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To ask why you’re awake after midnight? (again)

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5YearsLeft · 20/09/2022 00:39

I can’t find the old insomnia threads, so I thought I’d start a new one because I’m having a certified hell of a time falling asleep.

My brain just won’t shut up! I had a headache for roughly a month solid. Answer: it turns out I was severely deficient in everything. I’ve been on prescription-grade iron, potassium, vitamin D, and calcium since last Thursday and I almost have energy for the first time in months. But it’s enough energy to: make my pain even more noticeable, make me realize I hate the life I’m stuck in, and keep me from sleeping.

Why are you awake? Worry? Illness? Other people? Work?

OP posts:
Fagor · 20/09/2022 00:40

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ShaneTwane · 20/09/2022 00:41

Ive literally just got home from hospital after a bleed in pregnancy. Feel tired but cant sleep. Hope you feel better soon :)

Prisonpocket · 20/09/2022 00:43

I don't know. I wish I could sleep earlier as constantly tired in the day. If I go to bed any time before 1am I am awake longer. If I got to bed at 1am I'm fast asleep.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 20/09/2022 00:44

Feeding my almost 8 months old, just got him to sleep, so heading back myself hopefully too. No doubt I'll be back up about 4am too

Chattycathydoll · 20/09/2022 00:45

I have a stinking cold which always makes me nocturnal, don’t know why. Dreading work tomorrow, least I can wfh but I’m still in my probationary period so wanted to be on my best behaviour and struggling along from home rather than shining in the office is not my best. Hoping DD feels better tomorrow so at least she can manage school. She came down with it first so hopefully.

Don’t even have the energy to make the most of the insomnia..

Hawkins001 · 20/09/2022 00:46

Researching strategy and politics

Hawkins001 · 20/09/2022 00:47

With a dash of the stock market and investments

Chattycathydoll · 20/09/2022 00:48

ShaneTwane · 20/09/2022 00:41

Ive literally just got home from hospital after a bleed in pregnancy. Feel tired but cant sleep. Hope you feel better soon :)

hugs to you- pregnancy can be such a scary nightmare. Try and do something kind to yourself even if you can’t sleep.

CatchYouOnTheFlippetyFlop · 20/09/2022 00:49

I had a night out last night and drank a fair bit.

I can never sleep properly the night after I've had a skinfull.

Just watching 90 day fiancée and hoping to feel sleepy soon, but not holding my breath.

The weekend is too short, even tho we got an extra day.

Fagor · 20/09/2022 00:50

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines.

pompomdaisy · 20/09/2022 00:50

17 year old daughter FaceTiming her boyfriend too loudly! Urghh!

5YearsLeft · 20/09/2022 00:50

@ShaneTwane Oh gosh, hospital can be tough! I hope everything is okay with your pregnancy and you’re feeling all right in yourself. Take care and I hope you’re able to have a bit of a breath before life “restarts” tomorrow.

@Prisonpocket How strange! Maybe it’s some kind of clock-related relaxation thing, like when you see the 1am, something in you just feels able to let it go.

@TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Ah, those up and downs feeds can be difficult. Hope you get some sleep between!

@Chattycathydoll Oh no!!!! Being full of cold is tough!!! And that’s okay; when feeling awful keeps you awake, you can’t always use that insomnia to be productive. Sometimes you just have to use it to cozy up with tea or a book or box set. Good luck!

OP posts:
Chattycathydoll · 20/09/2022 00:52

@5YearsLeft this is very true- I’ve made myself some honey and lemon and have settled in with Call The Midwife, lovely period dross! Plus I have a weird crush on Fred. Inexplicable but there we are.

EmilyEmmabob · 20/09/2022 00:53

Dreading work tomorrow. Thinking about the lack of money I have. Asking myself why I sabotaged my diet again. I'm also full of cold and both of my kids have joined me in my bed so I'm being squashed and kicked in the spleen at frequent intervals.
I really love my sleep!

5YearsLeft · 20/09/2022 00:54

@CatchYouOnTheFlippetyFlop Ah, too true. Sometimes it seems like having a few can make you really sleepy and sometimes it keeps you right from sleep! Hopefully the magical storytelling of 90-Day Fiance will lull you to Dreamland. Ha.

@pompomdaisy Ugh! It’s not too late to stick her in a nunnery, har har. Well, it probably is a few hundred years too late for that. But one can dream when a loud FaceTime call to the boyfriend is keeping you awake.

OP posts:
MilliwaysUniverse · 20/09/2022 00:54

My parents have been arrested... they are on the way back from a long haul holiday and are knackered and in their 70s. My dad had an argument with the coach driver (started as him asking why the coach hadn't departed an hour after its scheduled time) and the coach driver has been aggressive towards my dad and a couple of other passengers who were angry about the delay which was due to the driver arguing with other drivers and the coach being overloaded with luggage. The driver asked him to leave the coach, my dad refused and the driver called the police. So I'm waiting for news now.

Hawkins001 · 20/09/2022 00:56

I recommend speeches by jamie dimon from jp morgan and chase on YouTube, for intriguing perspectives of different topics.

NooNooHead1981 · 20/09/2022 00:59

Sad about so many things in my life that I can't change about my health, and I'm chronically unwell still after 7 years since being injured by a psychotropic drug given to me off label after a head injury. These things shouldn't define me but I still let them.

I'm sorry to sound moany, I get frustrated with my brain that doesn't work well any more. It takes over my life more often than I should let it, usually at night 😆

SNWannabe · 20/09/2022 01:00

Oh @MilliwaysUniverse what a worry! Hopefully they’ve not actually been arrested as at the very least your mum hasn’t done anything wrong!!

5YearsLeft · 20/09/2022 01:02

@Chattycathydoll Fred’s dependable! You know you could count on him. It’s not a teen heart throb type fancy but you know he’d fix your boiler if it broke, and that you’d never be crying over him not doing something in the household.

@EmilyEmmabob Oh, no. Life is just… it’s complete shite sometimes. It piles up. Stress is high, money is low, and the kilos on the scale are going up, not down. You’re full of cold and getting kicked in the spleen. BUT. You’re getting kicked in the spleen because you have two children who love you and want to be with you when they want comfort (bad for your sleep, good about you as a mum). Things may not be better tomorrow. Maybe they’ll still be a bit shite tomorrow. But maybe there will be a tiny bit that’s better tomorrow. And maybe work will stop being quite so awful in the future, if not now. I know now is when it’s dreadful, though. Try to get some sleep, and dream of better days.

@MilliwaysUniverse Oh, no! I can’t even imagine the stress. I’m so sorry. I hope you get news soon. Hopefully it can easily be solved. Probably, they’ll ask them to pay a fine, and at worse, they’ll ask them to leave the country. But I know that you being here and them being there is incredibly stressful. I hope you get news soon.

OP posts:
EspressoPatronumm · 20/09/2022 01:04

I had surgery last week on Thursday and the pain killers I received from a random man on Wednesday were all open so when he walked round to my house on Saturday I didn't know if I could take them. His name was on the outside of the paper bag from the pharmacy and my medication was inside the bag.. but I've given in and taken the oramorph prescribed to me and although open seemingly none the worse for wear!

God knows if I should be taking it but paracetamol won't cut it after a laparotomy.

EspressoPatronumm · 20/09/2022 01:05

I meant he came round on Saturday not Wednesday what a stupid autocorrect!

MilliwaysUniverse · 20/09/2022 01:07

@5YearsLeft they are at Heathrow, they flew back from Singapore yesterday. My son is waiting to hear whether he has to drive to London to collect them instead of picking them up from the bus station in our city. A round trip of about 5 hours instead of 20 minutes. They are the most unlikely pair of detainees you could imagine.

America12 · 20/09/2022 01:09

Don't know but I'm sick of it.

StoneofDestiny · 20/09/2022 01:13

Some stories on here! I've just done Wordle and Wordle Hurdle, been reading my book and not very tired as I slept in til after 2 pm avoiding the funeral (godsend)! Not like me to sleep in late but I was short of sleep from staying up so late several nights in a row.

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