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Is today too early?

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Toomuchstuffeverywhere · 31/12/2023 11:53

To take Christmas trees down?

When do you do yours?

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TempyBrennan · 31/12/2023 12:55

We take down on 26/27th depending on plans.
its finished, good clean and tidy up instead of trying to fit it around work.

stargirl1701 · 31/12/2023 12:56

Yes. Our tree only went up on Christmas Eve so way too early.

Miyagi99 · 31/12/2023 12:56

I keep my tree and lights up until Candlemas (2nd Feb).

maddiemookins16mum · 31/12/2023 12:57

Ours came down an hour ago. I’ve just hoovered and ‘arranged’ some lovely yellow and white flowers in three vases so the lounge doesn’t look so bare now, I’ve also kept some white lights along two of the shelves for a bit of January sparkle.
The room looks great if I say so myself.

Malarandras · 31/12/2023 12:58

Not all schools go back on Tuesday, it’s a public holiday here. Ours will come down on the third most likely, I find it a bit depressing to take it down before New Year. Each to their own though.

Glittertwins · 31/12/2023 12:59

Ours will come down tomorrow. We're back at work Tuesday and won't have much time during the week to do it. Being collected sometime over the weekend by the local scouts groups

ActDottie · 31/12/2023 12:59

I like mine down in time for new year so everything is clean and clutter free.

We didn’t put ours up this year because we’re expecting a baby and weren’t hosting and it all just felt too much.

ReindeerShelter · 31/12/2023 13:00

Christmas isn’t over yet. It isn’t finished until the twelfth night.

People put them up too early during advent.

GoingDownLikeBHS · 31/12/2023 13:00

I’ve allocated time on 2nd but really don’t like keeping tree up etc just haven’t got time to do it till then. It feels depressing having tree up after 31st December to me.

KatSlatersCoat · 31/12/2023 13:00

I took mine down a couple of days ago. I usually leave it up a little longer but just wanted it gone this year.

OldRanter · 31/12/2023 13:00

Mine came down Boxing day

Tonight1 · 31/12/2023 13:00

We didn't have much up this year, just tinsel and a star flashing light, I'll pack it away today.

Just do what suits you.

Airdustmoon · 31/12/2023 13:01

I’ve just sat down after taking all of ours down and giving the living room a good vacuum! Also changed all the beds as they had Christmas bedding on them. I like to start the New Year with them down. And I’m straight back to work on Tuesday so I’d rather spend tomorrow chilling out. Ours have been up since 2nd December so plenty of time!

oakleaffy · 31/12/2023 13:01

Toomuchstuffeverywhere · 31/12/2023 12:00

Ahh ok so it seems def not too early? Is it bad luck or anything?

I think if luck was that easily influenced, we'd all be winning the lottery !

I do know of the old superstition around greenery being taken down on 6th Jan - and always stuck to that date. {Possibly an old Pagan remnant}

But with the oldskool trees from my childhood, they were always looking very 'sad' by then, almost bereft of needles.

The Nordmann firs don't look so bad.

If you have an artificial tree, I don't think that counts! {the superstition was about 'Greenery'} .

OwlWeiwei · 31/12/2023 13:01

I like to keep it up for NYE and NYD as they are the last official holidays of the season. I don;t like keeping it up until 12th Night as it feels like the energy of the old years is dragging at the New year. From 2nd Jan, I like the house to be all clean and clear and full of white things.

oakleaffy · 31/12/2023 13:04

ReindeerShelter · 31/12/2023 13:00

Christmas isn’t over yet. It isn’t finished until the twelfth night.

People put them up too early during advent.

Christmas trees used to be put up on my childhood a week before Christmas {17th Dec}
But that was likely due to the old style of needles on the tree that dropped after Boxing Day.

The new type of trees that don't ' drop' their needles aren't such an issue, and Mum puts hers up at the beginning of December now.

WorkCleanRepeat · 31/12/2023 13:05

Mine is coming down today. I like it down before New Year's day.

HelpMeGetThrough · 31/12/2023 13:05

Christmas isn’t over yet. It isn’t finished until the twelfth night.

It's over asap here.

anothernamechangeagainsndagain · 31/12/2023 13:05

6th Jan here, 5th is 12th night

LilBooThang · 31/12/2023 13:07

I like to still have my tree up for New Year and therefore always take it down the weekend after. I know this can be a bit late, but it's to do with when we have the time more than anything. We aren't that into Christmas and don't put it up until fairly late!

noname846 · 31/12/2023 13:08

Yes, too early - it's not Twelfth Night yet.

CeeceeBloomingdale · 31/12/2023 13:10

Mine came down today which feels too early but we are going away so I didn't want to come back to it.


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anothernamechangeagainsndagain · 31/12/2023 13:10

I honestly think people put decorations up , and start preparing far too early these days, no wonder you are fed up by Boxing Day!

Mine went up once dd was back from university on 16th December, didn't start Christmas shopping until 10th December. Not fed up here yet consequently

Delphinepony · 31/12/2023 13:10

Bloom15 · 31/12/2023 12:46

Leave ours up until around the 6th of January. I don't want to be thinking of going back to work yet either.

For those who say it needs to come down so everything is fresh and clean for the New Year - why don't think that? My house is clean with the tree

My house is clean too. I think it's just a question of a clutter free clear start that people mean. Well, it's what I mean anyway!

EC22 · 31/12/2023 13:11

I like mine up to bring in new year. I’ll take it down before I go back to worth in the 4th.

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