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Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

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Hesma · 19/03/2023 09:22

I’ve had the biggest giggle with my Mum this morning 🤣. I’ve been ill all week with shingles and so can’t visit my Mum this weekend neither of my parents have had chicken pox. So posted card and present, she opened it this morning and I’d sent her a beautiful photo frame but forgot to put the photos of the kids in 🤦‍♀️… crying with laughter down the phone together… best present ever!

My DDs are with dad this weekend and I know I won’t get anything because I was too poorly to take them shopping. However my youngest (who has SEN) made me a card at Cubs… apparently it’s a cow and an elephant 🤣🤣🤣

AIBU to think giggles and memories are more important than stuff! I’ll get a cuddle when my girls get home later… what more could any Mother want?

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts
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Am I being unreasonable?


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Tittyfilarious81 · 19/03/2023 12:19

HereComesMaleficent · 19/03/2023 12:15

Hold my beer. I got this.

So for reference I'm a loan parent but my mum and nan help out. DS aged 8 had about £5 of pocket money, he asked his nannies to take him to the shop to get something for mothers day.

My mother was grinning when he brought the gift bag and card over. I knew something was up.

I had a giant card that had 2 pineapples on it a mummy pineapple and a baby pineapple with Mummy you are so sweet I love you and so forth.

My gift....a 99p pineapple 🤣🤣🤣

Dd's argument to my mother in the shop was, flowers are so expensive they will just die, but a pineapple we can all enjoy. Mummy likes pineapple.

So yes, I have received a 99p pineapple and a card.

I cant stop giggling , he looked so proud of himself and I thanked him with a big hug and kiss.

Now he wants me to cut up the pineapple as he wants to eat it. 🤣

🤣🤣🤣 I love this


LoveQuinnOhDearyMe · 19/03/2023 12:20

Oh I do hope some of you are the parents of my class!

I teach reception - we obviously make a card and a gift as part of the planning (and I watch carefully over it being made 😊😊) but obviously in the spirit of things, once the children realise, they take themselves over to the art corner and make all sorts of wonderful creations for their mums! And of course I give them a hand if needs be 😂😂😂 So I would love to hear if any of you received:

  • a beautifully crafted model of yourself made from a bisto tub, toilet rolls for arms and legs and a paper plate head with various colours of wool stuck on as hair. (It was really adorable)
  • painted rocks. Brought in from the mud garden and decorated.
  • shakers of various sorts filled with rice and pasta. That was a noisy day.
  • Home made perfume. Consisting of the picked flowers from our outside area (your child is a rebel, they aren’t supposed to do that) water and a beautifully painted Evian bottle.
  • A guitar made from a tissue box and elastic bands and wrapped up in tissue paper.
  • A cereal box covered in foam shapes which child proudly said “mummy says special things go 9n the mantle piece so I’ll put it there” ❤️
  • a unicorn horn made from play dough. It looks exactly like what you think it will look like

The thought is there, I absolutely love watching them make these things so proudly, but I also enjoy having a secret giggle with my TA about the reactions when received!

Pubesofsoberness · 19/03/2023 12:21

The 10 year old got me a necklace that he bought at school and we went out this morning to buy a card

12 year old hasn't moved out of his room yet. 28 year old rang this morning, he's popping round later and I haven't heard from the 20 year old who's at uni so he's either forgotten or he's not up yet!


Hesma · 19/03/2023 12:21

@SchoolTripDrama thank you for caring but I’m actually recovering from shingles so the chance to rest is much appreciated and they’ll probably come back early this evening🥰

OP posts:

MsFannySqueers · 19/03/2023 12:21

What a lovely thread OP and I love your card. It’s brought a tear to my eye I miss those days when my DS was a little boy.


Hesma · 19/03/2023 12:26

Thank you everyone… I’ve had so much fun reading these. These memories will last a life time. I just wish MN had a ‘like’ button.

OP posts:

Salamander91 · 19/03/2023 12:26

My son handed me a decorated jar with ten pieces of paper inside of why he loves me. At least 4 of them were food related e.g. I love that you make me dinner 😂 He's a very food orientated child lol


FuckoffeeBeforeCoffee · 19/03/2023 12:28

A few years ago my son made this at nursery.

As he gave it to me he said "it's actually for daddy".

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

EdithGrantham · 19/03/2023 12:29

DH is notoriously bad at reading cards before he buys them and had warned me the card he'd picked out on behalf of our toddler was another "You're like a dad to me" situation (Father's Day card he picked for his actual dad a couple of years ago that I made him return!) but that he'd fixed it. Opened my card this morning and it says "For a special Mummy, from Both of Us", opened it up and it's from DD...and the cat 😂


FruityLittleDrink · 19/03/2023 12:29

I have a card that's written "to my favourite mother" and signed "from your favourite son" by DS3 ... except then my other sons got hold of it and one of them has added an S to make 'favourite sons' and they've written their names underneath which has caused WWIII now their brother has seen it as it looks like he didn't even bother signing it.


Glenthebattleostrich · 19/03/2023 12:30

I work at the school my 12 year old goes to so she got me a new pen so I stop stealing hers when I forget to stick one on my lanyard. I also swear far to much apparently because she also chose sweary Affirmations because of the first one below...

I'm now being taken to DDs favourite restaurant (luckily its meat and salad not McDonald's) having been fed half cooked eggs for breakfast.

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

Peridot1 · 19/03/2023 12:30

Loving this thread. Some of them are so funny and sweet.

My DS grunted at me. But also got me a bottle of Baileys and some Lindor chocolates. He even took them out of the Tesco bag. No card as he doesn’t do cards. He’s 21 now but I’ve still got some of the funny home made things he’s made over the years.


LoveQuinnOhDearyMe · 19/03/2023 12:30

I’ve actually laughed out loud at this thread!


jellycakeandicecream · 19/03/2023 12:31

Ichosetheredpill · 19/03/2023 11:17

DS (5) woke me up this morning with a pound coin from his money box. He’s saving for Lego and counts it every day so it’s a big thing ❤️ Obviously I’ve tucked it quietly back into his money box 😉

This is lovely. You’re obviously raising a great little gentleman.


WhyMeLord · 19/03/2023 12:35

DD aged 4, spent quite some time this morning making me a throne and a red carpet out of tea towels and a dining chair. There’s some toys to cuddle whilst I’m sitting on it and nobody is allowed to sit on it except me (and granny when she gets here).


Sosbanfachtheresatellyinmybath · 19/03/2023 12:36

No hilarious gifts but I had a lovely surprise when peeling my carrots for dinner 🤣

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

Largeflaskoftea · 19/03/2023 12:37

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow · 19/03/2023 11:54

Told this before. My dh was working on M D and I was at home with my 10 yo, 8 yo twins and my 1 yo.Unbeknownst to me, DH gave them a fiver (20 odd yrs ago) to get me something. (Small, safe market town, so ok to go to shop). Proudly they came home and presented me with a Crunchie. DH came in and asked what they gave me. He went up stairs to find them divvying out almost 5 quids worth of woolies’s finest sweets. Still laugh about it.

This is so funny!


TheSingingBean · 19/03/2023 12:37

Fabulous thread, I’ve got a chest infection and ‘Happy Moths Day’ made me laugh so much I couldn’t breathe.

We don’t do gifts but I was happy with this

Hilarious Mother’s Days gifts

Latenightreader · 19/03/2023 12:39

My 4YO decorated a mug for me (one of those with paper inserts). Thankfully she explained that it was a train with a special dotty pattern around it rather than a caterpillar in a pond which was my guess... She also bought me a paint-your-own biscuit from the bakers (it comes with food colouring to paint and she used lots of red). She then spent the next 10 minutes smiling at the biscuit until I suggested we share it! She was so proud of her presents.


tealandteal · 19/03/2023 12:39

DS2 made a lovely card at toddler group with DH. DS1 made a lovely card at school and another card with ‘Happy Sluggers Day’ written on it, and a long explanation about slugs and the allotment we are on a waiting list for.


honeylulu · 19/03/2023 12:41

I love these! I'm ashamed to say I cackled at I'm sorry for your loss Oops! I can see exactly why a small child would think a cute bunny card just right though!


Rocketpants50 · 19/03/2023 12:44

I have spent all week making mothers day gifts with the children I work with, even bringing some home to dry on the heated airer. There were even some left over mothers day card examples left on the side in my kitchen. My 3 children all forgot! Their punishment the longest muddiest walk I could find with the dog which they are now washing in the shower, emptying the dishwasher, hoovering, whilst I sit with my cup of tea wondering how many more chores I can give much better than a card!


MargaretThursday · 19/03/2023 12:45

We don't generally do much for mother's day since they came out of the doing cards at school/brownies/everywhere else phase.
Dh is away, and I've got to take dd2 to a music exam, dd1 and ds have work type things they can't avoid so I told them all I'm claiming another weekend to be lazy in.
To my surprise I came back from church to find dd2 had been up to the shops and bought me a bunch of flowers!


mimi14 · 19/03/2023 12:50

A couple of years ago, DD wrote in my card "to the best mum in the wild!" 😍🤣


UnaLength · 19/03/2023 12:56

This is the first year DS age 15 has independently bought a card and gift. I got flowers which is good but his card cracked me up - it read 'congratulations Mum, you may have failed miserably with my sister but you got it spot on with me'.

His sister is 19 and she bought me a lovely gift of a candle and my favourite chocolates.Smile

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