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Dh told be to turn hairdryer off now

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Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 18:54

So, husband away all week with work. I'm home, 3 kids and dogs, work PT
with a lifelong disease, he gets home I was sounding off explaining my feelings and frustrations. He tells me can I now turn the hairdryer off. Meaning me, my voice, droning on. I've shut up, feelings hurt. Unheard and under appreciated.

OP posts:
Ilikewinter · 07/10/2022 18:56


Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 18:57

Yea.. wow

OP posts:
IncompleteSenten · 07/10/2022 18:57

I'm sorry.
That's really shit of him.

Now you know what to say next time he wants to share his feelings with you.

Chubbymcfatfuck · 07/10/2022 18:57

I'd be giving him full blast of the hairdryer

ParentallyUnprepared · 07/10/2022 18:57

I thought this was going to be about energy costs.

girlmom21 · 07/10/2022 18:58

So he got home from work and you started having a go?

RIPQueen · 07/10/2022 18:58

Ffs what’s with all this posts about fairly trivial domestic arguments

no it’s not particularly nice. Is it worth a MN post?

there have been so many of these recently

CheezePleeze · 07/10/2022 18:59

That's a very rude thing for him to say.

Had he been home from work long though?

I'm not excusing him at all but my husband has sounded off at me before, the minute I've got in from work and to my shame I told him to fuck off.

HappyHamsters · 07/10/2022 18:59

Were you arguing as soon as he got home.

MissAmbrosia · 07/10/2022 18:59

I think we need more context. Had he just come in the door after a long drive for example? Whilst your feelings are totally valid, it might not have been the best time to start such a conversation.

IncompleteSenten · 07/10/2022 19:00

Yes it's worth a Mumsnet post. What do people think this is? NATO? The UN? The Nobel prize committee?

It's a poxy chat room and the perfect place for everyday gripes and a bit of sympathy.

Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 19:02

RIPQueen don't respond if you don't appreciate my feelings. I felt it was worthy of some support.

OP posts:
Youdoyoutoday · 07/10/2022 19:02

Yeah that's crap but if he'd just walked through the door, yabu.
If it was much later, kids in bed, sitting down, relaxing etc then he is most definitely a massive dick!

RIPQueen · 07/10/2022 19:03

This reply has been deleted

Not in the spirit

Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 19:04

Girlmum21 nowhere did I state I had a go! I said I was talking about my frustrations, with regards to our children and me trying to work and be at every event they needed me to be present at. I am one woman with one pair of hands.

OP posts:
Ithoughtthiswastherehearsal · 07/10/2022 19:04

RIPQueen · 07/10/2022 18:58

Ffs what’s with all this posts about fairly trivial domestic arguments

no it’s not particularly nice. Is it worth a MN post?

there have been so many of these recently


Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 19:05

No been home 6 hours, I'm the time I'd collected the youngest, prepped and cooked tea. Loaded the washer, fed the dogs, showered etc.

OP posts:
Cakecakecheese · 07/10/2022 19:06

It's not particularly unreasonable to not want to hear a rant if you've just got through the door but he should have told you that in a more polite manner.

Oh and post whatever the hell you want! People don't have to read and respond if they don't want to.

IncompleteSenten · 07/10/2022 19:06

This reply has been deleted

Not in the spirit

All sound fine to me. Kind of what a chatroom is for. Chatting.

GloriousGlory · 07/10/2022 19:06

Is he a Man U fan?

Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 19:08

Cakecakecheese, I'm not sweating the imbociles with regards to my post. I'm bigger fish to fry and thank you.

OP posts:
Cakecakecheese · 07/10/2022 19:08

Oh cross posted yeah it's not lie you pounced on him the second he got in and surely you should be allowed to offload to your partner I bet you'd listen to him without being mean.

Mumof3lads · 07/10/2022 19:09

Gloriousglory this made me chuckle, nope. Hates football. Just selfish.

OP posts:
QuitWhileAhead · 07/10/2022 19:10

That wasn't a nice thing for him to say but if you started as soon as he got in I can understand him getting frustrated. He was probably looking forward to getting home, seeing the kids and relaxing.
You've obviously had an awful lot on your plate but he's also been away from home working all week.
You BOTH need to be nicer to one another and be more mature about how you interact. It's unfair on you both to act like that when you've got kids.
Can you sit down with him and try and come to some understanding.

girlmom21 · 07/10/2022 19:10

Ok so what were you "sounding off" about. Where I'm from that means you're being a bit of a gobshite.

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