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To be so fed up of working full time and having so little disposable income?

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Coattailsfails · 10/10/2022 08:14

I know I’m not the only one in this position.

Single full time working mum to two primary aged children. I never stop. I’m exhausted all the time. Annual salary before deductions is just under £27k.
Ive now got £20 left for the next 8 days. We had a couple of unexpected expenses and it’s impossible for me to build up much of a buffer.
We have enough food, although may need milk and bread.
Ive probably got enough petrol if we are careful and walk as much as possible but I have to drive for my job. I can claim some back but it’s only monthly so I have the initial outlay and then have to wait for it to come back (as is the norm, I know but I could really do with it a bit earlier this month, it’ll be about £80).
We aren’t extravagant. But there’s just no let up to it, is there? I can’t think it’ll be better next month because it probably won’t! And dc1 needs school shoes 😩

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Zippedydoo123 · 28/05/2023 09:17

brookln · 13/10/2022 04:24

I really think people should start having one child max. I can afford 3 now but I don't know what the future holds so I'm stopping at one.
This won't help the OP but this is a bigger picture...
I view two kids as a huge luxury whereas a lot of people see it as the 'norm'. It shouldn't be. It's freaking expensive to raise two children.

Yes too true. Luckily I stopped at one and he is now 18.

DisquietintheRanks · 28/05/2023 09:24

Popgoestheweaselagain · 13/10/2022 13:49

I agree with other posters. There's something wrong when a working family can't afford more than one or two children. Family planning was brought in so that women weren't having a child every year. I don't think the intention was ever that people would feel like it was a massive luxury to have two! When I was growing up 3 was very common. We had good schools, good local libraries, affordable housing, generous child benefit, community schemes making music and drama lessons affordable.

If only the super-rich can reproduce themselves, then what is society for? What's the point in any of it? Who are we going to hand it on to?

Since when is one or two children not a family? I have no interest in paying higher taxes to subsidise people who can't afford it having lots of children. Or is this going to be so me sort of universal benefit that we all get?

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