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To wonder why anyone would get a takeaway roast?

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NewAgeWiccan · 03/04/2021 19:17

I get supporting local pubs, but I just don't understand why anyone would get a takeaway roast?

Pubs are charging £15 for a one course Sunday roast (every week, not just Easter). Which isn't exactly cheap. I would have thought this would be pretty grim once you get it home, and a home cooked roast is far superior.

OP posts:
LalalalalalaLand123 · 04/04/2021 18:11

Roast is a faff to make from scratch, I imagine that's why. Makes perfect sense to me.

Bekstar · 04/04/2021 18:11

A lot of elderly people buy them because they don't have the motivation or energy to cook their Sunday lunch themselves. I order them because of my disability and the fact that if my hubby is out it's easier because although I can cook I need supervision in case of a seizure. Everyone's reason could be different. My sister orders one because she loves the pub food and a lot of pub meals are quite delicious even takeaway ones.

Minibea · 04/04/2021 18:13

We did today because we have a newborn baby and a 3yo plus my parents spending the day with us. I didn’t want to spend the day cooking and not spending time with the kids and my parents so we ordered lunch from our local pub (5mins away) - meant I could have beef, DH and DDad could have lamb, DD and DM could have chicken and no one needed to wash up! Plus it supports our wonderful local pub, so a win, win!

imaginethemdragons · 04/04/2021 18:13

Doing up a house, kitchen ripped out, got a microwave and a kettle.
It’s been 8 weeks.
Craving a nice cooked Sunday dinner, £17 for two HUGE Sunday roast dinner...bargain.
Is that a good enough reason op?

KatChocolate · 04/04/2021 18:14

Nothing soggy and no red cabbage from our local pub takeaway!

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, or if you have your local pub/takeaway just mustn’t cut the mustard Grin

GYNisaliarWTF · 04/04/2021 18:14

We have a takeaway roast every Sunday. People may be smug about their amazing Sunday roast, but the one from the local pub is also amazing, and I’m not doing any pots!!

confused107 · 04/04/2021 18:14

Because I have a new baby and want to eat a nice meal I don't have time to cook!

speakout · 04/04/2021 18:14

can't say I would ever choose to get one. Roast dinner is about the only thing I think I can cook better then a restaurant.

Yes but sometimes I can't be arsed.
Good enough reason in my book.
I can cook better chinese and Thai than my local takeaways, bit still order sometimes.

Havig the odd takeway is not always about homecooked/best food/price.
We are all busy people. Even those of us who enjoy lovingly prepared meals don't have the time, energy or inclination.
I work full time and most weekends. Many people work shifts.
Making a Sunday roast is great if you have the time to shop, prepare, cook and serve,
For many it is just not feasible.
A takeaway Sunday meal sounds perfect.

Arbadacarba · 04/04/2021 18:15

CBA to cook one - fair enough, I say!

Tomasinabombadil · 04/04/2021 18:18

I got a superb Sunday roast pork dinner with proper crackling, apple sauce, four different al dente cooked vegetables, roast and mashed potatoes, mini yorkshire pud and gravy in a separate pot all delivered piping hot three times during the lockdowns from my local village pub/restaurant. There was enough for two meals each time. I saved the second portion to eat during the week after, just zapped in the microwave it was just as delicious.
I live on my own so would never go to the bother of cooking all of the above just for me, was definitely worth the £20 to have a gourmet cooked meal.

mylifestory · 04/04/2021 18:20

I think its expensive and i usually make roasts myself. But we have ordered a couple and was plannng on another next week. A tenner from a very nice place nrby, collection only, another doing mixed platter for 2 for £26 so u can try all of the meats and it'll prob feed all 3 of us. Supporting the restaurants and pubs if u can afford ro and its nice to have someone else do it force a change.

boymum1x · 04/04/2021 18:20

My partner don't like roasts I however love them
Not much point in cooking a roast for one
Saves washing up too I love them!

LavenderEast · 04/04/2021 18:22

YABU as you don't know people's circumstances. My boss has breast cancer had just had very invasive surgery and chemo her husband, who always comes to work events, and is well known by us had had a stroke so we did a collection and used the money to have them Sunday dinner delivered as whilst they were both so unwell and are receiving treatment they don't have the energy or co- ordination to cook. Why does it matter to you why people have Sunday dinner delivered. A curry is easier to cook, a pizza is easier to cook, chicken and chips is easier to cook but people still get that delivered

LilQueenie · 04/04/2021 18:23

The upper class has chefs, the lower class have takeaways. Wink

TinaYouFatLard · 04/04/2021 18:27

I got back from taking DS to football at 12pm and by 1pm we had a delicious roast on the table. Each of us ordered the meat we prefer, cauliflower cheese, three veg plus parsnips, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding and custard too. What’s not to like? Plus no pans to clean.

It does help that we live spitting distance from the pub so it’s always piping hot. I’m not sure I’ll go back to cooking it myself!

Middersweekly · 04/04/2021 18:34

Having just spent most of the day cooking a big Easter roast dinner, I can definitely see why people would just order one for takeaway! It takes hours to cook a proper roast from scratch! I wouldn’t bother for only 1 or 2 of us either. I only do it as there’s 6 of us!

luckylavender · 04/04/2021 18:34

I have elderly capable parents who I live hundreds of miles from. They've both had unexpected medical issues during lockdown & it's left them shattered. They order Sunday roasts as a treat, not every week, so they get a rest. Pointless post.

MrsKeats · 04/04/2021 18:34

A friend of mine is registered blind and disabled; he looks forward to his Sunday delivery.
A chef that lives near me was made redundant and has set up a catering company.
He does all different meals through the week and roasts on Sunday. He is doing well and good on him I say.
Lots of people who have been extra careful about shopping etc have been using this type of delivery.
You sound a bit miserable op. Loads of people spend £15 on a crappy dominoes after all.

swiftt · 04/04/2021 18:35

I would. I live alone and it costs a fortune and seems wasteful to cook a roast for one person. So many dishes too!

Imissmoominmama · 04/04/2021 18:35

There’s a really nice restaurant opposite us which does a takeaway roast (during lockdown) for £13. It’s absolutely fantastic, plus I’m supporting a local business that I want to go back to, once I’m allowed.

No washing up, and I can go for a big walk- it’s a big win here!

ejhhhhh · 04/04/2021 18:35

We've got them a few times, here's our reasons:
Selection of different meats
No planning or shopping needed
No cooking or washing up for us
It's nice
We like our local pub and would quite like it to still be in business when restrictions ease
We can afford it
I don't really get how all of that (plus any other reasons other people have) can be so surprising.

Lena18 · 04/04/2021 18:36

Our local also does these for £10 also we have gotten twice its still warm great quality and to be honest it was lovely to just spend the day together without one of us in the kitchen.. And at a tenner each its not much dearer than buying a roast and all the trimmings for two and half of that would go to waste.

bumblingbovine49 · 04/04/2021 18:39

That sounds like a fantastic idea. In our house DH and es are vegetarian and DS won't eat any veg and only eats a couple of roast potatoes. I sometimes fancy a roast with all the trimmings but can't be arsed just for me and DH,. especially since we need a vegetarian to replacement for the meat, most of which either taste shit ( premade) or take ages to make in advance . Anyway I want meat with my roast but difficult to cook for one . Takeaway roast dinner sounds brilliant, I never thought of it before

Ingridla · 04/04/2021 18:41

I'm alone when my son is with his father eow. Would you rather I stood and cooked an entire roast with all the trimmings for myself? Extremely judgey OP, do you have nothing else to worry about Hmm

Fyi, I get the kids portion for £6 and it's more than enough. I live close to excellent gastro pubs in south London so I am supporting them and enjoying an excellent meal.

speakout · 04/04/2021 18:41

A roast is not something I enjoy a great deal, and it is a huge faff.
Peeling potatoes, par boiling, sealing and roasting meat, prepping veg, straining juices, making gravy, hot fat, for yorkshires and roasties, the timing, keeping everything warm, plates hot.
Far to much effort, steam, smoke from fat in the air. And the cleaning up burnt sticky pans, residual grease, leftover veg no one wants.
Not my thing at all.

Far better celebratory meals.

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