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To hate this ad from the Department of education about school attendance?

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KarenNotAKaren · 13/01/2024 15:35

Seriously who is in their marketing department? Aside from the fact I think this child model probably did not have a runny nose this morning, it’s so fucking patronising! A runny nose can be an indicator of a viral infection or bad cold. I hate that parents are treated like they aren’t allowed to be in control of their children or know when a child is ill. And if you are the type to have something like Munchausen’s By Proxy, and persistently keep your kid off for no reason, a patronising Facebook ad is not going to cut the mustard

To hate this ad from the Department of education about school attendance?
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H0n3y0rang3 · 14/01/2024 15:10

There are so many kids struggling with mental health problems, undiagnosed SENs and ND with a broken CAMHs and diagnostics system. I dragged my child into school with zero support and it caused a breakdown ending up with a whole year off school. Belittling the traumas so many families are contending with, made worse by their utter incompetence is just beyond contempt. Nothing this government dues surprises me anymore.

To hate this ad from the Department of education about school attendance?
To hate this ad from the Department of education about school attendance?
To hate this ad from the Department of education about school attendance?
TrashedSofa · 14/01/2024 17:48

Those are very apt.

UndertheCedartree · 14/01/2024 20:03

Alcyoneus · 13/01/2024 23:20

You mean after telling the millions of children whose mental health is forever destroyed and their life chances ruined due to a lack of education.

The Covid bus has left the station. Find your next hysteria.

It's not mutually exclusive is it?

And I hardly think it's hysteria that so many DC are or have been chronically unwell with no support whatsoever.

Naptrappedmummy · 14/01/2024 20:06

Sometimes I think this generation of children need more support than we can offer them even with a healthy budget. These problems seem to be just so rife now.

UndertheCedartree · 14/01/2024 20:06

TrashedSofa · 14/01/2024 08:17

The fact that covid has been harmful to some children is probably one of the things that's led to the levels of parental alienation we're experiencing now. There are parents who feel very angry and mistrustful because they don't think schools are safe for their DC. It's the other side of the coin to parents who are alienated because of the experience of school closures, but the outcome may be the same.

Exactly. You don't have to pretend that DC haven't been seriously unwell with Covid to also acknowledge other effects like on DC's mental health. It affected my DD in both ways as it happens!

coffeepleeease · 21/01/2024 17:13

Pisses me off so much. My daughter is always so poorly even with a common cold and needs at least 2/3 days off, often a week. She gets a high fever, vomiting, the works with it. I feel so pressured to send her into school when she's not very well, but I don't, so I've had phone calls from school asking "is there anything we can do to help with her attendance"...erm no unless you can stop every germ getting into the school so she doesn't catch anything? Every Friday the class with the highest % attendance gets a certificate. We get emailed the attendance of each class every week in the newsletter. Bloody ridiculous. Children can't help being unwell!

TherapistandParent · 21/01/2024 17:18

Apart from being extremely insulting to our intelligence - it’s not logical! School attendance is NOT compulsory (providing an education is - but that can take on many forms). On this basis we can safely assume we actually WANT our children to go to school. Anyone that doesn’t can legally deregister (and this post isn’t intended to explore the practicalities, which I understand very well - just the logic). So in that case why the need for an attendance drive at all? Perhaps the focus (and £15m advertising budget) could be better spent (and I’m saying this with more than a hint of sarcasm).

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