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Is there something you want but just can’t bear to buy?

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Opal93 · 09/05/2021 10:54

I’ve posted before about how I am a self confessed shopping addict. I’ve put myself on a semi ban, and I’m allowed to buy necessities for myself or replace makeup items that have ran out but I am not to buy things just because I want them. I have saved almost £1000 in a month, which is frightening! The big “f**k it” purchases (maybe £300) combined with impulsively buying makeup, a new top here and there, chocolate, extra luxuries in grocery shop REALLY mounted up. So last night (I had been drinking) I ALMOST fell into the trap and bought myself a very expensive pair of trainers. I didn’t give in and I still haven’t. The guilt of spoiling how well I’ve done and how much I’ve saved would stop me even enjoying them. I’ll just stick to admiring them from afar. Are there any items you lust after, and technically could afford, but just can’t justify buying?

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Rhannion · 09/05/2021 13:27


A Philips lumea.

It's such a lot of money to spend when it might not work.

If you have fair skin and dark hair it should work. I could see a big difference but you need to use it as they say on the box.
LookingGlassMilk · 09/05/2021 13:28

A robot hoover

rabbitcow · 09/05/2021 13:31

A new kitchen. I can't bear the thought of the stress and mess.

VQ1970 · 09/05/2021 13:31

A Mont Blanc fountain pen. I've nearly bought one a couple of times but when I've actually held it in my hand and felt how light it is, I can't bring myself to buy it. If I'm spending hundreds on a pen, I want something weighty in my hand.

Gwenhwyfar · 09/05/2021 13:32

"A tricycle."

May I ask why? Are they easier than bikes?

Gwenhwyfar · 09/05/2021 13:33

"Teeth whitening but that's because I don't fancy the actual procedure not because I begrudge spending the money. Maybe I'll go ahead one day..."

Yes, I use cost as an excuse not to get implants, but the truth is I'm too scared.

TheMagicFarawaySea · 09/05/2021 13:34

Invisalign. What I can't bear about it isn't so much the £££ as the fact that I love food, coffee and wine and 1-2 years of not being able to effortlessly enjoy that sounds so depressing

CapitanSandy · 09/05/2021 13:36

A hand bike it’s like a exercise bike but you use your arms to move the pedals. It looks great and something I’d be able to do in my wheelchair but it’s £700!

Pandapawson · 09/05/2021 13:38

@lidoshuffle I like this idea! I have just transferred £50 to my frivolities pot Grin

I can never bring myself to spend out on every day clothes - like a pp said, dress for a party or wedding, happy to drop a couple of hundred. Jeans I will wear 1,000 times? I wince at over £50. WHY? My DH ends up buying quite a lot of my basic clothes (he has a fantastic eye) which is just a bit weird when you think about it and the money comes from our shared pot so it makes no difference.

I also cannot bring myself to pay full price, especially somewhere like whistles or white company where there are often discounts/ codes available but I end up waiting and either the thing goes out of stock or I end up buying something out of season and can't then wear it anyway - all to save £20.

All my beauty products are gifts. Pre Covid DH travelled a lot and would pick up make up and perfume for me in airports (he would have a list) somehow, someone else buying it is acceptable and I have no problem splashing out on gifts for other people. I have used up most of my stash over the past year and so buy supermarket brands because I can add them to my trolley and convince myself they are part of the food shop.

Jumpingintosummer · 09/05/2021 13:40

A large Jo Malone candle. Madness really as I buy a home size one most months Blush.

traintraveller · 09/05/2021 13:40

I'm eying up a tom ford lipstick, it's not mega money but for a lipstick I can't even try on to see if it suits me £44 seems ridiculous.

crowsfeet57 · 09/05/2021 13:45

A mulberry bayswater bag.

I did also want a kitchen aid stand mixer but instead bought one from Aldi that looks similar and works brilliantly!

DareDevil223 · 09/05/2021 13:45

Still swithering...............

Why in God's name did you have to tell me that this is a thing?
2020nymph · 09/05/2021 13:46


I'm terrible at spending money on what I consider to be expensive non-essentials, my OH used to say There's plenty on the bank and we can't take it with us! My attitude I think comes from having very frugal parents, we never wanted for anything but there were few frills.
Last year, just before covid my OH died very suddenly and now I'm in the position of saying What do I do with it all now, it's not fun going places alone!

I'm so sorry for your loss.
agreatmistake · 09/05/2021 13:49

A new iPhone. The battery on my current phone is terrible, as is the camera - but Jesus, those things are hideously expensive. It feels frivolous.

A new bathroom. If I could snap my fingers and have a new bathroom, that would be amazing, but I'd have to move out during the works, and also, it would be a lot of hassle and people in my home. I'm not comfortable with people in my home at the moment.

A new kitchen. See above.

A Dyson hairdryer. Total indulgence. No one needs one.

Invisalign. This seems like pure vanity - it would be different if I was a TV presenter. I can't justify it for my boring existence!

LadyJaye · 09/05/2021 13:51

I've been eyeing up a pair of Osaka Tigers for about a year now.

They're not even terribly expensive in the grand scheme of things, but I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PAIR OF TRAINERS...

harknesswitch · 09/05/2021 13:52

An antique Opal ring
A very expensive bag
A solid wood king size bed
A LOAF sofa

Jesus the list could go on

harknesswitch · 09/05/2021 13:52

A Rolex watch

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER · 09/05/2021 13:52

Fastforwardtospring, I recently gave one (inherited from MiL) to a charity shop.
They are so unbelievably heavy! It’s no joke taking a big one full of whatever out of a hot oven.
Not to mention the extortionate prices.

There are other large casseroles I’ve had for 30 odd years which are just as good and durable, but which don’t weigh a ton.

iloveeverykindofcat · 09/05/2021 13:54

A particular guitar called an Ibanez Prestige. I've played one and it sounds and feels like heaven. I'm not good enough to do one justice, and I have a (secondhand) Fender Telecaster, which is a perfectly nice instrument, reliable but not exactly stunning. Kind of like me as guitarist, really.

Pyewackect · 09/05/2021 13:54

F-Type Jaguar.

PassMeTheWotsits · 09/05/2021 13:56

Doc Marten boots

MissLucyEyelesbarrow · 09/05/2021 13:57



Beautiful! I want it and I can't even sew Smile
Strokethefurrywall · 09/05/2021 13:58

A piano. I want one, have wanted one for ages, can most certainly afford it, can play, but never get round to actually buying it.

Should probably just get off my arse and do it!

EveryDayIsADuvetDay · 09/05/2021 14:01

this thread reminded me of the lusted after diptyque candle, not much change from £50.
When lit it smelt like bathroom cleaner.
Strong bathroom cleaner

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