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To sell childs figurines

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thinkingalways · 11/10/2022 15:17

Since our eldest was born a family member has given them Disney ceramic figurines for christmas/birthdays. We've now amounted quite a collection, all of which are stored in their boxes in the top of DC's wardrobe. They are decoration pieces and not toys, and we don't have anywhere to display them so feels a waste. Is it terribly ungrateful if I sell them on and buy DC something they'd like with the proceeds? I'm not a collector and I guess they've been given to be sentimental but seem a bit pointless to my minimalist self. I hate clutter so this may be clouding my judgement and deeming me incredibly unreasonable!

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Am I being unreasonable?

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girlmom21 · 11/10/2022 15:22

It doesn't matter whether you're a collector. They're not your gifts. How old is the child?

Iwantmyoldnameback · 11/10/2022 15:22

They will increase in value and your child should be the one to decide when she's older.

Chikapu · 11/10/2022 15:24

Does your child want to sell them? They don't belong to you so don't make the decision without asking them first.

MrsBennetsPoorNerves · 11/10/2022 15:25

No, I don't think you should sell. If your child decides to sell when she's older, that's a different thing.

AlwaysFoldingWashing · 11/10/2022 15:26

I think it depends on the age of the child. If they're old enough then they can decide what they want to do but if they're too young to decide, I personally think this as fine if they're just being stored away anyway... you may as well get something your child will get use out of?

catandcoffee · 11/10/2022 15:26

Nope... you've got to keep them.
They could be worth a small fortune in time.
Let your child decide when they're older.

Kanaloa · 11/10/2022 15:26

I’m not sure. I’d speak to your child about whether they like the figurines then it depends on who the relative is and what your relationship with them is like. They might feel this is their special thing with the child.

hesbeingabitofadick · 11/10/2022 15:27

They're probably mass produced and worth very little, tbh.
Box them up and chuck them in the loft to give you more storage space.

BTW, does the person buying them know that they've never been out of their boxes?

Adultchildofelderlyparents · 11/10/2022 15:29

They aren't your's, it's not your decision to make. Your child might grow up to treasure them!

goldfinchonthelawn · 11/10/2022 15:29

Check their resale value on Ebay then ask DC if they want to sell and if they do, tell them how much roughly they might make (decdict P&P, any fees and do a conservative estimate so they are not disappointed)

PeekabooAtTheZoo · 11/10/2022 15:31

No I would sell them while there’s still people alive who think things like this will be ‘worth something one day’ because everyone is getting older and the bubble will burst soon when it all hits the secondhand market from probate house clearances. Don’t believe me? Most collectibles are mass produced and lots of people have them in boxes. Take a look at the price of Wedgewood or other ‘collectible’ pottery on Ebay. Not what deluded ‘buy it now’ sellers want, but the actual prices of items that have sold. Compare to purchase price. Ditch it while it’s sellable.

thinkingalways · 11/10/2022 15:35

Child is KS1. They are mass produced and I doubt will go up in value in years to come. Think H Samuel. I just guessed £10 each would add up given we have about 13. The person doesn't know, but I don't really know what we're expected to do with them other than store them. I just think they're there doing nothing and we're moving next year so i'm trying to reduce clutter in general prior to that.

But no they aren't mine so will keep them.

OP posts:
Johnnysgirl · 11/10/2022 15:40

The person doesn't know, but I don't really know what we're expected to do with them other than store them
Well, most people would have put them on a shelf Confused. Is there any reason they can't be displayed in the child's room?

Lesserspotteddogfish · 11/10/2022 15:46

These answers are strange. If the child doesn’t use or want them any more I don’t see why you shouldn’t sell them, with their agreement, and buy something they do want. People do that all the time with old toys.

DPotter · 11/10/2022 15:46

I think you need to approach the gift giver and ask them to change their go-to gift. For example, you could ask for a contribution towards music / drama lessons, football club fees, explaining you don't have room for the figurines but your child would love to try ballet / football / rockclimbing whatever.

I would much prefer to give a gift that the receiver enjoys than it kept in a box, gathering dust on top of a wardrobe

thinkingalways · 11/10/2022 15:53

Johnnysgirl · 11/10/2022 15:40

The person doesn't know, but I don't really know what we're expected to do with them other than store them
Well, most people would have put them on a shelf Confused. Is there any reason they can't be displayed in the child's room?

We haven't got any shelves in their room to put them on. And now have so many it'll just be one big dust gathering shrine.

Maybe I missed the boat. As a baby they felt too grown up so we put them away and now as a young child they are all about mermaids and unicorns and have no interest in them.

OP posts:
TheLightSideOfTheMoon · 11/10/2022 15:55

I personally wouldn’t hoard mass produced figurines which are just gathering dust in boxes.

If it was handmade then I’d see the point. Otherwise no.

MRSE20 · 11/10/2022 15:56

I understand they are probably just clutter but your child is still only ks1 and my mum sold some collectibles I was given when I was younger to a family friend and it annoyed me she didn’t let me make my own choice when I was in my early teens as I would of kept them

reading your post makes me think about it again so would say no don’t sell yet

Buggsilla · 11/10/2022 15:59

I had a similar issue with over-size giant teddies in a tiny bedroom.. We kept them for a year or 3 & then got rid.

JustMaggie · 11/10/2022 16:02

I would sell them and buy my kid something else that they'd prefer. If they're just sitting there gathering dust then what's the point? Surely if your DC actually wanted to play with them or had the slightest interest in them they'd have gotten them down from the shelf by now.

Londono · 11/10/2022 16:02

Just get rid of them and find a way to tell the giver not to give them anymore 😬

Londono · 11/10/2022 16:02

Also, now is the perfect time to sell items on FB marketplace or similar as Christmas is coming.

Cw112 · 11/10/2022 16:04

I don't think it's unreasonable but I do think you should involve your child in the process and check they want to sell them.

mondaytosunday · 11/10/2022 16:21

My son had a collection of those pop vinyl figures (mass produced). We eventually sold them on eBay, most for almost double their original cost. He wishes he kept some of them now.

Summerfun54321 · 11/10/2022 16:21

Just googled them and they look horrendous. There’s no way I’d want those on a shelf in my house. Sell them on and find a way to tell your relative you don’t want any more.

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