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AIBU to think that people who put Christmas decorations up super early are just attention seekers?

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HahBumhug · 11/11/2022 14:58

My neighbour has had her house decorated fully for Christmas now for almost two weeks- they started going up on Oct 31st. Fully lit tree in the window, outdoor lights, Christmas wreath on the door- the works.

She’s done this since she moved next door to me five years ago and I assume she did it before that too.

Since I’ve known her, she’s also posted on Insta and her WhatsApp status each year on either Christmas Day or the 26th to show her decorations coming down and a general “I can’t spend another minute looking at them” message.

If she put them up at Christmas and not at Halloween, she wouldn’t be looking at them for all that long.

She’s one of these “I’m daft me” types.

I know there are some exceptions where decorations are put up for different reasons like someone with a terminal illness, a family celebrating early before someone emigrates etc. but those are rare so I’m not factoring then into my thoughts around this.

Am I being unreasonable for thinking that someone who put Christmas decorations up at the end of Oct/early Nov is attention-seeking?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Iamclearlyamug · 11/11/2022 15:00

I agree, but I'm a scrooge who thinks the C word should be banned until December 1st and wouldn't have a tree at all unless DD and OH put it up and down each year 🤷‍♀️

BrandNewBicep · 11/11/2022 15:10

I agree with you, its ridiculous and tacky. However, lots of people love it and I suppose it doesn't do any harm. But I do judge.

Fairislefandango · 11/11/2022 15:20

I don't think they are attention seekers. I think they are more likely often a bit self-indulgent and incapable of delayed gratification Grin.

Other people can put their decorations up in August if they want! No skin off my nose. I'd hate to have mine up early, because I love Christmas but dragging it out for 2 months makes it less special. I'd be bored with it long before the actual day!

EmeraldShamrock1 · 11/11/2022 15:21

Oh of course, what other reasons could there possibly be. 🙄

User2145738790 · 11/11/2022 15:25

If she didn't put her decorations up early what would you find to be a snob about?

monsteronahill · 11/11/2022 15:25

I'm not seeking attention by putting my decorations up early - it takes me ages, I bloody love them and I enjoy my home being festive. I couldn't care less if people see them / make judgements etc.

CryCeratops · 11/11/2022 15:28

Some people just really, really love Christmas

Tothemoonandbackx · 11/11/2022 15:29

@Fairislefandango funnily enough, that's pretty much spot on to what one of the panellists said on Jeremy Vine this morning, about being self indulgent and incapable of delayed gratification. I LOVE Christmas, but everything goes up over the first weekend in December. Means I don't have to spend months on end cleaning round all the dec's I've got and hoovering up the fake snow from the tree.....(whhhhhyyyy did I think it was a good idea to get one of those 😖😂)

womanofthemoon · 11/11/2022 15:30

My mum puts hers up in mid November, she just loves Christmas and likes to put the decorations up around her birthday. Definitely not an attention seeker

mamabear715 · 11/11/2022 15:31

My DD really really loves Christmas! She's ND & crazy about it. Our tree is going up on the 15th! :-) Not as bad as one year when I'd ordered a new tree & it never got put in the loft, just sat in the sitting room until we trimmed it up - from Halloween!

woodhill · 11/11/2022 15:32

It is a bit much especially when there may be energy rationing etc

ghostyslovesheets · 11/11/2022 15:33

I think some people just like the cheer during these dark nights, so it doesn't bother me

I am a bit sniffy about people who rip it all down on Boxing Day though - no idea why it just irks me!

Pleaseaddcaffine · 11/11/2022 15:35

Wow judgy much? Mine are up as ive had a twrrible month or so and finally got good news, dc wanted a particular tree and i thoight sod it and we had a lovely day doing it togwther. Hes soo happy and im happier.
It dosnt impact ypu in any way at all if anyone has decorations up or not, so smile and ignore!

glasshole · 11/11/2022 15:44

I'm bipolar and have seasonal affective disorder. Winter is HARD for me. I tend to start putting up my deccys and tree around the 22nd-26th. I love it, the twinkly lights and tinsel and cheesy Christmas movies really help to lift my mood. I don't care if you think I'm attention seeking, it works for me.

I think that people that judge others are really quite sad in their own lives and id even suggest they are a little jealous about other peoples ability to buck the social rules that they themselves feel obliged to follow.

toastedcat · 11/11/2022 15:48

She seems like the type to get up at 5am and judge anyone who gets up at 7 as being lazy.

ToWhitToWhoo · 11/11/2022 15:52

It annoys me a bit when I notice it; but I don't think it's necessarily attention seeking. Some people just have a desire to do Christmas for all it's worth, while others (me) are a bit more minimalist.

There is a tendency on MN for people to assume that anything that annoys them is done deliberately to show off or seek attention. While it can be the case, especially when people plaster things all over social media, I think it's far less common than the opposite: people being excessively unaware of the effect that their behaviour may have on others, or just not particularly caring about it.

But I'll admit that my personal reaction to Christmas in November is 'bah humbug!'

Lampedsomeoiks · 11/11/2022 15:53

Back in May I was cleaning my car. And what should ring out across the land?

Why it was Jona Lewie's Stop the Calvalry. Unless it was played as solidarity of an anti-war movement.

Thepeopleversuswork · 11/11/2022 15:53

AIBU to think some people are waiting for an excuse to pounce on people and judge them for something utterly trivial and inconsequential?

Who cares why she put them up and how on earth does it affect you? Live and let live.

Stickstickstickstickstick · 11/11/2022 15:54

My mum put them up in October the year my grandad died. They always went up early from then on to cheer her up. I’m not quite as early as she was, but I like the challenge of putting up one or two decs which aren’t obviously FESTIVE and seeing how long I can get away with it before my husband notices 😂 Christmas arrives on Dec 1st and leaves the day before back to school in this house.

x2boys · 11/11/2022 15:54

ghostyslovesheets · 11/11/2022 15:33

I think some people just like the cheer during these dark nights, so it doesn't bother me

I am a bit sniffy about people who rip it all down on Boxing Day though - no idea why it just irks me!

Yeah me too ,but they also tend to put them up early and then declare xmas over on boxing day ,each to their own i guess 🤷‍♀️

StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 11/11/2022 15:55

According to scientists those attention seekers are happier than average, so she might be onto something.

Fluffygreenslippers · 11/11/2022 15:55

I hate the christmification of November. November is low autumn sun, blazing trees, bonfires and dark, long evenings. All the holly jolly winter wonderland shite can stay in December where it belongs.


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xogossipgirlxo · 11/11/2022 15:57

Oh, I thought those people are working class, not attention seeking? 😂

Maybe she likes countdown to Christmas and then it all gets bit blah? I'm the same. I love waiting for Christmas, but Christmas itself is bland.

x2boys · 11/11/2022 15:57

I have a november birthday ,its next week so i cant even contemplate xmas untill after it.

QueenieL1 · 11/11/2022 15:59

I love Christmas but it is those special few days of Christmas Eve through to New Year when everything just seems to stop. I love having my decorations up until Twelfth Night, I don't understand how anyone can take them down on Boxing Day.

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