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Is today too early?

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Toomuchstuffeverywhere · 31/12/2023 11:53

To take Christmas trees down?

When do you do yours?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
Riapia · 31/12/2023 13:12

ManateeFair · 31/12/2023 12:16

Nothing is ‘bad luck’. Taking your Christmas tree down will affect your fortunes in no way whatsoever.

I’ll probably take mine down tomorrow as I’m back at work on Tuesday.


Being superstitious is very unlucky.

Rosiesmummy17 · 31/12/2023 13:13

Mine came down on Boxing Day 😆

KatSlatersCoat · 31/12/2023 13:13

The queen used to keep hers up until 6th February which was the day that her father died.

LightSpeeds · 31/12/2023 13:14

Just done mine. It can't be up for the new year here!

Puffalicious · 31/12/2023 13:15

Normandy144 · 31/12/2023 12:14

I take mine down at some point before the 6th Jan as traditionally that's the date they have to be down by. We're still in the 12 days of Christmas so I like to keep them up until at least after new year's day. We don't put ours up until the 2nd weekend in December though so I'm not sick of them to be honest.

Exactly this. We put up 2 weeks before & leave until 12th night as is tradition. I think it's a bit off, OP, calling it weird when traditionally that covers the 12 days of Xmas (& the Magi apparently.arrived on 12th night). We don't go back to school & work until the 8th.

I'd never call it weird when people put theirs up early because that's what they want. You do you,

Agustus · 31/12/2023 13:15

12th night at the earliest, they went up on the 20th of December, three real trees and they're still looking good.

I didn't take the dining room tree down until Candlemass last year, I may do that again. It looks so beautiful in the dreary days of January.

Delphinepony · 31/12/2023 13:17

Agustus · 31/12/2023 13:15

12th night at the earliest, they went up on the 20th of December, three real trees and they're still looking good.

I didn't take the dining room tree down until Candlemass last year, I may do that again. It looks so beautiful in the dreary days of January.

That sounds lovely!

Dynamoat · 31/12/2023 13:21

Our school is back on 2nd and I can't do school run stepping over tree baubles

BrendaMcPherson · 31/12/2023 13:21

When I was teaching, the tree would always come down before I went back to work. Now I'm retired, they stay up until the Epiphany.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo · 31/12/2023 13:25

Not till after new year for us! It's still the festive season until then. I think we'll take down on the 3rd when we start getting ready for going back to work.

Imenti · 31/12/2023 13:29

Toomuchstuffeverywhere · 31/12/2023 12:05

@SquirmOfEels Gosh, would people really keep it up another week? We’re back to work/school Tuesday & Wednesday, seems bit weird to still have decorations etc
I feel a bit sad taking it all down, but also it’s such a mess and stuff just everywhere it’s annoying me now 🙈😂

Exactly what I think. Took mine down today, would normally leave it until tomorrow or day after but as we are all back to work / school / nursery on Tuesday and I may not "feel" like doing it tomorrow 🤣 I did it today. I don't want it up the rest of the week, time to get back to reality.

TiaraBoo · 31/12/2023 13:31

I take mine down on the 6th Jan but I also only put it up just before Christmas this year.

TwilightSkies · 31/12/2023 13:31

I took mine down on Thursday. To me Xmas is over on the 26th.
Most of my neighbours still have theirs up, it just looks weird to me. But I’m clearly the weird one 😂

5foot5 · 31/12/2023 13:32

The Nordmann firs don't look so bad.

@oakleaffy Nordmann here and it still looks great. It's been up since about 7th or 8th December. It will be up until Twelfth Night.

I am not superstitious, I just like to do the full length of Christmas.

My DM used to have a superstition that if you took any greenery inside for Christmas then you couldn't take it out again. No we didn't have a dead forest piled up in the corner. We had an open fire so holly and mistletoe and any other natural decorations we had made, like Yule logs, got put on the fire. The tree was artificial.

S'funny how that superstition was quietly dropped when she moved in to somewhere with no fires and gas central heating😊

5foot5 · 31/12/2023 13:37

Baffledandalarmed · 31/12/2023 12:47

Took mine down yesterday! TBH as soon as Christmas is done I want it gone. I prefer the build up to Christmas rather than Christmas itself as every year it ends up being a bit crap (high expectations and all that). So, I tend to have my tree up from about 15th November - 28/29/30 December.

Do you think that maybe the fact that you have got your decorations up nearly 6 weeks before Christmas might be a bit of a contributory factor in to why you find Christmas itself a bit flat?

BiffandChip1 · 31/12/2023 13:38

Very much down on Boxing Day!

squigglygiggly · 31/12/2023 13:57

Can't stand having the decorations up for NY. New year clean house.

MadCatLady27 · 31/12/2023 13:58

Ours came down Friday as it was the last room I had left to clean, but wanted to have a few days relaxing before I go back to work Tuesday

I find it depressing having it still up when going back to work, same with all the Christmas food (of which I'm down to a few pringles and some meringue balls)

CheeseWisely · 31/12/2023 14:03

Just this minute finished hoovering up the pine needles, DH is en-route to our storage locker with the decorations and I've just lit a nice fresh non-Christmas candle.

BIossomtoes · 31/12/2023 14:04

Next Saturday, 12th night.

SoOutingWhoCares · 31/12/2023 14:09

For me it's too early, personally. Christmas only started on Christmas Day which is a week ago tomorrow and we don't take ours down until Epiphany on 6th January - the star on the top of the tree is there to guide the wise men to the baby Jesus and we're Christian so it would be strange for us to cut one of our major festivals short. We don't start decorating until the second Sunday in Advent so it's not all up for that long really, less than a month and we didn't finish decorating until the 22nd this year.

But that's personal to us and our faith. It's up to you when/if your tree goes up and comes down. If you aren't religious or traditional, you can set your own rules.

BuddyBuddyBumBum · 31/12/2023 14:11

Mine stays up for Hogmanay and NYD family dinner. Everything comes down on the 2nd and I do a big clean


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DappledThings · 31/12/2023 14:13

It's not bad luck to take them down early it's just wrong. And I won't be swayed from that. You can choose to be wrong and the sky won't fall and you're probably in the majority. But it's still only seven swans a-swimming today.

Also this is approximately the twenty billionth thread on this.

eurochick · 31/12/2023 14:20

We usually take ours down around New Year's Day. Ready to make the house look sad and empty for the return to work the following day.

LadyRoughDiamond · 31/12/2023 14:28

We’re away til tomorrow and so took everything down before we left on the 29th. Want to come home to the new season, not Xmas.

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