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To wonder why anyone would get a takeaway roast?

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NewAgeWiccan · 03/04/2021 19:17

I get supporting local pubs, but I just don't understand why anyone would get a takeaway roast?

Pubs are charging £15 for a one course Sunday roast (every week, not just Easter). Which isn't exactly cheap. I would have thought this would be pretty grim once you get it home, and a home cooked roast is far superior.

OP posts:
lovepickledlimes · 04/04/2021 17:41

Fiancé sometimes gets a takeaway sunday roast though in fairness it is a Sunday roast from a restaurant that happenes to deliver. Yes it works out well for us as he loves a Sunday roast and while I don't hate them I don't particularly enjoy them either. This allows us both to have a nice sunday meal we both enjoy

M1NWE · 04/04/2021 17:41

When Mum is poorly ....

To wonder why anyone would get a takeaway roast?
To wonder why anyone would get a takeaway roast?
LynetteScavo · 04/04/2021 17:42

I've never paid for a roast dinner better than mine, so I guess some people are crap at cooking if they want to order in a soggy roast dinner.

Beyondridiculous · 04/04/2021 17:44

“Don’t understand why someone would pay someone to do something I can do” perhaps, and this is clearly a massive leap for you to comprehend but they have better things to do and just want to sit and eat one, live on their own, do think it’s better. And professional chefs work in pubs. They aren’t just ordering a Wetherspoons ping cuisine..and if they were again their choice. Just because it’s made in a pub doesn’t mean it’s grim or any less skill. The absolute judgement of someone spending their OWN money....clearly cleaners, chefs, window cleaners, gardeners are something we don’t need and we are all lazy....🙄🙄🙄🙄

Beyondridiculous · 04/04/2021 17:48

Yeah I imagine they are “crap” at cooking...or don’t want to, don’t have the abilities, facilities, physical limitations...@LynetteScavo imagine that. And “soggy roast dinner” have you had one? Or are you assuming something based on knowing nothing..I think we know

Orla1970 · 04/04/2021 17:51

We have had quite a few roast dinners from the local hotel over lockdown. Not soggy. Not jammed in a tinfoil dish etc etc. Quite delicious in fact and I’ve got high standards. I’m a good cook, as is my husband but we miss eating out. Both work hard so quite happy to pay 15 quid a head, actually more when you add in a couple puds, pint and a cocktail. At least once a week we get a takeaway. Maybe you should spend less time wondering about why other people do what they do and just concentrate on what you do! Luckily ordering a takeaway is not compulsory so you’ll be OK!

msgreen · 04/04/2021 17:53

better than dodgy take away full of MSG etc
if they can afford it who cares
support your local pubs

Janxyb · 04/04/2021 17:53

I've had two takeaway roasts. The first was the night before I went into hospital to be induced, neither us wanted to cook but I didn't want something really greasy/fatty/spicy the day before giving birth 😳 the second time was mother's day just gone, my partner worked late and I wanted an evening off cooking and it was Sunday, so why not 🤷‍♀️

ExhaustedFlamingo · 04/04/2021 17:56

Another one here who’s not crap at cooking. And if I’m honest I prefer my own home-cooked roast. But, and this is clearly quite a shock to some, there are times when I genuinely can’t be arsed. Or don’t have the time. Or even I suddenly fancy a roast dinner midweek as a treat and I don’t have the bits in. Takeaway roast is a great alternative and not soggy in the slightest. Very grateful to be able to order one in occasionally. Don’t like the sound of it? Fine. No-one is forcing you to eat it.

nicknamehelp · 04/04/2021 17:56

because I'm the only one capable of cooking and after a major op couldn't do that so was easier and tastier than a microwave meal.

Ramennoodles · 04/04/2021 17:56

On Mothers Day, I was surprised with a takeaway roast from a local gastropub and the large portions were absolutely delicious - crispy potatoes and huge Yorkshire puddings. I often make a roast at the weekend and it was a lovely change from our usual takeaways, also.

Redjumper1 · 04/04/2021 17:58

I don't understand how you could not understand it.

Clevererthanyou · 04/04/2021 17:58

I drove home after a wasted one hour trip looking for cat food because my kittens had secretly smashed into my entire stock to find my local roast dinner dude holding a bag of free dinners for me and my fam. For his generosity alone I will be returning, the lack of dishes and cooking time is an added bonus 😏

Emeraldshamrock · 04/04/2021 18:01

I think it is one of the great changes our future has offered. I'm crap at cooking a large meal it costs €35 euro for 1 adults and 3 DC the child portion is huge so plenty for me. Divine it would only be better sitting in the restaurant eating it.

Mumof32017 · 04/04/2021 18:01

Because it depends where you go. We use an independent pub, everything is homemade and bloody delicious. 3 courses for £19, never made a single complaint. It’s a nice treat.

Iggly · 04/04/2021 18:03

Empathy clearly not your strong point OP.

Platespinnner · 04/04/2021 18:04

Having spent 2 hours of precious sun time inside fecking cooking I can see a BIG attraction with them... but allergies means we can’t. Buy the takeaway and live the life instead!!!

Mumof32017 · 04/04/2021 18:04

Clearly you know sweet f a 🙄

Annipoos · 04/04/2021 18:04

I would pay £15 for a takeaway roast dinner to be delivered to me whilst I am self isolating. It would make me feel loved and special.

Liketoshop · 04/04/2021 18:05

They're a soggy mess and always have red cabbage! Rather not 😂

Lovewinemorethanhusband · 04/04/2021 18:07

I got a take away roast last week we were manic all day and the kids were like can we have a roast ?, it cost nearly £60 for us all, husband and I really liked it kids hated it said it wasn't like mine a d refused to eat it !!, waste of money really and I'd never do it again !

ForgedInFire · 04/04/2021 18:07

I can't say I would ever choose to get one. Roast dinner is about the only thing I think I can cook better then a restaurant.

thenovice · 04/04/2021 18:08

Maybe they are (like me) sick to the back teeth of cooking.

yuccaplant · 04/04/2021 18:08

£7 here for a takeaway carvery. They give you far more than you can eat and there's are no dishes to wash. It's a no brainer for me.

Firkinhavinalaugh · 04/04/2021 18:09

The bigger question is why does it matter to you?
It’s like asking why would someone bottle feed when they have breasts?

However there are lots of very valid reasons and done excellent hospitality venues scraping by and changing their offering to keep afloat.
Be grateful, for every pub/restaurant/cafe being supported by customers, it keeps people in employment now and hopefully in the future.

Just because you don’t want to, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t.

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