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24th September - dooms day... what?!

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applecinnamonpie · 22/09/2022 14:14

So we are currently away on holiday, just spoken to friends back home who asked if we had heard about this viral 'news' (I put that lightly)

Apparently on 24th September, there is going to be a large, catastrophic world event in which everybody will remember exactly where we are and what we were doing at that exact moment.

Does anybody else know anything about this?! Maybe I'm just blissfully unaware!

OP posts:
RainbowsMoonbeams · 22/09/2022 17:26


BrownOrangeRed · 22/09/2022 17:28

I also searched twitter, lots on there but as usual it's the same conspiracy nuts

ProfYaffle · 22/09/2022 17:28

oakleaffy · 22/09/2022 17:08

How many Doomsdays have we all lived through?
More than I can remember.

Think the first time I remember hearing an 'end of the world' rumour was 1985 🤔

PIITORNS · 22/09/2022 17:30

So Biblical floods, the Earth being run by lizards (or at least the Truss-led UK, though that's a bit of an insult to lizards), Mammon worshipping self-centred monsters everywhere, the ice caps melting and worldwide droughts aren't enough for you???? ;)

Maybe the aliens are finally landing and taking true believers away from all this...(in which case, yoohoo, ET, I'm over HEREEEEEE.....).

MomwasCasual · 22/09/2022 17:31

No I'm pretty sure this Saturday is when we get the plague of locusts, the actual doomsday will be sometime shortly after the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which is December 6th (was supposed to be the 5th but has moved due to the HM Funeral Bank Hol)

herecomesthsun · 22/09/2022 17:36

One of my kids has the eleven plus...

Doris86 · 22/09/2022 17:38

This nonsense all stems from a speech by. German MP, who said September 24th 2022 will go down in history as a day we will all remember.

It was just him slipping up with his words. He meant to say February 24th , which is the day the Ukraine war started.

TheLostNights · 22/09/2022 17:39

Colleague mentioned this the other day.
Would welcome the news the way I feel right now.

SockQueen · 22/09/2022 17:40

Well, it would mean I didn't have to host DS1's birthday party. Apocalypse vs. a hall of 20 6 year olds?? Hmmm...

MysteriousMonkey · 22/09/2022 17:41

I got no plans 😎

Kissingfrogs25 · 22/09/2022 17:42

I reckon op is spamming her friend with gorgeous holiday snaps and this is wicked revenge to shut you up! 🏖

littlepeas · 22/09/2022 17:42

midsomermurderess · 22/09/2022 15:03

Well of course, it’s my birthday!

Me too! And I’m 40!!

Damnautocorrect · 22/09/2022 17:44

Do I need to open my credit card bill or not?
i could do without the scare frankly

MajesticElephant · 22/09/2022 17:46

If it’s the rapture I’ll definitely be left behind. Better get some cake in.

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy · 22/09/2022 17:46

Oh bugger and I'm supposed to be going on holiday on the 25th...

Why are you posting this rubbish, unsubstantiated, conspiracy crap? Do you want us all to run out and panic buy toilet roll or something?

fucap · 22/09/2022 17:46

I was going to spend my day off tomorrow lying around in bed but if the world's ending on Saturday I might have a nice day trip out somewhere beautiful instead. And then retreat to bed and hopefully sleep through the end of the world.

Randomword6 · 22/09/2022 17:48

Not buying any green bananas then

Wonnle · 22/09/2022 17:48

Sounds like a scene from The Life of Brian to me

Yesthatismychildsigh · 22/09/2022 17:48

Luminousnose · 22/09/2022 17:06

Can’t be true. Because the world ended in 2011. I do wish people would stop all this crap.

Incorrect. It actually ended in 1980. I know, because I was there. Although I didn’t notice it happening, but I’m sure it did because I WAS TOLD IT DEFINITELY WOULD. Sorry for shouting, but there have been so many rumours since and clearly it would be silly to think the World can end twice.

I stand corrected. I was busy in 1980 so I must have missed that one.

viques · 22/09/2022 17:50

PowerhouseOfTheCell · 22/09/2022 15:47

Ffs I’ve just booked Cyprus for next year! I’ll have to see if TUI has a cancellation policy on end of world events

I think war and natural disasters are usually excluded , which has always struck me as really unfair. Ok I know people who lose suitcases always claim they are stuffed with designer clothes and gold watches, but I never heard of anyone manipulating world events so they can claim back the cost of two weeks all inclusive in Lanzarote.

StridTheKiller · 22/09/2022 17:50

Oh goody, lets get this over with once and for all.

Sunshineandrainbow · 22/09/2022 17:53

Oh great I am working on my last day in this world!! I better pack a good lunch.

macthekwife · 22/09/2022 17:56

FuriousCheekyFucker · 22/09/2022 14:20

They're removing the word "gullible" from the dictionary.

You heard it here first.

That's not how that joke works.

NyanBinaryJohn · 22/09/2022 17:57

Is there a The Simpsons "prediction" which hasn't yet happened?

Isitsixoclockalready · 22/09/2022 17:57

The internet really is a breeding ground for the attention seeking.

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