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Is there something you want but just can’t bear to buy?

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Opal93 · 09/05/2021 10:54

I’ve posted before about how I am a self confessed shopping addict. I’ve put myself on a semi ban, and I’m allowed to buy necessities for myself or replace makeup items that have ran out but I am not to buy things just because I want them. I have saved almost £1000 in a month, which is frightening! The big “f**k it” purchases (maybe £300) combined with impulsively buying makeup, a new top here and there, chocolate, extra luxuries in grocery shop REALLY mounted up. So last night (I had been drinking) I ALMOST fell into the trap and bought myself a very expensive pair of trainers. I didn’t give in and I still haven’t. The guilt of spoiling how well I’ve done and how much I’ve saved would stop me even enjoying them. I’ll just stick to admiring them from afar. Are there any items you lust after, and technically could afford, but just can’t justify buying?

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Lookingoutside · 13/05/2021 11:35

Yes! @LigPatin

Enjoy your fabulous new chair Smile

whippitwoowoo · 13/05/2021 16:31

A diamond zig zag ring from Astley Clarke

Do it, I went to their showroom in Marylebone about 3 years ago when I got some money from my gran when she died.
I wanted something to remember her by.
My ring is absolutely gorgeous and i'm so glad I went ahead and bought it.
I alway get comments on it. I look at it every day and it brings me joy.

I got the recommendation on MN.

whippitwoowoo · 13/05/2021 16:32
LigPatin · 13/05/2021 19:18


Yes! *@LigPatin*

Enjoy your fabulous new chair Smile

Thank you! I'm excited about all the new and weird positions I'll be able to sit in!
jannyapple · 13/05/2021 19:50

@whippitwoowoo Beautiful!

JanuaryJonez · 13/05/2021 22:58

@CoRhona all I can think of when someone mentions Peloton is this spoof!

For me the whole point of cycling is to be outside!
CoRhona · 13/05/2021 23:17

@JanuaryJonez Blush I can't unsee that!!

Onedropbeat · 13/05/2021 23:20

A tummy tuck - I should just be grateful for my babies

New wheels for my car - totally frivolous as my car has wheels

A bee handbag (mulberry) - I have a lovely mulberry bag and don’t actually go out much anyway anymore

Jewellery - I want more rings but I’ve hardly got any fingers left and am currently rocking the mr T look

JanuaryJonez · 13/05/2021 23:30

Sorry @CoRhona I didn't want to rain on your parade!

This thread has really got me thinking though. We are comfortably off (finally) but I'm struggling to think of something I really, really want but just can't justify.

What I'd really like is a holiday apartment near Begur in Catalonia. We've holidayed there three years in a row including, amazingly, last year. But that is definitely not something I could afford right now but just can't justify!

IARTNS · 15/05/2021 19:31

If you can afford them buy them. I had a pair for my wedding (luckily bnib from ebay) and they were so comfortable. I'd have definitely paid full price for them if I'd not found them cheaper.

IARTNS · 15/05/2021 20:32

Okay, how do I know what shade of body blur to go for? 🤔

Lookingoutside · 15/05/2021 20:48


Vita Liberata? I’m quite pale and kind of pink too. Latte works very well for me.

Daisychainsandglitter · 15/05/2021 21:15

An Opal ring and a pair of Dr Martens. I must look at both every day but still can't bring myself to actually buy either of them!

eatsleepread · 16/05/2021 17:20


Ok so on reading this and with the help of a discount voucher I bought some sweaty Betty leggings. I’m not sure I can go back from here. They make my Sainsburys and Ron hill ones feel see through. They are so comfy and flattering and holding me in...

That's great about your leggings, but Lululemons are better! and more expensive
whippitwoowoo · 16/05/2021 19:45

I’m olive skinned and bought the dark latte vita Liberata blur. I like it. I look well and have stopped using foundation

Amiable · 16/05/2021 19:52

More voluspa large glass jar candles. I am being strong and using the ones I currently have, but they are soooo lovely, and smell amazing. Can't wait to finish the ones I have!

Iwishiwastrinity · 17/05/2021 22:05

Oh my god: I WANT!!!!!!

bigbaggyeyes · 18/05/2021 06:54
whippitwoowoo · 18/05/2021 09:46

that website @bigbaggyeyes

I could spend hours on there

lightand · 18/05/2021 09:49

A wetsuit
Been on my wish list for years, but how often would I really wear it? Not to mention my size could change.

bigbaggyeyes · 18/05/2021 10:32

@whippitwoowoo I tend to spend my lunchtime on that website just lately Grin

whippitwoowoo · 18/05/2021 10:41

great escapism

belinda789 · 18/05/2021 10:44

@linerforlife and @Fastforwardtospring
I bought my Le Creuset when it was half price for £60. I did not want to pay £120 so I waited for the sales…..and yes.. TKmaxx is marvellous for getting a bargain.

OopsUp · 18/05/2021 11:06

New bathroom had been on the wishlist for years. Pretended it was for my DC - volia new bathroom !

...and it's so, so beautiful!

NoProblem123 · 18/05/2021 12:03

Literally hundreds of things - it’s a constant battle most days.

  • A grey Range Rover Sport (thirsty)
  • Maldives holiday (family will find it boring)
  • a Winter Vase by Lindstrad (it’s a vase!)
  • The new Ifor Williams horse trailer (I need the RR to tow it with)
  • Durberry boots (Dublin ones are half the price)
  • Dyson hot & cold fan (it’s still freezing)
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