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Would you prefer to retire to the countryside or city centre?

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Faciadipasta · 15/10/2022 16:02

Inspired by another thread on here I'm just curious to see people's thoughts. I'm not due to retire for another 20 years or so but really hadn't considered doing so in the centre of London (or maybe another big city) but now after the other thread I'm thinking what a bloody brilliant idea!
I'd always just thought people tend to retire to the seaside or countryside before. So what do others think? City or countryside? And why?

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DisforDarkChocolate · 15/10/2022 16:59

City centre but probably a market town would be better. I need to walk to stuff to do/shop/see/depart from.

Escape to the County seems to be full of bloody annoying men who can't stand to have neighbours anymore. I'm surprised there hasn't been a follow up. I Escaped to the County and now I'm using it a defence in a murder trail because I killed my husband.

DisforDarkChocolate · 15/10/2022 17:01

Northumberlandlass · 15/10/2022 16:42

There loads of options in the middle of city or countryside! I live in a lovely market town - it has lots of shops, a indie cinema, theatre & nice restaurants. It’s got good transport links to a nearby city if needed.

There are not just cities or houses miles from anywhere 😂

I think we may live in the same place. Are you missing cinnamon buns?

Youdoyoutoday · 15/10/2022 17:02

By the sea!

I live in SE London now but I'd love a place that looks out over the sea, every day looking at the sea! I dont think I'd ever bore of a view of the sea!

ghostyslovesheets · 15/10/2022 17:03

neither - I plan to retire back to my hometown - costal town a bus ride from a big city, with lots going on, good pubs, arts and a beach.

My mum moved back when she retired - she's 76 and still has a very active social life and lots of free stuff to do.

Her house is fully booked up for Eurovision! (as a clue!)

Theroad · 15/10/2022 17:04

City centre without a doubt. I live in the sticks and dream of moving back to a city/large town. It's so bloody inconvenient and when my DCs were tiny it was incredibly isolating. I detest country living now. It's pretty for sure and I have a house/view that people swoon over - but Christ I'm much more at home in a box in an ugly concrete jungle!

MeanderingGently · 15/10/2022 17:05 remote as possible.
In fact, where I am now is fine, I intend to stay here, and I shall even give up the car when I retire (only a couple of years away).

I love the peace and quiet, the lovely country lanes, I shall do a lot of walking. There's a little 'bus that goes to the market town (for Tesco) once a week....and if I get infirm, there's always home delivery. There's a village nearby with a nice church community, that gives me plenty to do. The village has a GP surgery for healthcare and as it's rural, they dispense all medications at the surgery itself, no problems that I can see....

LadyVictoriaSponge · 15/10/2022 17:06

In my thirties and forties I always dreamt of moving to a rural country cottage and wistfully watched Escape the Country planning my retirement. Now in my fifties and retirement not too far away I have completely changed my mind, now I want to be in walking distance of amenities, leisure, entertainment healthcare and good transport links, I want to have the buzz of life around me particularly if I am widowed, the thought of being an old age pensioner in a rural area all alone now fills me with dread.

Mellowday · 15/10/2022 17:07

We live in country post city life.. it is not a quiet life at all!.
Been in pub since lunch this aft and there are 3 exellent band s on locallu this eve . Just home for post pub , pre g o out nap .

WizardOfUK · 15/10/2022 17:08

Countryside. I live within walking distance of a village which has a doctors, shop, pub, village hall and community centre. I have 2 neighbours who are a distance away and I love it. Wouldn't go back to a city if you paid me.

queenofthewild · 15/10/2022 17:08

A seaside town.

I adore the countryside, but getting older usually coincides with decreased mobility. I'd hate to be in the middle of nowhere struggling to get to medical appointments on public transport.

Kite22 · 15/10/2022 17:13

City, without a doubt. Although a suburb not the City Centre for me.

I want easy access to hospitals, Drs, Dentists, chiropodists and whoever else I might need.
I want theatres and sports stadia, including a choice of local events by amateur groups and team.
I want transport on tap - I want to be able to use my bus pass when I eventually get it, get on the trains and the tram, and have a plethora of different taxi companies competing with each other for my business. Plus, of course, being 'en-route' between friends homes and wherever we are going.
I want to be able to walk to the park, the library, the local High Street, a choice of cafes and pubs.
I want to be able to have takeaways delivered, or have a choice of takeaways I can call in at.
I want dozens of things I can do / join in with in my retirement.

QuebecBagnet · 15/10/2022 17:14

I’ve lived in the same village all my life, can’t see me leaving. We have regular buses, gp. I’m

Sellorkeep · 15/10/2022 17:14

Countryside for me, every year that passes my life gets more rural :-)

BiscuitLover3678 · 15/10/2022 17:16

The problem with city centre is you may be more likely to be in a flat which can be isolating if you end up with mobility problems (very common). I’d pick a halfway point. Somewhere quiet and feels safe. Nice country side nearby but you can walk to shops and have a strong sense of community.

OriginalUsername3 · 15/10/2022 17:18

Somewhere very green with lots of big trees. But not miles away from shops.

Lilyhatesjaz · 15/10/2022 17:25

I have plans to move to a medium sized town near the sea

TimBoothseyes · 15/10/2022 17:28

Not necessarily a city centre, but somewhere with good public transport, nearby shops, bars and restaurants, cafes. I live in the countryside and there is no public transport or any other of those things. It'd frustrating enough when you can drive, it must be awful for those that can't.

Cotswoldmama · 15/10/2022 17:30

I love where I live now it's a fairly big town but surrounded by countryside. I feel like it's the best of both. I think if I lived in a city near a big park I'd enjoy city life but I definitely couldn't live rurally.

Watchthesunrise · 15/10/2022 17:33

Tropical island with a good pharmaceutical supply 🌸

Watchthesunrise · 15/10/2022 17:33

Never rural, how boring.

Eeksteek · 15/10/2022 17:34

The county if I have to choose. Ideally I’d like a city flat and a country house, but that’s a delusion of grandeur I am unlikely to be able to afford! London is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t like to live there. Especially in summer.

Tomorrowisalatterday · 15/10/2022 17:34

City centre 100%

I am a city person anyway but transport would be the big thing - I don't like driving anyway, I can't see myself wanting to drive everywhere in my 70s/80s.

But also services of all descriptions - we lived in our house while it was being renovated and because we live in London all kinds of things where available, from laundry pick up and drop off when we were without a washing machine to several meal delivery services and takeaway options when we didn't have a kitchen. All of those things would be incredibly useful to elderly people too.

And entertainment of all sorts obviously - we genuinely enjoy the theatre a lot, pre kids we went 20 + times a year, would love to get back to that in retirement.


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fizzyfood · 15/10/2022 17:42

City. The thought of being far from amenities when I'm old and probably not driving scares me. My partner would love to retire to the Lake District, my worst nightmare!

Malfi · 15/10/2022 17:42

City. No question.

Northumberlandlass · 15/10/2022 17:43

Yes @DisforDarkChocolate !!! Although I’m hoping they’ll do the mincey ones again in Dec!

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