is purple or something.

As others have pointed out, noisy adults are more annoying than noisy kids. But that took the biscuit.

Tinkerbyebye · 16/01/2024 19:03

Yes I have encountered it occasionally particularly the noise when using an iPad or phone, normally it doesn't bother me but it is antisocial.

ChillysWaterBottle · 16/01/2024 19:04

YANBU. I think a lot of them are making it up, especially since a loads of people on here don't really seem to leave the house much. It's currently quite trendy to be anti-child and anti-mother on the internet, leaking from places like Reddit, so you get a lot of positive feedback from exaggerating the time a baby blinked too loudly at you on the train in 2003.

Rudolphtherednoseddog · 16/01/2024 19:07

It doesn’t happen often to me (definitely happens though) but people are unlikely to start a thread called “I went on the bus today and it was perfectly fine” so you only get the negative stories on here.

Generally I don’t mind the children, I do mind their parents for example allowing them to ride their scooter hard into my ankle in the aisle of the local corner shop.

Can be summed up as “sometimes other people are really annoying”, adult or child. All just part of being in society.

ncforthisthreadonly24 · 16/01/2024 19:07

you get a lot of positive feedback from exaggerating the time a baby blinked too loudly at you on the train in 2003.


Lovelynames123 · 16/01/2024 19:08

On the way home from holiday in October I was annoyed for 5 hours by a kid behind me, despite asking many times for him to be asked to stop, and politely too. Although on the flight out I had been more annoyed by some drunken imbeciles, who continued drinking at baggage (who knew you could buy alcohol at the carousel at 2am!), and made me very happy I had a private transfer.

In conclusion, lots of people are annoying, I try not to let little things get to me, but I'm an optimist. Lots of people seem to thrive on being annoyed and cross🤷🏻‍♀️

Edited for spelling

InAMess2023 · 16/01/2024 19:09

@pjani Try two kids running around climbing over all the seats, listening to cartoons with the volume up and crying on an 11 hour flight... where their parents sat with headphones on and completely ignored them. And to top it all off this was my once in a lifetime trip in business class 😩

Atethehalloweenchocs · 16/01/2024 19:10

Depends where I am. On transport, in shops, family friendly restaurants and pubs - no problem. But when I am somewhere after 8pm, at an expensive restaurant (like £50 a head for lunch minimum) I do think it is twattish behaviour to let your children disturb others.

FreeezePeach · 16/01/2024 19:10

Do we go to different places or something ?

Well clearly, unless you think those Mumsnetters are telling lies?

SayBaby · 16/01/2024 19:11

Wow, I could name about 20 incidences of small children pissing me off in the last year. 😂

Most recently over Christmas I had a full glass of wine knocked over onto me by a child throwing a ping pong ball in a gastro pub.

I also got to enjoy a full volume bibby on an iPad on a flight a couple months ago whilst being kicked in the arse on a flight.

I was severely irritated but in both cases I'm aware it was the parents fault, not the child in question.

Atethehalloweenchocs · 16/01/2024 19:12

*I think many forget they were one once (although back in their day they wouldn't DREAM of making a sound of course)

Or maybe if they were out in public and were loud they were corrected. And not dumped with a loud device which disturbs others.

TheFairyCaravan · 16/01/2024 19:13

We had a baby sitting next to us on the plane when we went on our last holiday. He didn’t make a murmur.

However, a couple of years ago the whole plane missed the pilot’s announcement that we might have to divert to a different airport because a child of about 4 was making so much noise that no one could hear anything. He was sitting with his grandparents and his parents, who were sitting about 4 rows behind, kept shouting “X will you be quiet…? X you’re sitting here in a minute.” It was bloody ridiculous and more their fault than his. I’ve never been so glad to get off a plane in my life.

OhmygodDont · 16/01/2024 19:13

Doesn’t happen often. Normally if we go for a pub meal which we tend to avoid mostly.

I did go to homebargains though and there was a child making rather loud screeching noises in a rhythm but I presumed said child probably had Sen as it wasn’t screaming sounds or a tantrum.

Smartiepants79 · 16/01/2024 19:13

Doesn’t happen that often but I have encountered it. And I’m a teacher so my tolerance for child noise is quite high.
Was particularly noticeable on holiday abroad with one particular family who had their 5 year old sat at the dinner table with who knows what blaring from the iPad whilst the child sat staring at it. Have been distrusted on several occasions with feral children in restaurants.

phoenixrosehere · 16/01/2024 19:14

BananaSquiggle · 16/01/2024 19:01

Really? Yes, I often find kids very annoying. Mostly in pubs and restaurants, which are places I go to to relax. It’s difficult to relax when anyone is running around or screaming.

For me it’s hard to notice the kids when there are adults talking very loudly for seemingly no reason.

FreeezePeach · 16/01/2024 19:14

There's a thread at the moment where the OP describes her own child as, "running loops around the restaurant cackling at the top of their lungs" 🤷‍♂️

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