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To ask your experience of using a menstrual cup?

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OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 21:19

Just that really. I've used non-applicator tampons and pant liners for years. I've always hated the waste that periods generate due to being from the coast and seeing sanitary products washed up on our local beach. Until recently I just couldn't bring myself to use a cup, don't know why just something stopping me. So with too much time on my hands lately, I've finally ordered one and some washable pant liners, I'm still terrified of using it though!
So please hit me with your experices and tips good, bad and ugly.

OP posts:
Voice0fReason · 26/04/2020 22:52

Find it absolutely disgusting to think some women empty these caps into the sink in public toilets.
We empty them into the toilet then possibly wash them in the sink.
Why is that any different to washing your hands after changing a tampon or doing a poo?

Blibbyblobby · 26/04/2020 22:55

Love mine. Using it about 12 years I think, on to the second or maybe third (I have one and a spare). I use Lunette.

At home it's no bother at all, but out and about you need a bit of technique. Main problem is the typical ladies toilet of cubicle loos with the basins outside - I'm afraid in that situation I just empty, wipe with loo roll and re-insert.

I've only had one memorable psycho scene, in the office loo when I'd left it far too late to change then was rushing to do it before I had to catch my train. I managed to squeeze the very full cup between vag and loo with fountainous results. The clean up meant I very definitely missed my train!

JHaniver · 26/04/2020 22:57

I’ve been using a Mooncup for about seven years and it’s been life changing. I can actually forget it’s there and get on with my day. I’ve never had a problem with emptying it in a public toilet as you can leave it for up to 12 hours. I used to suffer horrifically with cramps but since using it they aren’t as bad, no idea why.

PinPon · 26/04/2020 22:57

I love my menstrual cup. Had to buy some emergency tampons a couple of months ago and would not go back!

Tip - if your cup gets stained through use, you can return it to its former brilliance using denture cleaning tablets.

greathat · 26/04/2020 23:00

I love mine, and my reusable pads from honouryourflow. So much nicer to use than disposables and much more reliable too!

greathat · 26/04/2020 23:01

Oh and cut the stem off completely. They're the only issue.

Bowbeller · 26/04/2020 23:07

I’m a big fan. Usually change twice a day. Use washable pads in case of leaks but rare unless I haven’t quite positioned it right.
One disaster when I accidentally tipped the contents over my trousers at work when I emptied it.
Would never go back to tampons

SarahTancredi · 26/04/2020 23:08


I just shove mine in a large wet bag when I'm done with it and at the end of the period I just soak in a bucket with some vanish then wash in a mesh laundry bag. No softener though as that can coat the materials and hinder their absorbancy. A cap of vinegar works to help soften.

Fyi some cups come with a ring as opposed to a stem. I cant vouch for how good it is as i haven't tried but I have a Meluna and that comes with a ring. They also dona "sport" version which is slightly shorter and harder I think.

CanIDigIt · 26/04/2020 23:09

Been using one for 12 years.

Had a femme cup which doesn't seem to do 'sizes'. Love it. Milton (big bottle) to clean after. I did use the dishwasher too on occasion but other folk don't like that !

Madly I lost it recently and dashed to Boots where I bought a KIND cup.

Fuck that shit. I learned the following

You either have a muscle vagina which needs a springy cup to spring open or you have a soft fluffy vagina where the KIND soft cup can move in and put its feet up on the sofa with enough room for you to put your hand in to adjust the cushion.

The KIND cup would not open in me and blood fell out the sides.
I have vaginal atrophy so adjust was not much fun.

If you can't wear tampax anymore cause they touch the bottom - then cut the stem off the bottom of a moon cup.

I recently bought small Saalt and it's good. It is softer than my old Femme and it's smaller (I have a mirena coil but light periods)
I still cut the stem off.

You don't use the stem to get it out. You sort of poo push then grab it with a squeeze which breaks the seal.

They come in different lengths. With different firmness.

PickAChew · 26/04/2020 23:11

About as trashed as you are. Tried it, trimmed it as far as possible, it felt uncomfortable, made me feel queasy when I sat down and found it difficult to break the seal to get it out. Ended up chucking it.

You might be better looking at reusable towels.

IAmReportingYouForBBQing · 26/04/2020 23:13

I started with a moon cup when they came out in the UK ages ago and loved it. Then went on hormonal bc so my period briefly stopped. Then I developed fibroids and upgraded to a bigger one, a fleurette? But couldn't get longer than 2-3 hours as I was losing so much blood .... at least a pint a week at that point. I'd had 4 kids so upgraded again to the biggest I could find. Now a proud owner of a super Jenny from Amazon. Looks like a bucket and works a treat. The fibroids are gone thank good but my periods are still mega heavy. I change it every 4-6 hours . So it is my best friend in shark week.

My 22 yo daughter now has two cups as well as age has endo and says is really helped compared to tampons. I'll be encouraging my youngest to try them when she is old enough.

I got my daughters on amazon, £3 delivered for a small and a large. Cheap as Chips if anybody wants to try them.

[Note from MNHQ: we've removed the image as it contained the poster's amazon account details]*

TooExtraImmatureCheddar · 26/04/2020 23:18

Right now is the time to try one out! Mine needs emptying at lunchtime on the first 2/3 days, which is ten thousand times easier at home. I don’t get on with changing in public toilets so I usually wear it with a pad for those days if I’m out, but at home I can just change it whenever.

I’ve also used lockdown to test reusable pads and I love them!

Haffiana · 26/04/2020 23:26

The best bit is never having that feeling that all the moisture is being sucked out of your vagina. Vagina stays all nice and healthy feeling. Just so, so comfortable.

Also they hold loads. And you never have to worry about carrying tampons around. And you can pop one in if you think your period MIGHT start.

My advice is - if you don't get on with one, try another. They are all different. Some are short and fat. Some are long and thin. Just as some people's cervix is quite low down during their period, and other's not so much.

OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 23:27

Watched YouTube earlier and some woman was saying to be careful how you put it in as it can 'bitch slap' your vaginas, blimey! I'm terrified now!

OP posts:
BarbedBloom · 26/04/2020 23:28

Love mine, have been using it for a few years now. I hate sanitary towels, used tampons from day 1 and wanted a better alternative.

Sharkyfan · 26/04/2020 23:36

Yes love it, and I could never get on with applicator tampons

My periods are quite heavy and for the first couple of months I wore a pad too for security.
Even now if I’m at work I wear a pad for her first couple of days because of worrying about leaks.

DuchessSilver · 26/04/2020 23:40

I used a mooncup for 10 years and loved it.
But since having my baby (vaginal delivery with tearing), I can't get my mooncup to fit comfortably - it's rubbing on the entrance to my vagina. I cut the stem totally off a long time ago.
Will buying the bigger size mooncup fix this?

Otherwise, has anyone tried menstrual discs (nixit or Ziggy)?

Herecomethedaffodils · 26/04/2020 23:47

I tried one a few years ago as everything about them makes sense, environmentally better, cheaper, can be left in longer etc, but it never felt quite right, when I walked I could feel it and when I sat down it was uncomfortable. I must admit I didn't persevere as it just put me off a bit. Fast forward to now and I'm peri menopausal with periods that are very heavy for the first 3 days with large jelly-like clots. I literally go to the loo every 20-30 minutes to pass the clots. Has anybody tried the cups with periods like this? I am keen to try the cup again but wonder whether my periods are just too voluminous for this to be a successful mission!!?

RebelWhoWashesFor19Seconds · 27/04/2020 00:02

I like mine because it means I'm not filling landfill but my god it's gross, and messy!

I have to change mine quite often because it gets pushed out to where it's uncomfortable so it's definitely not many hours between changes so I'm not so comfortable going out all day wearing one in case I need to change it in a toilet cubicle. Getting a filthy hand from inserting/taking out and only being able to wipe with toilet roll until I get out of the cubicle isn't pleasant.
But on the whole I do like it. It really is the best alternative to reducing needless waste. Even if I do go through twice the loo roll!

maybegreyhound · 27/04/2020 00:03

It was a total life changer when I had heavy periods. Instead of the highest absorbency tampons lasting max 2 hours, I could go out for 4-5 hours before I needed to empty it.
I prefer a toilet next to a sink, I take it out and rinse it, then reinsert.
I'd wear a washable pad just in case, mine are cheeky wipes and very comfortable

maybegreyhound · 27/04/2020 00:04

Yes to sterilising in Milton in an old Tupperware before and after every peri

maybegreyhound · 27/04/2020 00:08

Rebel, get some wipes to keep in your bag

rosiejaune · 27/04/2020 02:34

I didn't like it (Mooncup). I switched to organic cotton washable pads and am happy with them (have been using them for about a decade now).

wannabeadored · 27/04/2020 05:15

Bought my first about 9 years ago, not to be environmentally friendly just to save money.

I've maybe used 5 or 6 tampons since then and hate the feeling, with a moon cup I get on with my period better .

I had a few leaks in the early days but nothing since then . I think I'm on my 3rd mooncup, DH threw out the 2nd not knowing what it was 🤦‍♀️

YouAndMeAndTheDevilMakesThree · 27/04/2020 07:05

Had a bit of a false start with menstrual cups - the first one I got was too stiff and gave me lower abdominal aches and a few leaks. 10 years and 1 childbirth later I tried again but used this: find a better fit of cup as they are expensive and I didn't want to keep buying different ones. Don't know if it was childbirth or the quiz, but I get on with the second one much better! I don't get massively heavy periods though so don't often have to empty it while out and about which helps.

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