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To think Shannon Matthews the Musical should be cancelled.

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containsnuts · 09/08/2022 14:36

I'm not easily offended but I find this wildly insensitive and inappropriate.

That poor child was held hostage, drugged and went though a traumatic ordeal at the hands of her own mother and the peadophile boyfriend. Why anyone would want to make a musical comedy out of this awful display of child abuse I'll never know.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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JazzHandsYeah · 09/08/2022 14:39

Totally agree, bloody awful, totally insensitive to the poor girl involved and cashing in on something like this is utterly repulsive.

SuperPets · 09/08/2022 14:40

There are films, books, tv shows etc about everything, and much worse. What's your problem?

Don't like it, don't be tickets. Don't be that person screeching that things you don't like should be cancelled

SuperPets · 09/08/2022 14:40


MagneticRubberDucks · 09/08/2022 14:41

It’s looks like one of those ‘comedy’ skits that’s designed to shock and offend,
if you are offended you are talking about it, and that’s attention for their show.

TommySaid · 09/08/2022 15:17

YANBU it’s not fair on this poor girl who has to go through life with everyone knowing what happened and things like this keep dragging it back up.

It wasn’t her fault but she’s the one that’s having to live with it and suffer the consequences.

the80sweregreat · 09/08/2022 15:19

They did make a drama out of this for tv.
Making a musical is a bit much : i would not go and see it myself

FayeGovan · 09/08/2022 15:21

The fringe is full of bollocks like this

ReneBumsWombats · 09/08/2022 15:23

World premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

You are giving them exactly what they want (it's the guy from The Kunts) and they'll say you've missed the point of it anyway.

Just ignore and don't promote it.

dehloh · 09/08/2022 15:26

Oh Jesus Christ. How vile.

x2boys · 09/08/2022 15:28

Surely this is fake???

StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 09/08/2022 15:31

Very distasteful.

Hobbesmanc · 09/08/2022 15:32

It's a fringe musical- the best way to get noticed is controversy. Dubious taste isnt a reason to cancel. We'd never have Springtime for Hitler, Hedwig and the angry inch, The Book or Mormon,

containsnuts · 09/08/2022 15:33

x2boys · 09/08/2022 15:28

Surely this is fake???

I'm afraid not

OP posts:
dehloh · 09/08/2022 15:34

x2boys · 09/08/2022 15:28

Surely this is fake???

Nope. If you search the Edinburgh fringe website it's there Sad

10HailMarys · 09/08/2022 15:35

It is absolutely insensitive and inappropriate, but I don't think those are valid reasons to cancel it.

HinchcliffeandMurgatroyd · 09/08/2022 15:37

You seem to be publicising it OP.

I hadn’t heard of it until this thread.

Dartmoorcheffy · 09/08/2022 15:38

What next? A musical about the Moors Murderers.

I despair at how low society has sunk to find this sort of thing comedy.

liveforsummer · 09/08/2022 15:38

Yep inappropriate but so are many of the performances at the fringe - it's often the entire point

ReneBumsWombats · 09/08/2022 15:46

I expect that the producers would claim that they're not making fun of Shannon, they're satirically skewering the people who abused her and the society that created such people, then throw in something about moralistic outrage obscuring the true evil of the incident because they usually say that. Occasionally it's true but most people aren't Chris Morris.

At any rate, what do you expect from the guy who wrote Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt? The weird thing is how he can't seem to think of anything more recent to satirise.

Just don't promote it. You're giving it publicity and offended attention and that's what it will thrive on.

purpleme12 · 09/08/2022 15:55

I agree.

But then I also think it's awful people making jokes about Madeleine McCann but an awful lot of people do that

DancingUnderTheLights · 09/08/2022 15:55

When I first saw this I thought about the Brass Eye piece about Peter Sutcliffe the musical and thought this was actually going to have her mother star in it.

I've seen K*nt and the Gang before at the fringe. They can be funny but also offensive. They're purposely trying to be offensive in the hope that people like you promote it.

NCHammer2022 · 09/08/2022 15:58

There’s a load of shite that thinks it’s edgy on at the fringe. This will dwindle out like the rest of it, after it’s had its 12 viewers congratulating themselves on how much more sophisticated their humour is than the rest of us. Not worth the publicity of a cancellation.

containsnuts · 09/08/2022 16:59

This is not a distant historical event though, it happened quite recently and the person involved is still living. Who would want people singing, dancing and laughing at their childhood pain and trauma? Does calling it 'satire' make it fair game for laughs?

OP posts:
Antarcticant · 09/08/2022 17:03

Are they forgetting that Shannon Matthews must still be alive - not to mention those of her family who believed she was missing, and all the people from Dewsbury who took part in the search for her, in good faith?

ReneBumsWombats · 09/08/2022 17:03

containsnuts · 09/08/2022 16:59

This is not a distant historical event though, it happened quite recently and the person involved is still living. Who would want people singing, dancing and laughing at their childhood pain and trauma? Does calling it 'satire' make it fair game for laughs?

They're not doing it because any involved person will like it and as before, I expect they'd say that Shannon isn't the target. And in answer to your question, yes. It is fair game. We don't have to watch it or like it but people are allowed to make tasteless comment. And you're allowed to say that it's shit.

It couldn't be more obviously screaming to try to cause a stir. As PPs said, the Fringe is full of people desperate to prove how edgy they are. This thread is exactly what they want.

Most overtly, desperately offensive stuff doesn't get very far.

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