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Union Jack outside my house

116 replies

Iusedtobecarmen · 09/09/2022 12:05

Following the death of our Queen
Is it acceptable to put a Union Jack in my window as a gesture(the way that I did/do )for Jubilee etc.
Or is it inappropriate/tacky?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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bringincrazyback · 10/09/2022 13:43

Culldesack · 09/09/2022 16:46

So lovely to read the patriotic posts.

Maybe not all of think patriotism is a concept that must be slavishly obeyed. Personally I think flags outside people's houses are tacky and jingoistic.


bringincrazyback · 10/09/2022 13:44

KarmaStar · 10/09/2022 13:14

Out it up with pride.if people don't like it they can leave.

Out of interest what country are you in?


Robin233 · 11/09/2022 13:41


I hung one from my window shortly after the announcement. It'll stay there for the official 12 days of mourning, and I'll take it down the day after the funeral.




Epicstorm · 11/09/2022 13:44

Make sure it’s the right way up or my DH will be knocking on your door to tell you about it. 😂


Wisteriaroundthedoor · 11/09/2022 13:44

I think it’s totally fine if you’ve a flag pole and have it at half mast. Sticking it I’m your window not so much.


lollipoprainbow · 11/09/2022 13:50

I have a pic of the queen and a little flag on the window, I'm in the minority though I've seen nothing else near me.


HebeSunshine · 11/09/2022 14:33

hammerandtong · 10/09/2022 13:42

We live in the US but hung a small British flag on our mailbox to show respect for the Queen even though we are Americans. 🇬🇧

That's nice of you 🙂


PetraBP · 11/09/2022 14:39

I’ve got one up.

I’d say about a third of the houses around here have.


Butchyrestingface · 11/09/2022 14:44

When I lived in Glasgow, even if I had been so inclined (I wasn't) I wouldn't have put a UJ flag up as I liked having windows. Some areas it would have been fine, but not mine.

Live elsewhere in Scotland now, not seen a single UJ on my evening excursions so think it would be unwise to risk it.


Darbs76 · 11/09/2022 15:08

Two neighbours have their jubilee flags up and our local council has put red, white and blue ribbons around lampposts in the town


averageavocado · 11/09/2022 15:10

nachoavocado · 09/09/2022 13:13

My neighbours have done it.

cool username


CactusBlossom · 11/09/2022 15:13

if that's what you want to do, do it! I can't see why anyone would object. Did you celebrate the Jubilee? It seems like the next logical step (as in marking the occasion, rather than celebrating). There will be a coronation before long, so yes, you can have a flag in the window for that too. 🇬🇧


Moveonswiftlyplease · 11/09/2022 15:32

Throw a couple of old sofas and a broken fridge into the front garden as well.


Anubis68 · 11/09/2022 18:35

Got mine up

Union Jack outside my house

DancingBudgie · 11/09/2022 19:02

As long as you hang it the correct way up then it's fine.
A bug bear of mine is seeing the UJ flying upside down.


Endlesssummer2022 · 11/09/2022 19:15

@Anubis68 - 😂took me a few seconds to spot the old fridge in the garden!

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