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To ask what you use you microwave for?

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Afternooninthepark · 20/09/2020 18:51

At 47 and having lived together for 23 years, dh and I have never had or felt the need for a microwave.
However, ds (15) is badgering me to get one, he says he can make things quicker in it and in the future when we are away or out he and his sister can make quick and easy meals for themselves.
I remember having one when we lived at home and it was only used for heating beans and defrosting stuff.
They are obviously still popular as they are for sale everywhere.
So what do you use yours for?
Does anyone actually make proper meals in there microwave?

OP posts:
HalfIrish · 22/09/2020 21:04

Porridge. Beans. Melting chocolate or butter.

OldBean2 · 22/09/2020 21:22

Dyeing yarn... that was why I bought it and what I use it for.

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