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To think getting any job is really tough?

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Bluey124 · 06/10/2022 22:21

Even just getting through the initial process of applying. It's never just applying quickly. It's often a long application form often followed by another test such as numeracy or literacy. It's a wonder anyone gets employed at all.
Years ago it used to be much easier. I got jobs in my teens and twenties just by filling out a short paper application form, now, it's a different story....

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Angelinflipflops · 11/10/2022 12:47

It depends what work you do surely? I don't fill out forms

ExpectMore · 11/10/2022 22:50

SarahAndQuack · 11/10/2022 12:44

Why on earth quote me then? Weird.

Ever come across the concept of someone agreeing with you...? Not as weird a concept as it might seem....

SarahAndQuack · 12/10/2022 09:30

ExpectMore · 11/10/2022 22:50

Ever come across the concept of someone agreeing with you...? Not as weird a concept as it might seem....

Blimey, I think you need some practice 'agreeing' if that's how you generally do it!

Allthecoloursoftherainbow · 12/10/2022 10:55

I've always said applying for jobs is a full time job. I know the type you mean. Update your CV then basically type the same information all over again in a different form, then cover letter. Then if you're successful, aptitude tests and often a presentation to prepare! For that reason I hopefully won't be switching jobs for a while!!

CornishGem1975 · 12/10/2022 11:11

I found a new job this year. I applied for about 5 at the time. Got interviews at 2, the others never even acknowledged which I think so so rude.

The job I am doing now had three interviews and a presentation. It felt like a lot but with hindsight it really gave me the opportunity to make sure that the company was right for me too.

ExpectMore · 12/10/2022 18:05

Howmanysleepsnow · 06/10/2022 23:07

What type of jobs are you applying for? I’m struggling to fill jobs at work, and am basically at the point of offering interviews to anyone expressing interest!

The trick is to develop enough skills and gain sufficient experience such that recruiters and headhunters come to you rather than you having to fill in job applications. Much more efficient (and higher chance of success)

SirBlobby · 12/10/2022 18:28

I've just found a new job. Better pay in time for Xmas , worse Mat leave and worse sick pay though 🧐 so there are big trade offs.

I applied for about 8, got interviews to most (some I didn't attend as I changed my mind), turned down 2 offers and accepted the 3rd one I got.

However, it's hard work as applications are insanely long - approx 2000 words all in all and 20-30 pages! Madness and crazy formatting

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