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To ask -do you lie on your CV

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FirestarterJackie · 30/09/2022 23:10

Well do you?

I do. Yeah I move a few jobs around, fill in some gaps nothing major

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RampantIvy · 30/09/2022 23:12

No. I have no need to.

HelloDoggy · 30/09/2022 23:13

Wow! No. Why would you?

I took on a locum once who had lied on her CV. It was obvious she couldn't do basic things that with her apparent level.of qualification she should easily have managed. It meant referring he to the governing body. It was awful for her. Difficult for me (as we had to take her through disciplinary, re-advertise the post and get a new locum etc..)and dangerous for the clients.

Just why? Why would you do this?

Have you no ethics?

gwenneh · 30/09/2022 23:15

Of course not! For one thing, most of my employers in the past decade have done their due diligence so any discrepancies would be picked up on before the offer is final, and it would be grounds for immediate dismissal if it were discovered retroactively.

Plus I have no need to, so there's no reason to risk it.

Canihaveacoffeepleasexx · 30/09/2022 23:16

Yep I have lied for years on mine and it landed me some incredible opportunities

Stichintime · 30/09/2022 23:17

No, but have bigged up other stuff, like studying and having children to explain any gaps!

TinySaltLick · 30/09/2022 23:17

You need to be able to robustly defend any aspect of your cv and assume it will come under scrutiny. However yes I imagine a small about of finessing is not atypical

TimeFlysWhenYoureHavingRum · 30/09/2022 23:17

No. If its "nothing major" there should be no need - if you are the right candidate you'll get the job. If its big stuff you are making a rod for your own back by taking on a job you may not be capable of doing and no good can come of it.

HelloDoggy · 30/09/2022 23:17

Did you not feel.bad?.Someone else who hasn't lied has missed out on those opportunities.

Karma has a way of catching up

TinySaltLick · 30/09/2022 23:18

You need to be able to robustly defend any aspect of your cv and assume it will come under scrutiny. However yes I imagine a small about of finessing is not atypical

SliceOfCakeCupOfTea · 30/09/2022 23:21

Yup! Don't lie about things you cant follow through on though

squealornosqueal · 30/09/2022 23:21

@RampantIvy same! I don’t lie on my CV, OP. I just don’t think it’s worth it

DramaAlpaca · 30/09/2022 23:22

No. I've never felt the need.

Xenia · 30/09/2022 23:22

No never. You can lose a career over it.

SausageinaBun · 30/09/2022 23:26

I don't need to, but also integrity is an essential part of my role. So I'd certainly be fired if caught and potentially also be disbarred from my profession. That's probably true in some way for most roles and at all levels. I'm struggling to think of a job that doesn't require integrity.

Hooveslikejagger · 30/09/2022 23:27

Nope. No point, all these things come out in the end.
Recently worked with someone who claimed to have certain qualifications, they clearly didn’t as they could not understand some of the work, which you would do if you had actually done the course/passed the exam.
As the net closed in on them they left the company with no job to go to as realised this wasn’t going to end well.
I see them on LinkedIn commenting on posts and I can see they no longer claim to have the qualifications, hopefully a lesson learnt.

A small amount of embellishing you might get away with.

Womencanlift · 30/09/2022 23:28

Nope never had to and I wouldn’t want to anyway

I would only be applying for jobs that I knew I could do - lying will be found out if I start a job I am not experienced to do

Plus any job I apply for has asked for evidence of any qualifications I have noted so no point lying about them either

Aldith · 30/09/2022 23:28

Yes I have. I started a job when I was 18 and stayed there for 9 months. I then tried something else for two months, didn’t like it and went back to my previous job and stayed there another 19 months. I give the correct dates for when I started at 18 and left at 20 but don’t mention the two months trying something else during those years.

MrsPinkCock · 30/09/2022 23:31

Nope. I have a 2 year gap as I chose to effectively leave and take extended mat leave for 2DC, and a 6 month gap due to restrictive covenants.

neither have posed me any problems!

Oblomov22 · 30/09/2022 23:31

Yes. Stretch dates, condense stuff. Who cares if it was February or March 1997 when I finished a job 8 jobs ago. does anyone really care about that kind of nonsense?

Isausernameavailable · 30/09/2022 23:31

Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception is the relevant criminal offence for lying on your cv to get a job.

maiafawnly · 30/09/2022 23:33

No, but ive worked in the same NHS trust for many years so I have no need to.

Alwayswonderedwhy · 30/09/2022 23:34

I've lied about my health so not to put employers off.

Thearex · 30/09/2022 23:38


I know someone who was sacked for lying on their CV. Never thought it was worth it.

CandyLeBonBon · 30/09/2022 23:43

I condense stuff that no longer had relevance, who needs to know that I worked as a temp for 12 months when I was 19?

I also have different CVs for differing job types as I'm qualified in 2 or 3 different but connected fields that would need differing focus. How is that lying? I have a 35+ year job history with a couple of career changes and a period of self employment over time, to accommodate my children. Not all of that is relevant to every job I've applied for!

jetadore · 01/10/2022 00:13

Yes. Everyone does.

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