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24th September - dooms day... what?!

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applecinnamonpie · 22/09/2022 14:14

So we are currently away on holiday, just spoken to friends back home who asked if we had heard about this viral 'news' (I put that lightly)

Apparently on 24th September, there is going to be a large, catastrophic world event in which everybody will remember exactly where we are and what we were doing at that exact moment.

Does anybody else know anything about this?! Maybe I'm just blissfully unaware!

OP posts:

Unglamorousgranny · 22/09/2022 16:54

I've got a boozy lunch with friends so I hope not!


SkirridHill · 22/09/2022 16:55

cafenoirbiscuit · 22/09/2022 16:51

It’s my wedding anniversary. No large party planned so far, but you’re all welcome at the Biscuit Factory so we can face the end together 😁

The Biscuit Factory sounds amazing! I'm in.


Blughbablugh · 22/09/2022 16:56

BlackCatTabbyCat · 22/09/2022 16:21

This date has been going around Tik Tok for about a week now. Apparently Princess Diana was going to be making a comeback 🙄 I've hid all the Russia/Nuclear videos and hash tags because it terrifies me but I imagine they will now be saying we are going to he nuked on that day.

Why have Jesus returning when we can have Princess Di Grin


PupInAPram · 22/09/2022 16:56

Noviembre · 22/09/2022 16:42

Get less thick friends.



MummyDrinksWine · 22/09/2022 17:02

I remember when i was in my teens in 2012 and everyone was saying the world was going to end in December and I was sleeping at my friends house I was on edge all day and night thinking I was going to die without seeing my mum or dad again.

This time I just hope my own children are bloody quiet while it does happen. If my last moments are filled with:

“can I have a snack?”
“is it snack time?”
“leave me alone”
“I don’t want to”
“but I NEED the iPad”
“give me my toy back”
“that’s not yours”
“I’m hungry”
“mummy, mummy, mummy, MUMMY!”

then I bloody welcome the end.


TheOceanClub · 22/09/2022 17:02

Oh gosh I hope so!

My life is so messed up right now that apocalypse sounds like the best thing ever!


TimBoothseyes · 22/09/2022 17:04

Nooo it's payday next week and I'm owed a shit load of overtime.....all those extra hours for nothing. Damn you Soothsayers, damn you to the vortex of Hades.


CookieCoo · 22/09/2022 17:05

I’m hosting a party for 22 primary age kids that day. Can it be after that? 😂


skyeisthelimit · 22/09/2022 17:05

someone on my FB announced that they were coming off all social media as they were scared to death about 24 September. I had no idea what they were talking about, then somebody told them it was just crap on TT .

I have lived through several "end of the world " dates so far, so am hoping this one won't be any different Grin.

It was possibly bad timing with the guy making an error in his speech around the time of a mad dictator threatening nuclear war.....


VillanellesCoat · 22/09/2022 17:05

FuriousCheekyFucker · 22/09/2022 14:20

They're removing the word "gullible" from the dictionary.

You heard it here first.



pantherrose · 22/09/2022 17:06

nellytheelephant1980 · 22/09/2022 16:11

I've got a colonoscopy on the 24th and judging by the state of my arse at the moment, it'll be the end of the world for the consultant doing it

Me too, but on the 28th. No Moviprep for me, yippee!!

Good luck for the 24th x


Luminousnose · 22/09/2022 17:06

Can’t be true. Because the world ended in 2011. I do wish people would stop all this crap.

Incorrect. It actually ended in 1980. I know, because I was there. Although I didn’t notice it happening, but I’m sure it did because I WAS TOLD IT DEFINITELY WOULD. Sorry for shouting, but there have been so many rumours since and clearly it would be silly to think the World can end twice.


Xtraincome · 22/09/2022 17:07

Yes it's my birthday so I will probably remember where I was.


midsomermurderess · 22/09/2022 17:07

Reading some of these posts, you wonder how we have been so successful as a species.


Benjispruce4 · 22/09/2022 17:07

It’s my DD’s birthday if that counts.


oakleaffy · 22/09/2022 17:08

How many Doomsdays have we all lived through?
More than I can remember.


DustyMaiden · 22/09/2022 17:11

I’m at my DB’s wake at 1 o’clock so can it be before then?


MrsDanversGlidesAgain · 22/09/2022 17:12

CookieCoo · 22/09/2022 17:05

I’m hosting a party for 22 primary age kids that day. Can it be after that? 😂

In that scenario I'd welcome the apocalypse the day before.


BrownOrangeRed · 22/09/2022 17:13

Typical, I'm at work. Although in this case conveniently my work building is also part bunker so maybe I'll be fine


Maytodecember · 22/09/2022 17:15

applecinnamonpie · 22/09/2022 14:19

Apparently it's all over social media! I must live an extremely boring life as I don't have anything about it on any of my news feeds! ConfusedGrin

Apparently it's all over social media!

Must be true then. 🙄


cinnabongene · 22/09/2022 17:19

I’ve just searched on Twitter; nothing about 24 September, so I am concluding you are talking absolute bollocks.


MysteriesOfTheOrganism · 22/09/2022 17:20

I've had workmen in, so I was planning to spend 24 September, dusting, vacuuming, washing down walls, scrubbing floors and so on. So - do I meet doomsday with a clean house or do I take the slovenly route? 🤔


TenoringBehind · 22/09/2022 17:23

I have MIL coming to stay for the first time since Covid. That is catastrophic enough for me.


loislovesstewie · 22/09/2022 17:24

Oh take the slovenly route like me! Get some wine in and tell your worst enemy what you think of them.


RainbowsMoonbeams · 22/09/2022 17:25

It’s absolute nonsense. I’m beating nothing will happen on that date.

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