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11 month old in restaurant

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Anoushkaka · 20/05/2023 14:00

So I know things have changed with parenting since I had my own children, youngest is now 11 but do some parents literally just let their kids to what they want?

Went for a meal yesterday with DH and our children. A couple come in with their baby and get seated near us. Highchair is brought over and they put him in but don't strap him in because he doesnt like to be strapped in, mother said this to waitress. They order food and literally plonk a bowl of mash, veg and gravy on the highchair for baby to eat. He puts his hands straight in and starts feeding himself with his hands, food is going everywhere, patents are looking at him and saying "what a great boy he is".

Baby literally has food everywhere, parents make a half hearted attempt to clean baby which results in an almighty tantrum and him nearly falling out of the highchair because he wasn't strapped in. Dessert comes and the same thing with a bowl of ice cream, its everywhere. They then give him a sippy cup that spills all over him because obviously its not one for his age group.

He screams to get out of highchair, father takes him out and let's him bang cutlery on the table, pull soil from a nearby plant pot and again spill water everywhere. All the parents kept saying to staff was ,"oh sorry, he is just so independent and clever for his age".

I was appalled to be honest. I spoke to my friend who is a childminder and stressed that yes unfortunately a lot of parents are now like this.

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Q2C4 · 26/08/2023 08:06

Anoushkaka · 20/05/2023 14:07

It was hard not to notice. Babies make mess but surely it's lazy parenting to just let an 11 month old feed themselves so you can't enjoy your own meal. I doubt he even got any in his mouth.

The parents are probably doing baby led weaning*. I've also read that strapping a baby into a high chair can be dangerous in a choking situation as it takes longer to fish them out in an emergency.
*Baby led weaning means letting the baby feed themselves from the start rather than spoon feeding purées etc. It allows the baby to be in charge and explore their food, choosing what to pick up and eat. This helps them develop the skills they need to take food into their mouths, move it around and swallow safely.

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