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To ask what you use you microwave for?

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Afternooninthepark · 20/09/2020 18:51

At 47 and having lived together for 23 years, dh and I have never had or felt the need for a microwave.
However, ds (15) is badgering me to get one, he says he can make things quicker in it and in the future when we are away or out he and his sister can make quick and easy meals for themselves.
I remember having one when we lived at home and it was only used for heating beans and defrosting stuff.
They are obviously still popular as they are for sale everywhere.
So what do you use yours for?
Does anyone actually make proper meals in there microwave?

OP posts:
Chicchicchicchiclana · 20/09/2020 19:55

Heating up leftovers.

Heating milk for coffee.

Refreshing stale crackers.

Sanitising washing up sponges.

Bluetrews25 · 20/09/2020 19:55

Forgot to add - cheese sauce in 3 mins in a jug, or custard.

Twickerhun · 20/09/2020 19:56

We keep car keys in ours

MajesticWhine · 20/09/2020 19:57

Cooking peas, reheating a cup of tea. Not much else Smile

pointythings · 20/09/2020 19:59

Reheating leftovers. Defrosting frozen stuff. Melting chocolate and butter in a controlled fashion without having to faff about with bain marie. Warming the odd ready meal when we cannot be arsed to cook. I wouldn't be without mine, it's used daily.

Vinorosso74 · 20/09/2020 20:00

Mostly for defrosting. Also, the occasional microwave curries for a quick dinner or reheating leftovers. Warning milk for hot chocolate or coffee (DP not me).
It also comes in handy for storing open tins of wet cat food so Dcat can't help himself to the rest of his dinner.

RedWine123 · 20/09/2020 20:01

Porridge, hot chocolate, beans, leftover rice

Leaannb · 20/09/2020 20:02

Absolutely nothing. I detest those things and don't have one in my house

Summeriscancelled · 20/09/2020 20:03

Mine has an insane setting for baked potatoes. Leaves them fluffy on the inside and super crispy skin.


I don't really cook with it but I always batch cook so I use it a lot to reheat leftovers for quick lunches and dinners which is especially important now I'm working from home.

Auridon4life · 20/09/2020 20:04

Those fake rustler rib sandwich things from Aldi really bad and really yummy like a mcrib

UnfinishedSymphon · 20/09/2020 20:04

Milky coffees and reheating stuff mostly

NancyBotwinBloom · 20/09/2020 20:06

Microwave meals
Heating up batch cooked meals
Jacket potatoes
Microwave mug cakes
Heating up milk for hot chocolate

dementedma · 20/09/2020 20:06

We haven’t had one for about the last 20 years and haven’t missed it one bit. DS wants us to get one but I don’t see the point. Just uses up more worktop space and doesn’t do anything I cant do any other way.

TwoBlueFish · 20/09/2020 20:06

I only use it for reheating leftovers and occasional defrosting.

Stinkyguineapig · 20/09/2020 20:08

Starting jacket potatoes, (but finishing in the oven), heating leftovers, custard, soup, cooking potatoes for mash or roast, rice, baked beans.
For potatoes, rice or beans I much prefer it as I think washing up a bowl is easier than washing a saucepan.
I dislike scrambled eggs in the microwave (less control than stirring in a pan) and for defrosting I find sitting the frozen item in hot water is quicker.

Chocolate1984 · 20/09/2020 20:10

Rarely use ours, cold easily live without one but husband insisted.

Marmite27 · 20/09/2020 20:12

Reheating chilli and bolognaise, cooking rice, pre cooked pouches, from scratch and flavoured packets, scrambled eggs, heating up milk for latte: hot choc, beans, peas, defrosting - but rarely, ready meals (shop bought and homemade, porridge, melting butter for baking, melting chocolate, decrystallising honey, wheat bags.

Marmite27 · 20/09/2020 20:13

Soup! And ravioli... things that come in tins really.

tillytoodles1 · 20/09/2020 20:14

The only time I've used mine in the last few months is to reheat my coffee if it's gone cold. When the weather gets colder, I might make porridge occasionally. Waste of space.

Glittertwins · 20/09/2020 20:15

It's being used by DTs making cakes in mugs.
Generally used for reheating our pre-made and frozen meals as we now have to provide lunches at school ourselves.

Bridget1979 · 20/09/2020 20:19

Microwave popcorn
Starting off jacket spuds
Warming up Soup and beans etc
Warming up dirty cheese sauce from the takeaway to pour on my chips.
DD uses it for mugcakes
Ping my veg if I’m feeling lazy and I buy the ready prepped veg pots
Warming up wheat bags for cramps

labellesusage · 20/09/2020 20:20

Use out to hide food from the dog

PlugUgly1980 · 20/09/2020 20:20


RelaisBlu · 20/09/2020 20:21

I only really use ours to warm up wheat bags for back pain, though other members of the household actually cook food in it!

StillGardening · 20/09/2020 20:23

Popcorn, porridge, beans and sweet corn

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