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Millie Mackintosh

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April0o · 09/01/2024 14:17

I saw this posted on Instagram by the reality star/influencer Millie Mackintosh. Is it me or is this an unbelievable thing to post. She has listed her top 5 non-negotiables/priorities. Number 5 being quality time with loved ones. She says this is not a achieveable everyday, but does it at least once a week! She has two young children, I think they are 2 and 3 years old.

This is absolutely crazy to me. Shouldn't a parent spend quality time with their kids every day? I know I certainly try to. Even when I'm working and or extremely busy/tired, I always make sure I am there for bedtime or I'll play with them when I get home or even have a chat whilst preparing dinner etc. ...and thats the bare minimum.

It's really shocked me. I'd love to hear others thoughts. AIBU here in thinking this is unusual and not great parenting?

Millie Mackintosh
OP posts:
Ducksinthebath · 09/01/2024 14:18

Do you know she's actually referring to the children? Do you know what she regards as quality time? Are you always this judgy?

GreyhpundGirl · 09/01/2024 14:19

Depends what you mean by quality time. She might not mean reading a bedtime story but doing activities etc.

Winniespooh · 09/01/2024 14:19

It doesn't say "kids" though, it says "loved ones" - could be parents, siblings, besties....

Quitelikeit · 09/01/2024 14:20

Clearly she is not referring to her children! Fgs

MassageForLife · 09/01/2024 14:20

Is it not more likely she means friends and family that she doesn't live with? It seems unlikely she only spends time with her children once per week...

cbuew9 · 09/01/2024 14:22

She's included her children in her number 1 priority on the list hasn't she? I think 'loved ones' on number 5 refers perhaps to parents, siblings etc.

Flickersy · 09/01/2024 14:23

Ah I'm reminded of Lady Violet. "Yes but it was an hour every day!" 😁

If only...

Konze · 09/01/2024 14:23

Could mean parents or other relatives and quality time might mean something more significant than just chatting over dinner or whatever.

Mrsjayy · 09/01/2024 14:25

I mean I think its quite clear she means extended family and/or friends the other people in her life that she loves ! her children are her no1 it says so on her list.

swimminginthepool · 09/01/2024 14:26

Also some parents work and don't have the chance to spend quality time with their kids everyday. Unless you count shouting at them to brush their teeth!

Toottooot · 09/01/2024 14:27

Far does she state that loved ones means her kids? Most likely extended family, friends etc.

blackpanth · 09/01/2024 14:28

So judgey

EmpressSoleil · 09/01/2024 14:28

Yeah I think you've probably misunderstood it. That said, she uses her kids to earn money, plastering them all over the internet so I think she's unreasonable for that!

megletthesecond · 09/01/2024 14:28

I didn't get an hours quaility time when my dc's were younger. Life was too busy. A 20 min story would be the only chance to stop after work / nursery. Bath and mealtimes weren't exactly quality time, too much messing around.

FuckOffTom · 09/01/2024 14:29

I think you have misread

Tighginn · 09/01/2024 14:29

The lucky women was married professor green.

Wytchy · 09/01/2024 14:30

I'm mot sure she's the most hands on mother in the world but in this context it seems she means 'loved ones' in the wider sense: parents, siblings etc.

TheSnowQueen · 09/01/2024 14:31

She means knobbing innit

Summerdew · 09/01/2024 14:37

TheSnowQueen · 09/01/2024 14:31

She means knobbing innit

😂 I agree!
She travels for work a fair amount, so clearly it won’t be possible for her to spend quality time every day with her kids, it doesn’t mean they are not loved or that they are neglected. She lives near a close family member who I visit a lot, and I often see her with her children, they all clearly adore each other.

Ellie1015 · 09/01/2024 14:39

Either she means winder family/friends.

Or to her quality time means an activity/outing together rather than the daily meals/bedtimes etc that can also be quality time.

Mrsjayy · 09/01/2024 14:40

I mean its all instabollocks isn't it she has to post something inspirational doesn't she ? But I do think she means her extended people.

April0o · 09/01/2024 14:48

The caption I attached is from a video she's posted on instagram. The video shows a clip of each of her 5 priorities. For point 5 'quality time with my loved ones', it's a clip of her with her kids and then husband. So she definitely means her children.

OP posts:
MeinKraft · 09/01/2024 14:50

The term quality time doesn't actually mean anything. You could class half an hour watching TV together as quality time, she maybe doesn't count it as quality time unless they are outside the home doing an activity together.

Summerdew · 09/01/2024 14:51

April0o · 09/01/2024 14:48

The caption I attached is from a video she's posted on instagram. The video shows a clip of each of her 5 priorities. For point 5 'quality time with my loved ones', it's a clip of her with her kids and then husband. So she definitely means her children.

I think this thread is in bad taste. It’s well known Millie struggles with anxiety and it’s a really judgey and unpleasant thread to criticise someone’s parenting like this.

Emmainexile · 09/01/2024 14:52

YABU. Unless you’re super woman most working parents don’t have proper quality time with their kids every day.

I don’t consider ramming a tea down my child’s throat and hurrying a bath before bed time to be quality time, so I would say I’m in the same boat

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