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To ask your experience of using a menstrual cup?

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OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 21:19

Just that really. I've used non-applicator tampons and pant liners for years. I've always hated the waste that periods generate due to being from the coast and seeing sanitary products washed up on our local beach. Until recently I just couldn't bring myself to use a cup, don't know why just something stopping me. So with too much time on my hands lately, I've finally ordered one and some washable pant liners, I'm still terrified of using it though!
So please hit me with your experices and tips good, bad and ugly.

OP posts:
Yellowsubmarinedreams · 26/04/2020 21:24

I absolutely LOVE mine. Had it 3 years now. Make sure its wet (run under tap) before inserting. Use the folding technique recommended in the instructions (mine is a Mooncup) to insert comfortably. I sterilise mine after my period is over with Milton tablets. I keep it in the solution a lot longer these days as they are prone to stains over time. On period days I pour down toilet and rinse under tap. I change mine twice a day, upon and waking and before bed (my periods are not heavy, however). They are not smelly, I feel much cleaner, very comfortable, won't go back to tampons.

ShinyMe · 26/04/2020 21:26

I love mine. I started using one maybe... 15 years ago? I have a Mooncup. I'm actually on my second one, because after perhaps 10 years, my first one suddenly developed a hideous smell that I just could not get rid of.

I've loved it from day 1. It took a couple of goes to get it in right, and to feel confident getting it out, but I've only leaked once. I have dropped it on the floor a couple of times, but honestly only a couple of times and thankfully always at home. But I really like that when your flow's light you can leave it in ages and it doesn't feel all dry and nasty, same if you're not sure if your period will start that day or not.

The only time I find it tricky is at my parents' house - my dad is disabled, so there are bars round the loo, which mean you can't sit with your legs apart to get it out, so it's really tricky when I'm there.

Yellowsubmarinedreams · 26/04/2020 21:26

Sorry *upon waking
And by change mine I mean empty and rinse.

ofwarren · 26/04/2020 21:27

I could never get on with one.
Since having 3 children I have I really low lying cervix and the cup feels uncomfortable sat so near the vaginal entrance.

Yawnfest · 26/04/2020 21:29

Same as above poster but I've had a couple of accidents where the cup has stayed folded (despite twisting) and didn't open out resulting in a Carrie scenario.

Mumteedum · 26/04/2020 21:34

I really like mine. I do find you have to make sure it opens properly usually just giving it a wiggle but you can tell when it's got the seal working. Taking it out, you need to break the seal otherwise you are pulling your bits downwards with suction.. Not good!

It's a bit messy I guess emptying it but I'm heavy. I still manage at work and don't need to use liners.

It's v comfy and love not having waste.

dogwithmohican · 26/04/2020 21:37

I used one pre menopause for a couple of years and wished I discovered them years earlier. My DD uses one and so do several of her friends. A moon up saveS money and the environment- what’s not to like?

@Yellowsubmarinedreams ‘s advice on how to use it is spot on.

Baskininthegarden · 26/04/2020 21:40

love mine, had it a year and wish I'd switched sooner. have to empty it about a 1/4 of the time I had to change tampons.

pandarific · 26/04/2020 21:46

I didn't get on with it at all. Ordered a 'medium' and OUCH OUCH OUCH - no.

Clearly I should have ordered a small and who knows, maybe I'd get on with one the right size, but tbh I was very put off by the above experience!

pandarific · 26/04/2020 21:48

I'm going to buy some washable reusable pads - much more up my (ahem) alley. Grin

AndSheSteppedOnTheBall · 26/04/2020 21:49

I couldn’t get on with one, but I do use washable cotton pads now and I absolutely love them. So much more comfortable and fresh feeling than the plastic kind.

Thehop · 26/04/2020 21:49

I love it. 2 cycles in and I will never go back.

Flightsoffancy · 26/04/2020 21:51

Absolutely brilliant. You do have to get used to it as it's fiddly at first, and I had to cut the entire stem off mine, then it was perfectly comfortable. Only time you need to be careful (not at the moment, obvs) is if you're going out because you do need a sink in the loo cubicle to empty and rinse it and your hands.

disconnecteddrifter · 26/04/2020 21:51

Ive just ordered one based on this thread. Thank you

OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 21:51

ofwarren that's my worry after 3 kids myself. I can't use applicator tampons thses days as they don't sit right if you get what I mean.

pandarific that's my worry it looks huge!

OP posts:
WTF0ver · 26/04/2020 21:54

Been using my Mooncup for over 10 years now. I grew up wearing thick bulky fanny pads and hated them, graduated to tampons and much prefer these. They're not perfect, they do leak occasionally (wear period pants as well first day) but the freedom is amazing as is the savings, both financially and from an environmental standpoint.

I advise that you "have a dry run" so to speak to get used to inserting and removing it. It took me about half an hour to get it out first time!

rivertoskateaway · 26/04/2020 21:58

Love mine, started using it last year (after my second baby) and I wish that I had tried it sooner. I leak much less than I did with tampons/pads (heavy flow). Try it!

helly29 · 26/04/2020 21:58

I initially did ok with the mooncup, but after baby 2 it didn't seem to stay in place.

I've changed to this one and it's much more comfortable:

It also has a valve in the stem so you can empty it during the day without taking it out completely (great for heavy days). Still take it out morning and bedtime to clean of course.

EveryDayIsADuvetDay · 26/04/2020 21:58

I no longer have periods, but started using a moon-cup when I was having incredibly heavy periods, and once I'd got the hang of it, a revelation.
I recall the first time trying to remove it being an absolute nightmare, but fine after that.
I bought a regular size one initially, didn't work very well, but when I switched to a small one, it was fine. I am not a small person, but the key denominator is whether or not you've given birth.
Held a lot more than supersize tampons or ginormous pads.

Would wholeheartedly recommend.

Nottherealslimshady · 26/04/2020 21:59

Mine made craps SO much worse so I stopped using it. I use tampons but if I'm in the house I wear some scruffy black shorts and just "free bleed"

RHTawneyonabus · 26/04/2020 22:01

I use with period pants in case of small leaks and they are brilliant. I hated changing them away from the comfort of home but then I found the tulip stem cup that has a slit in the bottom that means you can let out a little bit of blood each time you go to the loo. Means they only need to be taken out and washed morning and evening - but of a game changer for me!

DietChic · 26/04/2020 22:01

I’m too scared to try a mooncup but feel evangelical about reusable washable pads. So comfy. So clean feeling, absorbent, amazing and not burning itching horrible something to have to remember to add to the basket in the middle of other people’s stockpiling! I bloody adore them.

june2007 · 26/04/2020 22:02

I have had two kids and use a diva, I find it comfy, if I,m on my feet a lot I do feel it going south and so I do need to nip into a loo and push it back up, but never had any probs with it. Due to pill, pregnancy and,mc not really using at the mo, and when I have had bleeds it been very light so just using washable cloth pads. But it,s there for when needed.

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere · 26/04/2020 22:08

My teen daughter is positively evangelical about hers. She has addressed meetings at school and the local youth council to promote them and along with reusable pads.

NannyR · 26/04/2020 22:09

I've tried 3 different types and lots of different techniques and I just can't get on with using a cup. I can get it in easily enough and I'm sure it's in the right position and opened up properly, but once it's in I feel very crampy and uncomfortable and I have difficulty peeing. Taking it out is uncomfortable too. I can use tampons fine, I think I just have a weird anatomy down there.
I now use washable pads instead, I really wanted to love using a cup but it just didn't work for me.

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