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Dishwasher turned on at night or in morning?

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Peppermint81 · 02/09/2022 21:55

I have always thought it best to turn the dishwasher on late evening so can unload in the morning to start day fresh.
My husband disagrees and prefers to put it on in the morning so it's not sitting in the damp all night.

Out of interest do you turn your dishwasher on in the evening or morning and why?!

OP posts:
Hbh17 · 02/09/2022 21:56

Night, after dinner.
Any other time would seem odd.

Notjusta · 02/09/2022 21:57

DH is a firefighter - not at night!! 😬😬

resuwen · 02/09/2022 21:57

Notjusta · 02/09/2022 21:57

DH is a firefighter - not at night!! 😬😬

Really? Is this an issue? I had no idea!

Catch21 · 02/09/2022 21:58

Just whenever it gets full. We run it less frequently than once a day so the timing varies.

Devilishpyjamas · 02/09/2022 21:58

Evening if awake. Not when asleep. We had a dishwasher catch fire. Luckily we were standing next to it at the time. Or more accurately my dad was, who calmly dealt with the flames. I would probably have panicked.

gaggiagirl · 02/09/2022 21:59

At night after dinner but we would empty it last thing so it we start with an empty dishwasher in the morning.

dudsville · 02/09/2022 22:00

I also don't like anything running overnight, so we run ours whenever we have a ull liad and are awake to see it through!

User148563 · 02/09/2022 22:00

About 7am as we have economy 7 that goes off at 8:30am

Snowpaw · 02/09/2022 22:00

Morning - I have solar panels that’s the only reason.

SenoritaNaturista · 02/09/2022 22:00

Most of my appliances - only in the daytime and then only when I am at home.
(for the same reason as Notjusta above)

greenacrylicpaint · 02/09/2022 22:01

usually evening after dinner.
nener ever when going out or going to sleep due to the fire risk.

Notjusta · 02/09/2022 22:01

resuwen · 02/09/2022 21:57

Really? Is this an issue? I had no idea!

Appliances catch fire surprisingly often!!

That said, to be honest, we do put ours on at night but we have A LOT of smoke alarms and all doors are shut at night downstairs and up!

WingBingo · 02/09/2022 22:01

Daytime as we have solar panels.

white goods are the leading cause of house fires.

1stWorldProblems · 02/09/2022 22:03

Overnight, along with the washing machine & the car - all during our cheaper 4-hour electricity period.

Our dishwasher has a drying part of the programme so everything (apart from plastics which always need a tea-towelling) is dry when we open it about 2 hours after it finishes / when we get up. So it's emptied as we make breakfast.

Amazongirl9 · 02/09/2022 22:04

When it’s full but not overnight whilst we are asleep.

mattressspring · 02/09/2022 22:04

We just put it on when it needs it. Never overnight though.

WishDragon · 02/09/2022 22:04

In the evening after we’ve cleared up then empty it before we go to bed.

DirtyBlonde · 02/09/2022 22:08

Usually mid morning, on the days I'm in. Eco cycle takes over 3 hours

Don't like to leave it running overnight

LeFeu · 02/09/2022 22:10

When it’s full! Frequently goes on twice a day, but like others not overnight - if on after dinner it’ll be done before we go to bed.

FancyFelix · 02/09/2022 22:10

Ours runs overnight when the electricity is cheapest Blush

Climbingthelaundrymountain · 02/09/2022 22:11

After dinner and then again during the morning/day if needed. Usually is!

KensingtonStation · 02/09/2022 22:13

When it is full. But usually overnight so it is ready to be emptied when I get up. Do the same with the washing machine. It just fits with my life and when I have time for unloading. And whilst appliance fires may seem disproportionately common to a firefighter, the overall benefit:risk ratio says to me I am OK to do this. Especially in a house with a fully wired smoke and heat detection system.

Rewis · 02/09/2022 22:13

Whenever it's full and I know I'll be home. I work from home so usually during the day.

TheOldLadyOfThreadneedleStreet · 02/09/2022 22:14

Overnight, ours dries everything at the end of cycle.

blebbleb · 02/09/2022 22:15

Whenever it's full. I rarely can be bothered to empty it until it needs refilling Blush

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