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Dilemma, have the COVID jab this weekend or prioritise a work commitment. WWYD?

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Anothername45 · 18/03/2021 22:26

So, thank you for reading on. I would appreciate your views to help me sort out my priorities and answer my dilemma.

I'm a school leader, working to lead a school other than my own. I am expecting OFSTED to call on Monday, to inspect the school Tuesday.

The school has required significant support which I am providing.

I have my jab booked for Sunday.

My partner is CEV.

My worry is if I suffer side effects from the jab, this could affect my ability to lead the school through the inspection. Inspections are stressful enough when feeling 100%, never mind when not.
It would also leave me with a real sense of letting the school and colleagues down.

What would you do, delay the jab or take the risk on having side effects which could affect the inspection?
(No anti vac comments please, this is about my commitment to a school by having the jab delayed, I will be having the jab).

OP posts:

Tippexy · 18/03/2021 22:29

Aren’t inspections cancelled until September? This is barbaric!

I would delay the jab until after, tbh. What’s another week after a year of all this?


EatingAllThePies · 18/03/2021 22:31

Take the vaccine. Chances are you will be fine. I found out yesterday one of my team rearranged her jab due to a work commitment and it made me sad. I know it feels like a big deal but if you are ill others will step up.


Anothername45 · 18/03/2021 22:32

No, unfortunately section 8 monitoring inspections ( 2 days, 2 inspectors) are still going ahead for schools in certain categories. ( RI X 2 or 3 and inadequate).

We've already had a deferral due to lack of previous leadership capacity, I'm the 'stand in'!

OP posts:

pickingdaisies · 18/03/2021 22:39

Ugh that's a nasty dilemma. My first instinct was to say to get the jab, but if you do get side effects it could knock you sideways for those two crucial days. Now I'm not sure. Do you know how easy it is to rebook? Could it be difficult with the vaccine shortage? If it's just a question of delaying it for a week that's not so bad, but I'm not sure it would be fair for your DP if it meant a long wait.


countbackfromten · 18/03/2021 22:39

Get the vaccine. You have no idea what will happen in the days to come and already warnings about vaccine supply over the next month (issued yesterday by NHS England). You might be waiting for longer than you think and better to get some protection ASAP


Backtobackagain · 18/03/2021 22:40

As a deputy head, I get your dilemma, but have the jab. Even if ill, Adrenalin will get you through Monday. Inspection won’t be graded at the moment. I think you owe it to your partner to get the jab on Sunday. We give so much of ourselves in this job, but I feel this is a time you need to prioritise yourself and your family. Good luck with ofsted!


mynameiscalypso · 18/03/2021 22:41

I don't know anyone in real life who's had anything other than a headache and a sore arm from the vaccine. I'd get the vaccine.


HappyRaven · 18/03/2021 22:41

Have the jab.


ScottishStottie · 18/03/2021 22:42

We have been explicity told to prioritise getting the vaccine over work. So if we get short notice appointments etc then they will work around us.

If i were you i would get the vaccine as planned. You might not get any symptoms anyway.


MzHz · 18/03/2021 22:42

Get the jab. Your life is more important.


Northernsoullover · 18/03/2021 22:42

I had no side effects. Neither did my parents or my work colleagues. I'd take the jab.


Saz12 · 18/03/2021 22:43

I’d get the vaccine. I’d not even hesitate. The chances are you’ll have a mildly sore arm at most.

Your employers loyalty to you (and that of those involved in the school) wouldn’t be as great as your loyalty to them.


womanity · 18/03/2021 22:43



MzHz · 18/03/2021 22:44

You may not get symptoms

Me and oh had ours yesterday- he’s feeling a bit grim today and I’m not 100 % but it’s manageable

Paracetamol and vino will help.


Luckypoppy · 18/03/2021 22:44

I had side effects from my jab but if I'd have had to go into school I would have been ok. I'd have felt awful but I would have been able to do it.

Please don't put off your jab. If all else fails explain to the inspectors that you feel awful and the reason why. You have a team to help you also.


ilovesooty · 18/03/2021 22:44

Get the vaccine. You might have no side effects anyway.


Lindy2 · 18/03/2021 22:44

What time is your vaccination? If you are going to get side effects they usually start about 5 or 6 hours later.

I had my jab on Saturday morning and knew I may well get side effects as I had Covid in January and that makes it more likely.

Exactly 5 hours after the jab the chills set in and then the sweating. I had a Lemsip and an early night and by Sunday morning I was tired but mostly ok. By Monday I was absolutely fine.

A Sunday morning appointment may well mean you are fine for Monday even if you need some paracetamol. You might have no side effects at all anyway.

It would seem a shame to rearrange just in case when it's such an important vaccination - especially as you work in a school. If you do rearrange how long might it be delayed for? A day or two later might not make much difference to your risk. If you need to wait another week or so then I would keep the original appointment.


Anothername45 · 18/03/2021 22:44

I do think 'jab' but know if I wake up Monday with side effects, I'll wish I hadn't!

OP posts:

JustDespair · 18/03/2021 22:45

Vaccine. You and your husbands lives are more important than work.


Sammiesnake · 18/03/2021 22:45

I had the vaccine last week and was very unwell for four days. In your shoes I’d day personally.


42isthemeaning · 18/03/2021 22:47

If you delay the jab, you may regret that also.
Take the jab!


EmmaGrundyForPM · 18/03/2021 22:47

I would get the jab but have a back up plan. I suffered side effects the next day, they only lasted 24 hours but I was not functioning at my peak. Dh had the jab and was absolutely fine.
Your life is more important than your job. It might be worth ringing to see if you can get the appointment moved back a few days. But if you can't, then get the jab. You will probably be fine. Good luck with the inspection


CatWithARabbit · 18/03/2021 22:48

Get the vaccine ! It's important for you and your husband !


WitchDancer · 18/03/2021 22:48

Jab without question. I had an arm that felt like it had been thumped for about 4 days, DH felt a little shivery the day after. Other than that no side effects. Hopefully you'll be as lucky.


PastMyBestBeforeDate · 18/03/2021 22:48

Vaccine. I hope your partner has been able to have the vaccine already.
I felt rubbish for a day and slept but in a crisis I could have functioned. DH had a slight headache and worked all day.

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