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Missing/stolen parcel, new courier Evri.. what can I do?

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Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 09:44

I ordered a delivery of clothes which is showing as being delivered to my door yesterday. It wasn't.

The delivery company is one I don't recognise, its called Evri and is supposed to be "the new hermes"

There is a proof of delivery photo which just shows my front door. No parcel visible in the picture. No neighbours have claimed it.

I live on a busy main road and my door is literally on the street so if it was there somebody could have easily stolen it, but I'm yet to see proof that it was put there in the first place as I said there's no parcel in the delivery picture.

I cant speak to a human, the complaints form puts you onto a chat with an automated robot and there is no number to call. The automated service is satisfied that it has been delivered citing the empty proof of delivery photo...

What can I do? I'm quite upset as it wasn't a cheap purchase.

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Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 09:45

To add to matters I have another delivery due which is being delivered by the same company.. I'm not optimistic.

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LampLighter414 · 03/09/2022 09:45

Evri is not new. They are Hermes! Just they rebranded and kept in on the hush hush with new adverts on tv making no reference at all to the face they were called Hermes just a few weeks prior.

W0tnow · 03/09/2022 09:46

Do they have twitter, insta, or Facebook?

Teadrinkingmumofone · 03/09/2022 09:46

It's just a new name for Hermes not a new company. Normally you can leave a review on your driver and add a note. Have you tried doing that?

ZealAndArdour · 03/09/2022 09:48

Do you have your front door set as a “safe place”?

If not, then Evri themselves on their website state that front doors in public view are not considered safe places and thus the parcel theft is their responsibility.

I recently had similar, but I had the theft recorded on my security cameras. I was refunded by the shop I ordered from as my contract is with them, and their contract is with Evri.

Report the non-delivery to the shop, and go through their process, you’ll get your money back. Unless you’ve designated the front door as your safe place, and in that case you’ve absolved them all of any responsibility.

SoupDragon · 03/09/2022 09:49

Have you tried contacting the company you ordered from instead?

SecretVictoria · 03/09/2022 09:49

Contact the company you bought from; your contract is with them, theirs is with Evri. It’s up to them to arrange refund/re delivery and then they take it up with Evri. If they’re no help, go through your bank/PayPal and ask for a refund as goods not supplied.

Meraas · 03/09/2022 09:49

Is there no email address or contact us option?

Which company is it? We can probably dig out an email address for you if you name the commonly you ordered from.

hewouldwouldnthe · 03/09/2022 09:50

Your beef is with the seller, not the delivery firm. Contact them. They sort out the delivery company. I had an Evri parcel delivered and didnt know it was hermes.

Meraas · 03/09/2022 09:50

Yes, and as pp says, not sure why you’re contacting Evri, always contact the company you ordered from.

Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 09:51

I definitely haven't selected my front door as a safe place.

Thanks for the info about the company being hermes. How strange that they've rebranded without making it clear.

I've been through the automated chat service three times now getting increasingly annoyed as I do. I've left my contact number in the event that somebody calls me back but I'm not convinced they will.

Good idea about social media. I'll take to twitter. Will also contact the shop. Thank you.

Bloody idiots. Who leaves a parcel on a doorstep.

Shouldn't they have actually photographed the parcel on the doorstep though?

OP posts:
HavfrueDenizKisi · 03/09/2022 09:53

Yes do not bother contacting Evri. Email or speak to the company you bought from and they will investigate and most likely resend the delivery. You're wasting your time and brain space trying to speak to the courier.

raindon · 03/09/2022 09:53

Contact the shop, they'll sort it.

ZealAndArdour · 03/09/2022 09:54

I have this screenshot saved from my parcel drama, I can’t find a link though.

But they’ve basically breached their own definition of a safe place.

Missing/stolen parcel, new courier Evri.. what can I do?
ParvuliThankYouDebbie · 03/09/2022 09:57

It hasn’t been delivered to you so, according to Consumer Rights, the retailer you purchased from are responsible for sorting this out, not you. Contact them first - sending a copy of the image that does not show any parcel, and also quoting the ‘not a safe place’ blurb from their chosen courier. Annoying for them but nevertheless it is their responsibility.

Doyoumind · 03/09/2022 09:58

They've rebranded because of their shit rep. But they literally said they are the new hermes so not sure why you are confused.

As PPs said, forget about Evri and complain to the company you bought off.

mountainsunsets · 03/09/2022 10:00

Complaining to Evri is a waste of time as your contract isn't with them, it's with the company you ordered from.

You need to speak to the company, show them the "evidence" and say the parcel never arrived - can you chase it up please.

TheGirlWhoLived · 03/09/2022 10:05

I think by saying ‘the new hermes’ it can come across as - ‘just like Hermes the delivery company, but better and newer!’

rather than ‘evri, the new name for hermes’

but yep they rebranded because they had such a bad rep

Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 10:06

I've contacted the company I ordered from, I've also contacted Klarna and put a hold on the payment plan.

The parcel totals just over £250 which I'm paying for in installments, the first of which was paid at the point of order.

Thanks all. What a nuisance. Safe space my eye.

OP posts:
Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 10:06

TheGirlWhoLived · 03/09/2022 10:05

I think by saying ‘the new hermes’ it can come across as - ‘just like Hermes the delivery company, but better and newer!’

rather than ‘evri, the new name for hermes’

but yep they rebranded because they had such a bad rep

Yes thats what I took it to mean!

OP posts:
Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 10:11

I'm going to WFH when my other parcel is due to arrive so I can have words with the courier about this shit show. They usually use the same person per area right?

OP posts:
Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 10:15

They don't have a twitter account I can contact, surprise surprise.

I saw this though. The couriers are literally dumping peoples undelivered items in bins..

Missing/stolen parcel, new courier Evri.. what can I do?
OP posts:
XelaM · 03/09/2022 10:15

Evri is the worst!!!!!!! They claimed to have delivered a parcel for me that never came. I just contacted the company I ordered from and they refunded me

Whereismyparcellllll · 03/09/2022 10:16

Utter arseholes.

My other parcel is coming from vinted so I wouldn't be able to get a replacement if that doesn't turn up but atleast I have buyer protection on it.

I cant believe they get away with this.

OP posts:
Littlefish · 03/09/2022 10:20

I think it really depends on the delivery driver.

The Evri person for our area is super reliable, contactable via Facebook and always really helpful.

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