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To ask your experience of using a menstrual cup?

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OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 21:19

Just that really. I've used non-applicator tampons and pant liners for years. I've always hated the waste that periods generate due to being from the coast and seeing sanitary products washed up on our local beach. Until recently I just couldn't bring myself to use a cup, don't know why just something stopping me. So with too much time on my hands lately, I've finally ordered one and some washable pant liners, I'm still terrified of using it though!
So please hit me with your experices and tips good, bad and ugly.

OP posts:
SarahTancredi · 26/04/2020 22:13

I bought one after reading so many recommendations on here and after scouring reviews for hours I finally chose, purchased and eagerly awaited its arrival.

It looked fecking huge and I cant bring myself to try it. 😬😳 I'm trying to cut down on tampons so I'm gonna a boost my reusable pad collection instead and just use tampons for when I'm at work.

Waveysnail · 26/04/2020 22:14

Love my cup. Melted my last one when forgot and left it on stove and boiled dry. Luckily got another in tescos. I have to have quite a firm cup due to three kids and poor pelvic muscles. I tried a couple and they were too soft.

Waveysnail · 26/04/2020 22:15

Period pants are awesome too to use with cup as another poster said

Swiftier · 26/04/2020 22:15

I have been using a Mooncup for years, never had any issues, find it more comfortable than tampons. It’s also good for travelling etc as it’s just one thing to take rather than packs of pads etc (space saving!) I primarily got it to avoid waste but actually found it’s just generally easier and more comfortable.

CoraPirbright · 26/04/2020 22:16

Hate tampons now - so drying! However I am on my 3rd type of cup (mooncup, diva and now luna) and they all leak like bastards on days 1, 2 and sometimes 3. Days 4 & 5 are a breeze with no leaks so I don’t think its how I position it. Can’t explain it but so frustrating when you remove it and it has a tiny bit in despite leaking. Arrrgh!

Ilikefresias · 26/04/2020 22:16

Love my mooncup. It looked enormous at first and folding / inserting / removing was tricky initially but I'm so used to it now. I feel cleaner and cramps aren't as bad, no idea how that works!!

OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 22:19

Waveysnail do you wear the biggest size? In a similar position to you 3 kids and extremely poor pelvic floo

OP posts:
justanotherneighinparadise · 26/04/2020 22:20

I love mine abs have used it for over 10 years. I did read an article recently about how the ‘bearing down’ to remove menstrual cups can increase the likelihood of a prolapse as it is working against your pelvic floor and can weaken them.

I’m now slightly paranoid about it and try to be quite careful when I’m removing it and only use it for the heavier days.

BertieBotts · 26/04/2020 22:21

Very positive! I started with a mooncup as years ago that was basically all you could get in the UK. Chose the A for After childbirth, in hindsight it was too large for me as I'm quite small in proportion. I lost that one (I think it might be lurking in the bathroom cabinet of a previous rental house) and replaced it with a Meluna, size medium, which is slightly smaller and much softer/more flexible. I found that one much better. Then I got caught out on a visit to the UK and really missed my cup, so I picked one up from Waitrose, can't remember the brand, whichever one they sell. So I have two now. It's fine, about the same as the Meluna.

I have some washable pads that I bought originally with the cup, but have hardly used them. However I find them much more comfortable than disposable pads. I still use disposable pantyliners, but not every day.

The sizing isn't so much about getting it in and out. You have to fold them, but if you're straight and sexually active, even unfolded they aren't really any bigger than a penis, so it shouldn't be painful to get in and out as long as you are relaxing and bearing down (pushing) can also help as that makes the muscles relax. The only problem I had with the slightly too large cup was that I found it would put pressure on my urethra from inside and I felt I couldn't empty my bladder completely with it in, which was a pain because who wants to take it out every time they wee? I also got more UTIs when using that one, the frequency of them dropped a lot when I switched. So I think it really was irritating me.

ChemiseBleu · 26/04/2020 22:24

I’ve used a mooncup for about 15 years and love it.

Don’t have to change it as often as tampons, way more comfortable, better for the environment, don’t have to take your bag to the loo at work!

I still use pads in case of leaks on heavy first couple of days.

Can I ask those that use reusable pads to talk me through exactly your routine for washing them....

I’m thinking take it off in bathroom, rinse in sink but then where to store before the washing machine???

MorganKitten · 26/04/2020 22:26

Awful, I’m too narrow apparently, which is why it hurts when I use one.

AndSheSteppedOnTheBall · 26/04/2020 22:29


I keep mine folded up in a little basket in the bathroom then chuck them all in the washing machine when my period is over. They neatly fold up when used so that the poppers close the stained bit on the inside (hard to explain but it’s neat and simple).

Unlike plastic ones they don’t smell at all. If you’re at work or out and about you can take a spare in a pouch and swap the used one. Mine came with a cotton pouch to keep one in for my bag.

You just have to open them out again to put in the wash.

ouch321 · 26/04/2020 22:33

Liked in theory but put too much pressure on bladder.

NannyR · 26/04/2020 22:37

chemise I have a small bucket with a lid under the sink, when I've used the pads I put them in the bucket with some cold water and change the water every day. When I'm doing my laundry, I give the pads a short, cold rinse in the machine then put the rest of the washing in and run a normal cycle with bio powder.
I've tried "dry pailing" the pads and washing them with my other laundry, but there was a lot more staining and the washing didn't smell clean - it might work if you only have a very light flow though.

WeAllHaveWings · 26/04/2020 22:39

I'm struggling with tampons now and looked at menstrual cups and don't fancy them.

Don't like the idea of rummaging about up there in a work/public loo to get it out/empty, problems with fit/leaking so I would probably wear a pad as a backup, don't like the idea they aren't regulated for safety, and recent reports about possible links with some prolapses put me right off.

I'm likely to hit menopause soon anyway so I'll stick with pads until I'm done. If I was younger I would want them regulated before using.

bluebluezoo · 26/04/2020 22:39

Love mine. Had it for years.

I will say it took me 6 months of stubborn persistance to figure it out. I nearly gave up several times- it’s worth figuring out how it fits you personally..

For example it doesn’t work for me if i follow the instructions leaving it sitting low. I have to push it as high as it will go, then give it a squeeze to “seal” it hmm round my cervix. Once i figured that out I never looked back.

I sterilize in a cup of milton in an old tupperware. Much easier than boiling.

bridgetreilly · 26/04/2020 22:41

Life changing for me.

But you do have to get one that fits you well. If your first one doesn't, there's plenty of comparison blog posts and youtube videos. It's worth persevering.

The main bonus for me is never having to think about it during the day. I empty it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and that's it. No mess, no fuss.

SleepForTheWeak · 26/04/2020 22:42

I've got one and use it on my very heavy days/nights (I have a Cooper coil so prone to clots etc). I've tried every which way but still leak just a little.

My main form of protection is period pants on light days, and a CSP with the period pads on heavier days. I'll use a cup if I'm going to be out and about though as then don't need to change CSP out with the comfort of the house.

I couldn't go back to disposable pads and tampons now

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed · 26/04/2020 22:43

I didn't get on with it could feel it. I moved it around just never felt comfortable. I only like lillets type tampons tampax are uncomfortable too

I also use a cap for contraception but I am able to get that in place but not the mooncup

bridgetreilly · 26/04/2020 22:43

I use a Lunette, btw. I have a mooncup as well, but it's too big and it pinches a bit. I've also tried a Tulip cup but that was too small and flexible. The Lunette is the happy medium for me.

chunkyrun · 26/04/2020 22:46

following with interest. I don't like tampons at all. Much prefer sanitary towels.

shivermetimbers77 · 26/04/2020 22:47

Loved the idea and bought a mooncup, but just couldn't get it to feel comfortable and it kept leaking.. so it's currently in the cupboard staring at me and making me feel guilty every time I get the tampoms out! Will try a different brand.

Spain1 · 26/04/2020 22:47

Find it absolutely disgusting to think some women empty these caps into the sink in public toilets.

Voice0fReason · 26/04/2020 22:51

I love my mooncup. Took about 3 months to get really comfortable with it but I was a convert within days.
Definitely practice before your period. I cut the entire stem off mine. Wet it to put it in. Make sure it's open. Try out different folds.
There are lots of different brands of cup so worth trying a couple out. There's a quiz online to help you choose the best one for you.

TheHobbitMum · 26/04/2020 22:52

I absolutely love mine, I couldn't not use one. I have horrendously heavy periods and a cup is all that copes with it.

It took a few goes to get used to it but I wouldn't be without it now. Its saved me a fortune too as I used to use 4 large packs of Always nighttime and I use minimal pads now

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