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To have took money out of it the joint account

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Sistersister90 · 09/09/2022 16:56

DH has had a right go at me this evening because I took some money out of the joint account (not much). I have paid for all the kids uniforms etc not a penny has come from him. I also pay nursery fees myself and he has the cheek to say I don’t pay any bills. Everything the kids need I get for them. I wouldn’t mind but he earns 60k a year. I save him so much money on childcare. Feel like upping my hours if I’m honest, then he will feel the pinch.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Aubriella · 10/09/2022 09:54

Your whole set up is wrong, op.

You each need to put a proportionate % of your income into a joint account.

And everything like mortgage/rent/bills/nursery fees/uniforms/food etc should come out of that joint account.

That way you keep the rest in your personal account and that’s money for you, not thr house or kids.

And don’t let mum or sis take twat on holiday again for free, get his share from him.


GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 10/09/2022 09:58

Change the system. Everything goes into joint account. All bills (incl nursery, kids clothes etc) comes out of that, plus ideally something into joint savings, or equal amounts into individual savings. Then you both take out equal “fun money” into your own accounts. So your standard of living is equal, as married people’s should be.

Live for free, my arse.


absolutelyanythingwilldo · 10/09/2022 10:02

rwalker · 09/09/2022 17:10

Just put into joint account and buy kids stuff out of joint account

Yes, this. Put the money you're spending in the joint account and spend from there.

Much more transparent and avoids any arguments.

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